Name: FoxReplay Analyst

Text: Real-time streaming interception
analysis technology

The actual wiretapping of internet
communications is only the first step in making
maximum use of intercepted information. On
today’s broadband internet, a wide variety of
protocols is used. As interception awareness
increases, agencies that want to gain insight
into internet traffic need the best analysis
software available.
FoxReplay Analyst interprets intercepted
internet data and reconstructs all
communications. They can be viewed as
easily as the internet itself. Communications
are played back in the original order and
appearance, guaranteeing your ability to “see
what your target saw” - and more.

Use and Workflow

Benefits of FoxReplay Analyst

Multiple analysts, multiple streams of interception, connected seamlessly.
Communications are available in chronological order, for each analyst the

Real-time & Streaming

system stores which pages have been viewed already, and how much work

Perfect reconstruction

remains. Additionally, analysts can notify each other of interesting

Communication in chronological order

pages or annotate relevant intercepts with comments. Statistical infor-

Full-text search

mation provides managers with insight into the percentage of intercepted

Swift support for changed internet protocols / applications

communications viewed and analysed. Administrators can configure

Support for custom internet protocols / applications

access rights for each user and each interception stream. The authentica-

As easy as using the internet

tion module optionally integrates seamlessy with your existing solution.

See exactly what the target saw

FoxReplay Analyst goes beyond simply viewing intercepted Internet and

Simultaneous ‘side-by-side’ communications

provides a strong work-flow solution allowing organizations to turn inter-

Supports all natural languages

cepted packets into rock-solid evidence.

Client-side software

Realtime & Streaming Technology
Internet conversations can last many hours, and some protocols use connections that persist for days at a time. As the Internet is real-time and live,
FoxReplay Analyst starts displaying data from the first intercepted packet.
This is possible because, unlike traditional systems, FoxReplay Analyst
does not process traffic in sizeable batches, but does so on a per packet
basis. Our streamlined data transport enables the interpretation of content
within seconds of its interception.

Supported Protocols


All common plaintext protocols are supported. We’re proud of our full
support of IPv6 protocols, both native and tunnelled, including all protocols running on top of IPv6. Additionally, all new features of modern chat
programs are supported soon after their introduction. This includes the
potentially relevant ‘avatar images’, wallpapers and other non-verbal communication methods used in the Microsoft Messenger. FoxReplay Analyst
offers full support for voice over IP, either standalone or as part of an
existing chat protocol.

Fox-IT is a leading IT security company with a strong international reputation. From our headquarters in the Netherlands and
our offices in Aruba and the UK, we deliver specialist security
and intelligence solutions for government bodies and other
major organizations worldwide. Our core business is developing
solutions for the protection of state secrets, conducting digital
forensics, audits, managed security services, consultancy and
training courses.

Deep Content Search
Information can be hidden deeply within communications - for example in
a Word document, embedded in a ZIP file, transmitted over MSN which in
turn is transported over a HTTP proxy. FoxReplay Analyst unpeels these


layers and makes their contents available for viewing, and more importantly, searching. Deep Content Search allows operators to access information that would otherwise remain hidden, vital in a world where increasing
flows of data make it ever harder to discern important clues.

FoxReplay Analyst enables organizations to operate in “one on
one” mode to truly follow a target’s activities for 100% - relevant in
a world where interception is no longer a secret.

Olof Palmestraat 6
2616 LM Delft
The Netherlands

P.O Box 638
2600 AP Delft

+31 (0)15 284 79 99
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