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The FSNtrackslGeofence feature allows users to establish
movement rules for both mobile and non-mobile assets,
setting geographic boundaries for safe and acceptable travel.
Users can define entry, re-entry or exit alerts assigned by
device. Defining a route Geofence is as simple as providing
starting and ending point addresses, and can be adjusted by
point-and-click. Or set up a Geofence as a radius from a
location or define a polygonal zones using simple drawing

Geofence assets, routes and restricted locations

FSNtracks device dashboardview

DeviceVL.. & Control
Users can command devices and monitor device battery level,
cellular signal strength, temperature and velocity from the
device view dashboard. View tracking unit positions by
number last recorded, by recent time interval, month-to-date,
last month or by specified date/time range. Devices with
sensors transmit temperature, humidity, light, tamper alert
and other data to FSNtracks. Measurement ranges (upper1
lower limits) can be customized to define acceptable
thresholds in FSNtracks so that alerts are issued if the sensor
reports measurements outside the range.

The FSNtracksdevice log providesan audit trail of all device
transactions and user-initiated action.

Administrative Tools
FSNtracks administrators manage users and set permissions for contacts who receive notifications for certain devices and
geofences, ensuring that the appropriate parties are immediately notified of deviations from routellocation or changes to device
or changes in the environment that the device is monitoring. Build and customize reports by asset tracking address and
transaction history from data maintained online for six months that is exportable to a PDF or Excel file.

FreightWatchSecurity Net (FSN), combines wireless communications and machine-to-machine (M2M) engineering expertise in itsutrackand
trace" devices that work where traditional GPS technology does not. FSN manufactured products and online services deliver real-time remote
location and sensor data. Whether it is embedded cargo tracking, supply chain visibility, asset location assurance, loss preventionor covert
surveillance, FreightWatchportable, battery-poweredtracking solutions provide a reliable layer of security for a widening range of applications.
FSN technology is the trusted choice of high value shippers, the transportation industry, corporate asset managers and law enforcement
agencies alike. Founded in 2005, FreightWatch Security Net provides cross border tracking systems to its affiliates worldwide.

750 1 N. Capital of Texas Hwy, Suite 8-250, Austin TX 7873 1 USA + 1 5 12.329.0292
Unit 5 IOC, Grants Avenue, Greenogue Business Park, Rathcoole, Co. Dublin, Ireland +353.1.2572243






p e m Requirements
Windows*, Mac OS, Android, Linux
or any OperatingSystem capable
of running a compatible Web
Dkplay resolution of 1024x768
512 MBRhM



FSNtracks is a web-based GPS tracking and monitoring platform that provides
24/7/365 location visibility of cargo or assets with global coverage. FSNtracks
supports a growing list of tracking devices and sensors. Location information is
presented using Google Maps technology and is designed to push fast, high volumes
of data without requiring the browser to refresh. By utilizing Google's familiar
intuitive interface, new FSNtracks users quickly learn the online service resulting in a
high performance agile user experience.

Mozilla Firefox
@e Safari
Google Chrome
Insemet Expiorer 9+
tgoglaJ#ppbwD Map
R WIlite
're TraffK (where available)

Secure, enaypted online device
management and reporting

APJEnterprise resource planning
fleet management
Enterprise mobile asset inventory
management systems



FSlVIogistics module is an online
shipment hacking system with
buik-in tracker handlingtools and
law enforcement contact database.
FSNtracks location data automatically feeds into the FSMogistics
shipment tracking system.

Sbhcks t o

ack and trace assisted-GPSdevices.
monitored on the same map using FSNtracks.
Notifications & Alerts
FSNtracks automatically provides notification by email or SMS when defined events
occur. If the asset crosses user-defined boundaries for "safe zonesUand"red zonesUor
if it starts or stops moving, users receive instant notification by email or SMS. If you
suspect that an asset a device is monitoring has been stolen, users can initiate
tracking movements at a rapid rate (every 30 seconds) using the Burst mode. Burst
mode can be set to last up to 30 minutes while you work to locate and regain control
of the asset. FSNtracks includes a scheduler feature aimed at changing device
reporting intervals based on a one-time or recurring schedule (similar to scheduling
recurring meetings in MS Outlook).

7501 N. Capital of Texas Hwy, Suite A-250, Austin TX 7873 1 USA + 1 5 12.329.0292
Unit 510C, Grants Avenue, Greenogue Business Park, Rathcoole, Co. Dublin, Ireland +353.1.2572243

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