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P S Seeker
IMSI Grabber & Locator


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User benefits:

H S Seeker

IMSI Grabber & Locator

People involved in unlawful activities frequently use mobile phones. The
identities of these phones are often unknown, for example a Pay As You
Go phone purchased for cash. Not being able to readily identify users
and t h e phone identity through normal methods poses significant
problems for law enforcement agencies.

• Fast, efficient, cost effective IMSI grabbing.
• Directional antennas focus target area.
• U s e r "Mark" facility for logging of visual information.
• Simple target identity analysis using database.
• Easily concealed for covert operation.
• Supports target location.
• Adjustable grabbing times.

High Speed Acquisition:

The FTS Seeker Handset Identifier/Locator provides an easily deployed,
cost effective, system for establishing the identity of mobile phones in
a specific area. The unit can recover both the handset identity (IMEI) and
the SIM card identity (IMSI). These can subsequently be used to check
Billing Records from the Network Operator, as well as being used for
target location and to detect SIM card swapping.

The FTS Seeker has a dedicated configuration which allows for two
base stations t o be configured within the same package, tuned t o
different GSM bands.This configuration allows simultaneous acquisition
of data from two networks.The automatic search of each network also

Tools of this type are, of necessity, deployed in potentially hostile areas,
very close to a target. Covert operation is therefore of vital importance
both t o avoid detection by targets and t o protect the safety of the
operator. This system has been specifically designed w i t h these
requirements in mind, so that it may be easily operated and carried in
a variety of concealments, for example a shoulder bag or rucksack. It
also uses a rugged f o r m o f construction t o withstand t h e rough
treatment that is inevitable during operations of this type. The device
can be deployed both inside and outside of a vehicle.

approximately 6 minutes.

Designed and optimised
for use by Law Enforcement Agencies:
The FTS Seeker has been designed from the outset to be optimised
solely for IMSI Grabbing and IMSI location tasks.
The FTS Seeker does not provide any facility for intercepting and recording
voice transmissions over the network. Nor does the system allow specific
fire-walling or restriction of network services to handset devices within its
range. This design ensures that when the system is in operational use these
types o f activity cannot be used inadvertently o r accidentally by the
operative while conducting IMSI searching / location finding.
Not least, Senior Officers can authorise the use of IMSI grabbing using
the FTS Seeker safe in the knowledge that doing so cannot lead to a
situation w h e r e a n unintentional unauthorised i n t e r c e p t m a y
compromise the result of an intended operation. Being designed for
use under the strict rules applied by UK and similar jurisdictions makes
the unit safe for use in many other countries. We would be happy t o
provide advice about specific countries.
The final important benefit of this design is that it allows a much more
compact and cost effective IMSI grabber unit than has previously been


U l t r a compact and easily portable system.
Rugged construction in sealed casing.
Backpack / Shoulder Bag or brief case deployment.
Wireless user interface via PDA, Smart-Phone,

Laptop or Netbook.
• Operationally simple to use by non technical personnel.
• C o s t effective alternative to vehicle based systems.
• D u a l base stations for high speed operation — scan two
networks at once.
• Embedded receiver for fast network survey.
• A u t o m a t i c scan of multiple Networks (two at a time).
• Powerful built in database with removable media store.
• Totally silent operation using all solid state electronics.
• B u i l t in software for IMSI catching identifying which network or
country IMSI is from.
• B u i l t in software for IMEI identity of handset make and model.
• S e l f contained, operates from internal batteries.
• Simple download of results to a laptop for detailed analysis.
• G P S facility — coordinates stored of where unit is deployed.
• ' W h i t e list' function, to ignore 'friendly' IMSI/IMErs.

reduces the overall search time. The unit typically interrogates —300
handsets/minute. A full scan o f 4 different networks could take

Dual Function System Operation:
The F I S Seeker is deployed in the vicinity o f the target. The User
initiates an automatic network scan so that the system can determine
the operating parameters of all the cellular networks in the area.
Once this has been completed t h e user can s t a r t IMSI Grabber
operation. This is completely automatic.The system acts as a 'phantom'
base station on the cellular network. Mobile phones that are switched
on in the vicinity will register to the phantom cell and the system will
capture their IMSI and N E I . These details are logged in the system
database.The mobiles are then returned to the real network within a
few seconds causing minimal disruption to service.The system contains
two base stations so two network bands can be monitored at the same
time.The system cycles through each network in turn until all have been
covered.The user may initiate the IMSI grabbing sequence at periodic
intervals to build up a picture of phone users over a period of time or
at different locations.
In addition to logging the IMSI of captured phones, the system database
also records IMEI, network, a GPS reading and a timestamp from the
system clock. There is also a user 'mark' facility, which allows the
operator to record a time-stamped tag in the database to log a specific
action by the target (e.g. switching a phone on o r off).
The same system can switch function to locate a phone. Using a known
IMSI, input this into the system, then search your area to grab that IMSI.
Once the IMSI is grabbed you then have it on your own quiet channel,
registering to our own phantom cell. Then, using your choice of overt
or covert radio receiver / spectrum analyser, you can measure the signal
strength of the phone (IMSI) and locate where it is.
This can identify where the phone is within houses, rooms and other
specific locations O n c e operational the user's handset screen displays
a full strength signal and cell broadcast as normal, so the user is unaware
it is on the Seeker's channel. The user would be unable to make a call
throughout the process.

Operational Examples:
Case scenarios for the use of the FTS Seeker IMSI
Identifying unknown mobile phone number of suspects
You know the identity o f a suspect but need t o identify the mobile
phone numbers he's using. Whilst carrying out mobile surveillance of
your suspect, deploy the FTS Seeker. The FTS Seeker can be used in a
surveillance vehicle or carried in a bag by a surveillance officer on f o o t
During the surveillance of a suspect the IMSI grabber is set to run from
different locations. It will obtain IMEI/IMSI numbers from within the
target area of each location.Any common IMEI/IMSI numbers could be
linked to the suspect.

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Finding missing persons / kidnap victims / locating suspects
A Law Enforcement Agency already knows the IMEI/IMSI number it's
trying to locate and have obtained the last known cell sector it used
(from the appropriate Network Provider).The FTS Seeker is deployed
in a vehicle and then on foot in the cell sector area. The IMEI/IMSI
number is identified and the unit 'locks' i t to an unused radio channel.
The mobile can be located by using either the inbuilt antenna o r
ancillary optional direction-finding systems.
Intelligence Gathering at High Security Events, e.g. Political
Speeches,VIP visits
A single o r multiple FTS Seekers can be deployed at fixed points o r
roaming through key areas o f an event. IMEI/IMSI numbers grabbed
during t h e event can b e used b y Law Enforcement Agencies f o r
intelligence purposes. Early identification of suspects can begin straight
away (possible criminal / terrorist attack at the event), o r through
analysis after the event. If any known IMEI/IMSI numbers are identified
during grabs at the event, the system can be switched to locate mode
and the suspect mobile/s located. As the grabber/locator works on both
IMEI/IMSI numbers, if the same handset but a different IMSI is used, the
device will still identify it.
Search and Arrest Operations

The system has been specifically designed for effective and convenient
use in the field. The construction is rugged and compact and i t is
intended that it can be easily concealed inside a bag such as a shoulder
bag, rucksack or briefcase.

Directional Antennas
The u n i t includes directional anntenas
concealed behind the front covers. These
provide the user greater range and control
over the surveillance area.
Omni-Directional Antennas
Optional small whip antennas are provided
to allow circular coverage around the unit
when there is little or no information about
the possible location o f the target within
the search area.

Deliverables Included in
Basic System:

Prior to entering high risk areas for house searches, the FTS Seeker can
be deployed in grabbing mode to confirm the presence and location of
the suspect phones, thereby confirming the presence of a suspect o r
suspects and ensuring the search teams make the appropriate risk

GSM Handset Identifier/ Locator Unit, with 2 Base station modules
(normally 900 and 1800MHz)
PC Software
Smart phone for Remote Control
Panel antenna 6 0 ' beam angle
Omni-directional Whip antennas
Battery and Mains charger Unit
I day training for up to 4 persons (UK)

Border Protection
Although data acquisition takes between 4 5 t o 6 0 seconds ( p e r
network), providing there is a sufficient choke point within the border
crossing area to slow down all persons entering, deploy the FTS Seeker
in it's portable o r fixed grabbing mode and record all IMEI/IMSI's
entering through the border for later intelligence analysis.
N.B. The phones to be grabbed/located must be turned on

' 6 0 .

Optional Extras:
Units for fixed deployment, e.g. at an airport or ferry terminal
Vehicle Interface Unit or Fixed Mains Power Unit
Set of I, 2 or 4 small handheld locator units
(only work with main unit)
UMTS (3G) induced system reallocation tools to divert 3G users
onto GSM

Prisons/Secure units
Detection, identification and locating of unauthorised mobile phones.

Additional advanced training on using a Spectrum Analyser
Additional batteries
Handheld Spectrum Analyser
Licence / support must also be purchased

Technical Information:
Frequency bands:


Supplied to cover two GSM bands simultaneously.
The standard configuration is 900 and 1800 MHz.
Set-ups with alternative frequencies are available.
Available Frequencies: 850, 900, I 800 & 1900 MHz

Internal battery: Operating time:

Maximum range: up to 300m
The detection range may be preset by the user.
Local topography and urban density will affect maximum range.
Vehicle options can significantly increase range.
Transmitter Output:
5mW to I W depending on acquisition range set.
Complies with EU directive (2204.40/EC) on operator EMC safe
exposure level.
Target Acquisition Rate:
> 300 handsets/minute
Typical scan time for 4 Networks: 6 minutes

—90 minutes under typical operational use
—60 minutes continuous use (fully charged battery)
I 2V (7.0A) via standard auxiliary power adaptor
100 to 250V (50/60Hz) battery charger unit

Vehicle supply:
Mains power:

-1 0 to 40° C
0 to 90% Humidity (non condensing)
Inaudible operation: < I 5db (SPL)

Dimensions: L e n g t h : 4 4 5 m m
Width: 3 0 0 m m

Internal antennas: Directional beam width approx 60'
Whip antennas: O m n i - d i r e c t i o n a l - 360'



Height: 1 5 0 m m
I 0.5kg approx
(including battery)


(May be configured by the user prior to use)

.145 rnrn

Operational Environment:


to 30° C (normal operating cycle)
30 to 35° C (reduced operating cycle)
Relative Humidity: 0 to 90% ( n o n condensing)
300 rnen

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United Kingdom
I : +44 (0)1732 459 811
F : +44 (0)1732 741 261
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The information provided in this Technical Information Brochure is intended for use only by Governments, Government
Institutions and Law Enforcement Agencies approved by the Government of the United Kingdom. The equipment
described within this Technical Information Brochure will not, under any circumstances, be demonstrated, offered for
sale, sold or exported to any institution, agency or country not approved by the Government of the United Kingdom.
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