Name: Tracks Inspector


Tracks 1nspector
Smartphones, tablets and computers routinely contain evidence
related to common crimes, from theft to homicide. Digital forensics
laboratories are overwhelmed, while investigators sometimes must
wait months for critical digital evidence to be processed.

Tracks lnspector solves the problem. lnvestigators can analyze most
digital evidence by them selves using the web browser on their
desktop, laptop and tablet computer. Tracks lnspector also tells
investigators when evidence needs to be investigated by a digital
forensics expert.

Using Tracks lnspector, investigators can solve cases without
delay, while substantially reducing caseloads at digital forensics
laboratories and freeing specialists with expert tools to focus on
complex investigations.


The obvious need to empower investigators
Key benefits - lnvestigators

The average wait time for processing digital evidence varies from weeks to months depending

lnvesligale and access digital evidence

on skilled forensic resources. Meanwhile, the amount of digital evidence needing investigation

Lhrough an easy· to-use web interface

grows at rates far exceeding the processing volume possible at digital forensics laboratories.

withoul delays

The comput ing power of smartphones and computers and the amount of digital information

Collaborate and share information wilh

generated (75% ofwhich is by individuals) double every 18 months. lncreasing the ranks of digital

colleagues al any lime from any location

forensics specialists takes time and money to recruit, train and scale to the exploding demand,

Resolve more cases faster

which most law enforcement agencies cannot afford to do.

Key benefits - Digital Forensics Specialists
Complemenls laboratory·quality forensic


Amount of dig'tal evidenœ needing investigation

experr. applications

Number of digital forensics experts

Backlog that can be

Reduces backlog of caseloads and focus on

processed, analyzed

more complex analyses

and reported by

investigatrn s using

lrnproves collaboration with non ·technical

Tracks lnspector

invest igators

Key benefits - Law Enforcement Agencies
and Organlzations




Digital evidence

requirlng specia lists

Puts most digital investigations into Lhe
hands of 11011 ·technical invesligators

Recluces dependencies on highly ski lied,

Tools developed for investigators to triage digital evidence in the field are too limited to proceed

often ren 1ote. digit ai forensics laboratories

with invest igation. The comp lex tools used by digital forensics experts are not suitable for

Reduces challenge oi' hi1 ing or training

in vestigators. Tracks Inspecter closes this gap, allowing investigators to solve common cases while

enough digital specialisls to keep p;:ice with

easing backlogs at forensics laboratories.

exploding demand

Browser-based operation simplifies evldence search and processing
Key features

From the web browser on a desktop, laptop or ta blet computer, any investigator assigned to a

Operates vvitl1 open inclustry standards

case can intuitive ly search, tag, analyze, link, and report on evidence from digital devices. The

Operates wilh all popular Hl MLS compliant

process is simple and quick, relying almost entirely on mouse clicks or screen touches to identify

brovvsers on desktop, laptop and ta blet

information relevant to the case, tag evidence, and generate reports.

Smart dashboarcl displaying valuable taclil:al

Browser-based collaboration and reportrng moves cases forward

inforn 1ation su ch as tound iclentities

Tra cks Inspecter facil itates collaboration across investigative teams working from different
locations at any time. Team members can access the same data, share links, add comments to
evidence units, and print reports through their web browsers.

Flexible and scalable deployment options supports every-size organlzation
Tracks Inspecter components can be deployed on servers at different locations. Multiple law
enforcement agencies can pool resources and share system implementation, minimizing each





agency's costs. The system is fully scalable to need - faster processing, more storage and/or more
users - simply by adding servers for the applicable components.

se nous threats as a 1èsul of cyber-attacks, 1aud
and data breaches with innovative solutions Io,

For more information, please visit:

government. defense. law enfo1cement. crillcal


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for a more secure society
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Olof P~lmest.ràat 6,' Delft




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