Name: iXAM

Text: iXAM®
Zero-Footprint Forensic Acquisition for
Apple iPhon

iXAM® - an iPhone ™ and iPod Touch TM forensic imaging and
data analysis suite comprising two key applications to allow fast
and comprehensive forensic examination and reporting of live
and deleted data stored on these unique devices.
iXAM - Forensic data imaging tool: Uses a proprietary
method which requires no modification to the device
Operating System and leaves absolutely no trace on the target
device. This tool has 2 extraction modes to allow investigators
to perform the appropriate level of examination based on
importance of the device and the time available.
Forensic lmaging Mode: A full 'byte for byte ' physical memory
space image, which includes deleted data and unallocated
memory space. lncludes audit logging & MDS/SHA 1 hash
validation of every memory block.
Logica/ lmaging Mode: Allows an investigator to perform
targeted acquisition of specific key live data sets, but still using
a physical imaging technique to download the data.

iXAM iner TM - Decoding and reporting tool: Enables
investigators to interpret and present the results of a data
acquisition performed using iXAM .
Manual data carving of iPhone data is time consuming and
requires expertise and knowledge to search for case-relevant
evidence . iXAMiner automates this procedure enabling an
investigator to quickly produce a detailed and comprehensive
forensic report. Even files encoded in a proprietary Apple TM
format are decoded and presented . The software consolidates
the many different file types in to one evidence workbook,
increasing workflow rates and allowing vital data to be
presented in an easy to read and consistent format.
iXAMiner creates a Microsoft® Excel® based report suitable
for evidential submission or for exporting into other data
analysis applications.

Features of iXAM®:

'Zero-footprint' forensic imaging

No jail breaking or OS modification required

Pass code and encryption bypass

Radio Isolation (GS M, WiFi & Bluetooth)

Cable based USB data download

Full disk imaging or logical extraction

Audit logging & MDS / SHA 1 hash validation

Virtual Machine support

T : +44 (0) 1732 459 81 1 (UK)

iXAM® can typically recover the following information where
Phone & User information:

ICCID/IMSI of last SIM card

IMEl/ Firmware version

Cali register with incoming / outgoing call durations

SMS / MMS messages {with media files)

Address book {including sub categories) and Speed

Calendar entries, Notes and Task entries

User specified dictionary words

Voicemail (potentially everything received over the
lifetime of the handset)

E-Mai/ and Web information:

E-mails (plain text) & E-mail accounts used

Extract and reproduce e-mail attachments

Internet bookmarks (including last visited date)

Internet cookies {including websites visited and
creation/expiry time stamps)

Internet history {including active and historically viewed
web pages)

Content downloads

Media and Device information:

Still image files,Video files & Audio clips

Geo Tag data (including time/date and location - i.e.
latitude and longitude of the image)

GPS location fixes (For 3G iPhone) These include
latitude, longitude , altitude and time and date.

Map locations (latitude, longitude and search terms)

Wireless Network details (including router
IP/MAC/Subnet, domain name and last connection time)

Bluetooth pairings (including device names, MAC
addresses and PIN numbers for pairing)

Current time zone offset (not available on all firmware

• Application screen snapshots
iXAM users benefit from ongoing research and development as
FTS continues to increase device support and the range of live
and deleted data recoverable from the Apple iPhone and iPod
Touch. Regular updates and software support are included with
each seat licence.

Toll FREE : + 1 877 507 3408 (USA only)


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m 1 5 6ZT
United Kingdom
T :+44 (0) 1732 459 81 1
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