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world-class advanced engineering company, Finmeccanica in the UK
is committed to delivering winning, cost-effective solutions in the
defence, security, cyber and space sectors.
Balancing our global reach with sustained investment in our UK centres of
excellence, we are focused on responding to the needs of Government and
on the opportunities for exports.
We work closely with our customers to ensure that the delivered capability
meets the requirement. We ensure that entry into service is to time and cost,
and that maximum value and performance is achieved throughout the life of
each programme.

We recognise that we also have a duty to sustain our national, on-shore
industrial capabilities that support the UK Armed Forces in the tasks the
Government calls upon them to perform. We thus seek to guarantee that they
retain the freedom of action and operational advantage that is critical for
mission success.
With sales in excess of .t2bn in 2011, including .t700m of exports, we make
a significant contribution to the UK economy, employing 9,000 highly skilled
personnel across the country.
Our sustained investment in the research, technology and skills base helps to
keep the UK at the cutting-edge of advanced manufacturing and innovation.
We are committed to applying best practice in all that we do. This includes
our relationships with customers; the development of our employees; the
management of our supply chain; our interaction with universities and the
education system; and in our wider role in local communities.


The Finmeccan ica Group operates globally in the aerospace, defence and security
markets. lt is one of the world's leading suppliers of helicopters, aircraft, aeronautics
and defence systems, as well as European leader in space systems , security, cyber,
transportation and power generation solutions.
The Finmeccanica Group worldwide employs over 70 ,000 people across five continents
with 2011 revenues of € 17,318m .


Revenues by sector

Defence &







€ 17,318m


€ 17,434m

Order backlog

€ 46 ,005m


€ 2,020m



Our leadlng position in the UK as a workk:lass advanced engineering company ls bullt on
our sustalned investment ln Researoh and Technotogy and worfd.class facllltles, helplng
keep the UK at the cuttlnf'8dge of Innovation and advanced manufacturlng.
Our competltive edge lies ln the quallty of our lndMdual centres of excellence and thelr
core technlcal expertise, comblned wlth the collectlve ablllty to develop and dellver
Integrated systems and solutions. Our global footprint enables us to leverage capabllltles
across ait our worldwlde buslnesses.
We play a leadlng part ln defence technotogy centres of excellence and nurture strong
links wlth more than 30 major unlversltles throughout the country, where we are lnvolved
ln around 50 research projects.
lncrementat techl'IQlogy insertion ls at the heart of through-llfe capabillty planning and
~ QUI' customel'9 •re18cing unprecedented demands té respond to rapldly
~ under const1airled1'nanolat1-0un::e&. Ft,i~tea ts fully
commi:tted to ~ th8se needs t>y,~JngQQ!St-effeCtlve; aëptable and responslve
~~ 8.whoJe:o:llfe'$J)P.lœcb.

Finmeccanica recognises that delivery of leading-edge capability requires working closely
with an extensive supply network. Much of the work undertaken by our companies sees
them focus their expertise on design, development, assembly, integration, testing and
certification; this approach requires a robust and sustainable manufacturing supply chain
which is rich in SME's.


lt is crucial for our businesses to be able to leverage developments in new technologies,
as they emerge. This often means working with small start-up businesses, university
spin-offs, or specialist SM Es. We recognise that smaller enterprises can have limited
resilience, capacity and cash resources and therefore we have designed our project
and supplier management processes to help them through collaborative development
processes, shield them from some of the project risk, and, on occasion, help protect their
commercial viability. Our companies are founding members of the SC21 initiative in the UK
which seeks to structure supply chains to encourage collaborative capability development
activity, identifying and mitigating risk at the earliest opportunity.


Finmeccanica is a total rotorcraft capability provider in
the vertical lift market through its helicopter company
AgustaWestland, delivering unrivalled mission capability
to military and commercial operators around the world .
Integrated Rotorcraft Systems
ln the UK AgustaWestland designs, develops and
integrates helicopter systems that can be adapted to a
wide range of government and military missions. ln 2011
AgustaWestland in the UK began to expand its activities
into the commercial helicopter market, with the launch of
the new AW169 civil helicopter programme. Globally its
products range from the SW-4 1.8-ton single-engine
helicopter through to the 16-ton three-engine AW101
helicopter. Other platforms include the AW109 Power;
AW109 LUH and GrandNew light twin-engine helicopters;
t he T129 combat helicopter; the new multi-role AW159 Lynx
Wildcat and the bestselling AW139 medium-twin .

ln December 2011 AgustaWestland completed the upgrade of 22 Lynx
helicopters for the British Army on budget and three months ahead of
schedule. The twenty-two aircraft programme was the result of Urgent
Operational Requirement contracts placed in November 2008 and March
2010 to re-engine the Lynx Mk.9 helicopter fleet with more powerlul
CTSB00-4N engines to give the aircraft exceptional hot and high
performance in Afghanistan. The programme was described by the MoD
Defence Equipment & Support's Director of Helicopters, Adrian Baguley
as "a truly outstanding example of joint working between the DE&S Lynx
project team and AgustaWestland."

AgustaWestland prides itself on developing and bringing
to market leading-edge technologies. For the military utility
market, the company is developing the AW149 and for
commercial applications, including Search and Rescue,
it is developing the new generation AW169 and AW189
helicopters which with the AW139 form a family of
advanced helicopters covering the 4 to 8 tonne weight
categories. The creation of a new VIP helicopter Completions
Centre in Yeovil adds an extra dimension to AgustaWestland 's
capabilities in the UK as part of plans to diversify the business.
As a result of its unique capabi lities in the UK,
AgustaWestland is able to perform major upgrades and
modifications to all the Ministry of Defence 's helicopter
fleets. The company is committed to delivering the
rotorcraft capability required by the UK Armed Forces
and was the first company to signa Strategic Partnering
Arrangement with the UK Ministry of Defence. Through
its Integrated Operational Support contracts for the UK's
Merlin, Sea King, Wildcat and Apache helicopter fleets,
the company is delivering increased operational availability
whilst driving down through-life support costs.

Leading-edge Technologies
ln the UK, with expertise in design , development,

production and integration, Finmeccanica supplies avionic
suites; threat warning sensors; electronic
countermeasures; latest generation Active Electronically
Scanned Array (AESA) radars; and electro-optic sensors for
complete rotary wing operation , awareness and protection .
The AW159 helicopter is equipped with next-generation
sensors and is the first helicopter in the UK to fly with the
AESA radar. The smallest AESA surveillance radar, PicoSAR
provides high-resolution SAR imagery and GMTI for small
helicopters and UAS, and is now making significant inroads
in the international marketplace.
Communications systems play a vital raie in rotary wing
operations, increasingly so in today's integrated land/ air
environment. SELEX Elsag provides a comprehensive
high-capacity, secure, ground-to-air communications
capability, together with a range of navigation products,
including advanced landing systems and GPS-integrated
sensors. The company also supplies operationally proven
IFF equipment to identify friendly or hostile forces in the
complex battlespace. The company is supplying IFF
equipment for the new RN Carriers and advance satellite
communications ground stations to NATO.

Complete Range of Training Solutions
Finmeccanica is also an established provider of
professional training services to a wide range of military,
commercial and industrial customers around the world.
Building on core competencies in high quality rotary wing
and military systems training, the company is committed
to developing and expanding its training portfolio to meet
bath the current and future training needs of ail of its
customers. Military customers are assured of receiving
highly effective training solutions, designed to meet their
requirements for high levels of individual, team and
collective performance. SELEX Systems lntegration
provides training systems to support the Medium Support
Helicopters Aircrew Training Facility at RAF Benson .
Commercial customers, including the emergency services,
are able to benefit from investments made by
AgustaWestland in training and integrated learning
environments, developed to enable the full exploitation of
the company's high performance aircraft.

ln the UK, AgustaWestland has a Training Academy in Yeovil
and an Operational Flying Training Centre at Newquay
Cornwall Airport. Additionally, it provides training at Ministry
of Defence sites for the Apache and Merlin and, in 2011,
was contracted to design, develop and build an integrated
training centre for the AW159 Lynx Wildcat helicopter.

SELEX Galileo plays a key role in UK Ministry of Defence rotorcraft
programmes, with the Helicopter Integrated Defensive Aids System (HIDAS)
protecting UK AH Mk.1 Apache and Wildcat helicopters. The Aircraft Gateway
Processor (AGP), modified with HIDAS software, has been selected by the UK
MoD to upgrade RAF Chinook and Puma Mk.1 helicopters, whilst the Titan
385ES-HD EO/IR turret has also been chosen by the Royal Air Force to
upgrade the Chinook helicopter fleet. ln addition, the company is the UK's
major producer of Data Programming and Analysis Operational Support tools
to the MoD.

Across the world, Finmeccanica designs, develops ,
manufactures and supports a number of fixed-wing
platforms and conducts the production and integration
of their avionics and mission systems . This range of
platforms is capable of undertaking roles such as air
superiority, ground attack , tactical transport, and strategic
and tactical surveillance. ln the UK, the focus is very much
on the design , development and integration of the enabling
mission electronics , including communications , defensive
aids, surveillance technologies and airborne radar.
The group also delivers the necessary training , support
services and air traffic management infrastructure providing complete , through-life capability.
Leading-edge Technologies

Based around its Centres of Technology Excellence ,
Finmeccanica companies in the UK possess world-leading
technology in radar, electro-optics and night vision , secure
communications, electronic warfare and self-protection.
These technologies are pivotai to the capability of a
modern combat aircraft. SELEX Gal ileo provides about 60%
of the defence electron ics for the Eurofighter Typhoon ,
delivering outstanding situational awareness through the
Captor fire control radar, the PIRATE infrared search and
track and the Praetorian defensive aids system , as well as
mission critical avionics and the provision of simulation ,
training and logistics support.

The Eurofighter Typhoon successfully supported the
international mission over Libya as part of Operation
Ellamy and demonstrated its capability for missions
24-hours a day, seven days a week and in all weathers .
As well as the technology developed for the Eurofighter
Typhoon , the electro-optical targeting system for the F-35
Joint Strike Fighter is based on technology developed in
the UK.
Communications systems are crucially important in
providing the connections needed in today's networked
world . SELEX Elsag is Finmeccanica 's centre of excellence in
this field, providing satellite communications, secure radios
and data-links. The company also suppl ies a wide range of
navigational aids, including advanced landing systems and
GPS-integrated sensors. Another example of innovation is its
obstacle warning systems for low-flying aircraft that support
safe operations in hazardous fast-jet environments . SELEX
Elsag is also a leading supplier of the IFF equipment required
to identify friendly or hostile forces in the battlespace.

SELEX Gali/eo's AESA solutions have been selected by 20 national and
international customers, including the United States with the US Coast
Guard operating SELEX Galileo Seaspray radar and two other agencies
operating land and border surveillance missions. Across the world, the
company's AESA radars are operated on a wide range of fixed and rotary
wing and unmanned platforms, including aerostats. Significant success has
been gained in the fire contrai radar sector where SELEX Galileo is in the full
scale development for the Eurofighter Typhoon Captor E radar and has been
selected by SAAB as the baseline for the Gripen NG fighter, with the
integrated Raven ES-05 radar and Skyward G IRST.

With the growing requirement for advanced and unmanned aerial vehicle
surveillance and intelligence continuing to grow, SELEX Galileo is developing
a skylSTAR mission system solution that will provide advanced sensor
capabilities and operational sovereignty to the customer. Building on the
company's wealth of experience in ail aspects of UAS, skylSTAR will be
platform agnostic and suitable for multi-mission roles. lts flexible and
adaptable architecture will accommodate a variety of sensor combinations
and it will provide rapid interpretation of the data, delivering valuable and
useful information at the right time.

Finmeccanica is a also a global leader in Air Traffic
Management (ATM) solutions developed by SELEX Systems
lntegration, with proven surveillance radars and navigation
aids enhancing the safety and management of civil and
military air space in over 150 countries. ln addition to
im plementing radars across the breadth of the British Isles,
the Group is also responsible for Post Design Services for
the UK MOD's fleet of over 40 Operational Watchman
Radars. The company is also part of the Fusion team currently
bidding for the Project MARSHALL. This 22 year programme
will provide long-term ATM capability for the safe operation
of all the MOD's main bases, airfields and air weapon ranges
in the UK and overseas, including those used for
deployed operations.
Finmeccanica's systems integration capability in the UK has
its roots in our international manufacture of a broad range of
fixed-wing aircraft. Our most advanced product is the
Eurofighter Typhoon, a supersonic twin-engine aircraft,
developed and produced in collaboration across four
European nations. Through Alenia Aermacchi, Finmeccanica
is one of the prime contractors in the Eurofighter Typhoon
consortium . To prepare the pilots of the future for aircraft
such as Typhoon, the company provides a family of training
aircraft from turboprop platforms through to advanced/
lead-in fighter trainers such as the M-346. As for support
aircraft, the C27 J Spartan, also designed and produced by
Alenia Aermacchi, is the only medium tactical military
airlifter designed to full military specifications.

The most complex area for the future concerns the
development of Unmanned Aerial Systems. Finmeccanica,
through Alenia Aermacchi and SELEX Galileo, has
developed a family of UAS ranging from the large, medium
altitude, long endurance 'Sky Y' platform, to tactical
surveillance systems such as the 'Falco' and man-portable
micro systems, such as the 'Crex' and 'Asio'.
As the reliability and longevity of extant platforms becomes
more essential to support current and future operations,
the training received by our armed forces needs to be
exemplary. SELEX Systems lntegration provides the total
training solution for the UK Watchkeeper programme.
The company also designs, develops and implements
synthetic training programmes that enhance the knowledge,
ski lis and aptitude of bath aircrews and maintenance
technicians while reducing costs and the burden on
operational equipment. Those already receiving the
benefits of such training solutions include crews
responsible for Eurofighter, F-16 and Tornado.

Finmeccanica is a technology leader, meeting the demands
of today's battlespace and understanding the importance
of national security and res ilience. Land-based threats
corne from increasingly sophisticated enemies; and the
integration of sensors - including human intelligence is essential for the provision of timely and actionable
awareness of threats and friendly forces.

The Theatre Network and Service Management provided by
VEGA, enables th e UK MoD and its NATO allies to monitor
and evaluate the impact of network applications and the
overall performance of strategic intelligence and information
networks. This helps optimise the operational effectiveness
and security of information superiority capability delivered

Our companies offer world-class capabilities, technologies,
system and sub-system integration skills, and programme
management and engineering expertise. The Finmeccanica
Battlespace Solutions team, led by SELEX Galileo, brings
together the skills and capabi lities of Finmeccanica
companies and our Enterprise supply partners in the UK to
deliver effective, cross-group tactical systems solutions.

A multi-role, stand-alone system, OBSERVER, developed by
SELEX Galileo, provides 360 ° day and night surveillance to
mobile patrols and at fixed installations. Quick and easy to
deploy and recover, OBSERVER is milita ry off-the-shelf and
ITAR free. Enemy fire can be detected by the Hostile Artillery
Locating System , HALO, which is in service with the British
Army and the US Marine Corps. Designed and engineered
by SELEX Galileo, it has been deployed in urban areas and
mountainous terrain, in deserts and in cities. lt locates
mortars and artillery with exceptional accuracy, reliability
and speed by detecting acoustic waves.

We protect, connect and support people operating in many
terrains, often in difficult and hostile situations. Our land
capability spans light and combat vehicles, dismounted
soldier equipment, rotorcraft, UAS and tactical !STAR. Our
weapon sights and day & night vision systems are the
choice of more than 20 armies worldwide and our
advanced communications support over 40 allied nations
in demanding theatres.
Tactical Situational Awareness
Users need the best possible coverage of their operating
environment and to understand that environment at the
lowest tactical level. This drives the need to bring sensor
inputs together and interrogate them intelligently in order
to enable timely and informed decision support.

Sorne of the most detailed and sensitive thermal images in
the world are produced by Albion cameras. This technology,
developed by SELEX Galileo in the UK, delivers significantly
longer detection and identification ranges to the user,
24 hours a day, in ail atmospheric and environmental
conditions, on static and moving platforms. Software
applications, such as Sentine!, developed by SELEX Elsag,
provide tactical communications systems specifically
designed to meet the needs of highly mobile subscribers
and dynamic networks. Our workstations and displays, such
as ORS Technologies' CTD10, are capable of operating in ail
vehicle architectures, providing standard or bespoke
solutions for use in complex environments, such as tracked
military vehicles. ln addition the company has supplied and
now supports over 10,000 rugged computers in use by the
British Army as part of the Bowman Programme.

The Enhanced Encrypted Persona/ Role Radio (EZPRR), developed by SELEX
Elsag, is

a data-capable short-range communications soldier system extensive/y

used in operating theatres, base protection, static observation points and
convoy contrai. Users returning from active service describe the radio as having
significantly improved operational effectiveness. The PRR has seen significant
export success with over 400,000 systems exported to over 35 countries. New
developments in soldier radio systems build on this pedigree.

Force Protection
Finmeccanica invests heavily in researching and
developing capabilities to protect people, places and
infrastructure, in military, urban and wider environments.
We are all too aware of the threats from radio-controlled
roadside IEDs to military personnel and civilians. Our
operationally proven Guardian systems, designed by SELEX
Elsag, exploit our radio frequency expertise to give the user
electronic armour against these explosive devices. The
system has been exported to protect forces from a large
number of allied nations.
Answering the pressing requirement for route clearance
solutions and convoy protection, SELEX Galileo has developed
ACME (Automated Computerised Mobility Equipment) . ACME is
flexible and easy to install, completed in under two hours, and
provides the ability to remotely contrai any vehicle using both
visible and infrared vision systems and remote contrai.
ln the land systems environment, we have a proven track
record of meeting a broad range of military and security
requirements. We work in partnership with armed forces,
coalition and partner nations, and civil agencies to offer
through-life, innovative capabilities.

At the UK MoD sponsored Generic Base Architecture (GBA) demonstration,
Team CASTRUM led by SELEX Galileo demonstrated, explored and evaluated
aspects of the emerging GBA standard within three Forward Operating Bases
(FOBs) at three levels of command. Team CASTRUM adopted an architectural
framework approach that underpins a tactical base and successfully
demonstrated a complex system of systems that provided openness,
modularity and agility. The scale of integration was particularly impressive
with more than 50 sensor feeds feeding into the Level 1 Ops Room, and was
reliably demonstrated throughout the event to over 200 customers.

Finmeccanica group companies are at the forefront
of developments in surface fleet modernisation and
maritime security. Our lead partner position in
international collaborative programmes, such as the
Franco-ltalian FREMM Frigate, the Horizon Air Defence
Destroyer and the recently launched Cavour aircraft
carrier, provides us with a strong pedigree in complex
naval development. Our experience gained through
these programmes means we are able to offer expertise,
products and systems to support the development and
export of the UK's maritime capability: from the gun
system on the bow, to the helicopter on the flight deck.
This capability also covers combat systems engineering
in weapons handling, communications, surveillance,
protection, training and a global network for logistic
support and maritime security solutions.

The recent evo/ution of gun ammunition provides an alternative long range
precision engagement option where collateral damage and costs of missile
engagements could be prohibitive. Oto Me/ara has pioneered the development
of Vulcano and DART gun-fired gulded ammunition, addresslng the need for
lower cost, precision engagement of static and manoeuvring surface and air
threats. ln lu/y 2011, ltaly launched the Admirai Carlo Bergamlni, its first
FREMM multi-role frigate which includes - combined for the flrst time - the

76mm Strates gun system with DART ammunition and the 127mm/64 gun
system with Vu/cano ammunition. The 127mm/64 Light Weight Vulcano gun is
serviced by a fui/y automated ammunition
handling system, compliant with European Manual
Handllng /egislation and producing significant
resource savings by negating the need for
personne/ in the magazine. The new extended
range Vulcano ammunition is now in production
and work has started on the development of a

76mm variant to add to the 127mm and 155mm
Vulcano family.

Ship-ready Combat Management Systems
Drawing on SELEX Systems lntegration's experience as

Systems Design Authority for the ltalian Navy, Finmeccanica
is helping shape the UK MOD's Naval approach in the Naval
Design Partnership. The company's pedigree for partnering
with UK and ltalian Government and Prime Contractors is
helping to create a supply chain - inclusive of UK SME's,
ship-ready European combat systems, UK sovereign
technologies and the UK's best integrators and support
businesses - that is fit for purpose and ready to deliver
Availability Contracting. This approach will improve platform
availability, reduce resource costs and drive improvements
in logistics support solutions and operational training.
SELEX Systems lntegration has proven modelling expertise
through programmes that range from aircraft carriers,
destroyers, frigates and patrol craft. This has led to
significant reductions in the design phase effort and in
training and support costs, through on-board diagnostic
information and logistic support. The resulting data
infrastructure, coupled with the combat systems, has
demonstrated savings in acquisition and operating costs
and increased competitiveness for successful
international partnering.
VEGA's technical support specialists have an extensive track
record working alongside the Royal Navy in the development
and acquisition of its Warfare Operator training capability;
most recently on the Maritime Composite Training System
which began offering its full range of courses in August 2011.
SELEX Elsag has been selected to provide the
communications system for the four new fleet auxiliaries
under the Maritime Afloat Replenishment & Support
(MARS) programme. ln partnership with Thales UK, the
company supplied the Fully Integrated Communications
Systems (FICS) to BAE Systems for the Royal Navy's Type
45 Destroyers; and on-board mobile communications on
the RN's new Carriers.

SELEX Galileo and ORS Technologies have unique UK
expertise in sensors, surveillance systems, weapon contrai
systems and precision laser guidance of missiles and
gun ammunition.
UK Technology plus European and International
Joint European collaborative programmes with ltaly,
Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and France include Oto
Melara 's advanced ammunition and guns systems. The
Finmeccanica group is developing and evolving these
technologies in partnership with other European and
international industries and customers.

We aim to team with the best to develop the UK's
expertise in integration and global support of the Royal
Navy's weapon systems in order to provide flexible,
proportionate and affordable responses to evolving global
challenges. A Teaming Agreement with Babcock was
signed on 4 May 2011 to offer the Oto Melara 127mm/64
Light Weight Medium Calibre Gun system for the UK's Type
26 Global Combat Ship.

Recent world events have demonstrated that
Governments, businesses and individuals are increasingly
at risk of having their activities disrupted by crime, piracy,
terrorism , energy failure and natural disaster.
Finmeccanica provides security and national resilience
solutions that help to mitigate the risks facing government
organisations, critical national infrastructure and the
underlying global economy.
SELEX Elsag and SELEX Galileo bath provide a suite of
sensors including biometric identity and vehicle recognition
systems that monitor and protect against the threats of
attack in public spaces. SELEX Galileo has been awarded
its first contract for Nexsense C, a compact chemical
detection and identification system . lt is the world 's first
radiation free , UH-FAIMS (Ultra High Field Asymmetric Ion
Mobility Spectrometry) system to be delivered as a
compact, hand-held device.

Finmeccanica has a strong heritage in the development and de/ivery of
integrated maritime security solutions including Vesse/ Tracking
Management Systems; Counter Piracy capabilities; as well as Port and Naval
Base Security Systems that encompass the full spectrum of security risk
(sea, land, air, people, assets and freight).
The compan ies also deliver secure and resil ient rad io
communications and real-time, high resolution video links
that improve the operational picture.
Situational awareness is further enhanced by SELEX Systems
lntegration 's information management and exploitation
capabilities that fuse information from a wide variety of
sources; providing security co-ordinators with a rich ,
comprehensive intelligence picture to manage the most
complex operational landscape.
These sources are integrated with command and contrai
and event management systems, provided by SELEX
Systems lntegration and SELEX Elsag, that continually
monitor the data received , track individuals or vehicles,
and identify threats and anomalous behaviour - ultimately
directing the emergency services, law enforcement, or
intelligence agencies to respond rapidly and effectively.
The secure information infrastructures provided by SELEX
Systems lntegration provides information sharing gateways
that enhance interoperability across UK intelligence
agencies, and to support multi-national and coalition
security operations.
The tailored integration of these products and services
has resulted in Finmeccanica taking responsibility for the
safety and security of national borders (bath air space and
coastlines), major global sporting events, and international
leadership summits for bath the G8 and NATO.

ldentified by the UK National Security Strategy as a Tier
One security risk, the threat of attack on the UK cyber
space is one that hangs over every aspect of modern lite.
Finmeccanica understands that cyber security cannot be
achieved by technology alone. Effective information
defence requires a change of culture and a comprehensive
approach that covers people, an organisation 's policy
regarding what constitutes acceptable cyber behaviour,
individuals' ICT equipment, the corporate ICT estate and
the organisation 's perception of risk.
For over 50 years the combined capability and sovereign
knowledge of Finmeccanica has been at the forefront of
secure information sharing and information assurance.
Successfully integrating ail its capabilities, the Group has
created Finmeccanica Cyber Solutions, positioning itself as
a trusted industry partner ready to transform the UK into a
centre of cyber business and innovation.
As such, we provide a comprehensive range of solutions
that enable us to: Detect - ensuring early warning of
potential threats; Protect - safeguarding critical
information infrastructure and assets from attack;
Respond - limiting the operational impact of any cyber
incident; and Deter - minimising the risk of attack.

Driving Economie Sustainability: Online business has
contributed nearly 25% of the GDP growth over the last five
years. lts potential to position the UK as an attractive home
for foreign investors, will be a key factor in the nation's
economic recovery. Finmeccanica offers a high quality but
low-cost security managed service which is already
supporting over 5,000 commercial clients worldwide. The
service provides a level of information assurance which acts
as a competitive differentiator in markets where brand
reputation and service reliability are vital to an
organisation 's commercial success.
Reinforcing National Security: Finmeccanica secures
high-grade information systems for those organisations
working at the heart of the UK 's national security and the
likely targets of co-ordinated and persistent cyber-attacks.
The ARCHANGEL™ actively managed security service, operates
from a UK sovereign-based Security Operation Centre (SOC).
lt has been developed in order to meet the risk of the most
complex and malicious cyber threats. ARCHANGEL™ operates
at the complex end of the threat spectrum ; providing 24/ 7
Protective Monitoring, in accordance with HMG Good Practice
Guide 13, up to the highest level of risk (Defend).

Secure solutions such as these are helping government
contractors maintain their security status and enable secure
collaboration with our international allies.

Our capability extends to:
Providing Trusted Advice: The Group's CSEG accredited
domain experts analyse the value of an organisation 's
information assets as well as their level of protection ,
before recommending the most effective and appropriate
security policy and supporting technology.

On 29th February 2012, Finmeccanica Cyber Solutions, along with its partner

Northrop Grumman, was chosen by the NATO Consultation, Command and
Contrai (NATO C3) Agency to develop, implement and support the NATO
Computer Incident Response Capability (NCIRC) - Full Operating Capability
(FOC). The contract, worth more than € 50 million, represents the first major
investment in an international/y co-ordinated approach to cyber defence.
Under the contract, Finmeccanica Cyber Solutions will provide an extensive

managed service which will provide information assurance to around 50 NATO
sites and headquarters throughout 28 countries worldwide.

The UK Government views space as a key industrial sector
and is supporting industry and academia to advance the
UK's global position as a leading provider of space-related
technologies and services. ln 2010, UK industry and
government worked together to propose an ambitious 20
year strategy to capture 10% of the estimated .f40bn
global space market.
Finmeccanica has a world -class portfolio of space
capabilities, supporting satellite manufacturers and
operators worldwide, having been involved in Earth
Observation, Scientific Exploration, Telecommunications
and Navigation programmes for over 50 years.
Through Telespazio VEGA, Finmeccanica offers a full
spectrum of space technologies and services in the UK,
including satellite systems and applications development,
operations support, geo-information services and
communication networks and connectivity. SELEX Galileo
also designs and manufactures optical payloads, solar
arrays and radio frequency equipment for both civil and
military applications.
Finmeccanica is a key contributor to the UK Government's
initiative to strengthen its space industry and is a founding
partner in the International Space Innovation Centre (ISIC)
at Harwell. As such, Finmeccanica is uniquely placed to
help organisations develop long-term competitive
advantage for the UK through the development and
application of space capabilities.

Finmeccanica is performing a key ro/e in monitoring the Earth 's environ ment
from Space. The Sentinels mission involves multiple Earth observation
satellites, which carry sophisticated instruments for measuring variations in
land and sea surface conditions, topography, temperature and atmospheric
composition. Telespazio VEGA has been involved in the Sentinels mission
since its early concept phase: supporting research activities developing
image processing algorithm prototypes; and more recently, winning
multi-million pound contracts to deve/op Pay/oad Data Ground Segment
systems. SELEX Gali/eo is responsible for one of the key sensors on Sentine/

3, which will measure the temperature of land, sea and air composition for
environment monitoring activities. The Sentine/ mission is part of the Global
Monitoring for Environment and Security programme - a joint initiative
between the European Commission and the European Space Agency.

AgustaWestland's major UK facility in Yeovil employs
around 3,300 people. The UK is also home to
AgustaWestland's headquarters in Farnborough. The
merger of Agusta and Westland in 2001 created a leading
force in the helicopter industry, serving commercial and
government customers world-wide.

.. -

The company's skills and resources in the UK are unique,
with the ability to design, develop and manufacture
complete rotorcraft and integrate their complex avionic
and mission systems. lt is also an industry leader in
the provision of training services and through-life
support solutions.

't l .r ~






• ~



ORS Technologies in the UK is part of ORS Technologies lnc,
a leading supplier of integrated products, services and
support to military forces, intelligence agencies and prime
contractors worldwide. ORS is the world's largest supplier
of ultra-rugged computing, with major contracts both in the
UK and USA.
ORS Technologies designs, develops, manufactures
and through-life supports rugged and ultra-rugged
computers, displays and associated peripheral
equipment for demanding military environments. ORS's
UK offices are located in Farnham, Surrey and Long
Bennington, Lincolnshire employing 90 staff across a
wide range of disciplines.



UH -


· r\f\f8t K'

SELEX Elsag is an established UK communications centre
of excellence for secure networking solutions for military
and civil customers on land, air, sea and joint domains.
lt enhances operational effectiveness through robust,
leading-edge, future-proof solutions for today's data-rich,
network-dependent world.
We draw upon our international group's proven experience
in the fields of automation, defence, electronic systems,
avionic systems, professional communications, Information
& Communication Technology, logistics and mobility, and
security. We offer a vast, multi-technology product portfolio
to deliver advanced, secure, robust and future-proof
communications solutions.
ln defence, SELEX Elsag has benchmark capabilities in
battlefield and secure communications, systems integration,
cryptography, radio frequency engineering and special projects.
ln the civil sector, the business is successful in the Security
& Resilience and professional communications markets.
SELEX Elsag offers cyber security solutions and consultancy,
with technologies and processes proven in major programmes
both in the UK and overseas. lt was recently selected to provide
cyber security protection to NATO and its member countries.
SELEX Elsag employs 700 people across the UK and has a
local presence at major UK ports, providing merchant marine
communications services.

SELEX Galileo is a global leader in Defence Electronics and
delivers mission critical systems for situational awareness,
electronic warfare and surveillance. Across air, land and
sea the company exploits its core skills in tactical ISTAR
systems, avionics, sensors, defensive aids, tracking,
targeting, navigation, command and control, and simulation.
ln the UK, SELEX Galileo employs over 4,000 people
across eight locations. The company's people are its
greatest strength and are encouraged to reach their full
potential, being recognised for their commitment and
collaboration both internally and externally. SELEX Galileo
is also proud to nurture and develop partnerships and
collaborations with UK SM Es to deliver the best solutions
for our customers around the world.





X Y,


SELEX Systems lntegratlon ls a dedlcated Solution
Arohltect and Systems lntegratton business. As the UK
subsldiary of SELEX Slsteml lntegratl SpA, the company
represents a 4,500 strong organisation dedlcated to
deliverlng lnnovative, bespoke solutions for the Securtty,
Defence and Transportation markets. The company has
more than 50 years' experlence ln the lntegratlon of large
and complex systems; dellverlng solutions that lmprove
front-llne capabillty, secure national borclers, and protect
the Crltlcal National Infrastructure and International Major
Events. Our capabllltles Inch.ide: the PrQYlsiol'I of air
defence systems; networked lntelligenee Systems;
command battlefleld management; t.._-aled naval
combat systems; land mission systems; air traffic control;
and coastal and maritime surveillance.
SELEX Systems lntegration also pt'o\lldes through-life
technology-based training and simulation that deliver
proven results for maintenance technlcians, alrcrews and
UAS operators. The company has offlceS in Southampton
and Bristol, close to the heedquarters of MOO Defence
Equipment anct Support.


u R

VEGA ls El professlonal services company that dellvers
technology.enabted change ln comptex envlronments,
often where securtty and resllience are key. lt offers
lndependent, expert advice and pragmattc solutions to
help customers meet thelr transformation challenges
wlth confidence.

Telespazio VEGA is a highly experienced consulting,
technology and engineering services business, which
supports space agencies, satellite operators and
manufacturers worldwide.
Founded and headquartered in the UK, Telespazio VEGA
is an important exporter to the international space market,
with operations in the UK, Germany, Holland and Spain
and client sites around the globe. Telespazio VEGA is also
a founding member of the International Space Innovation
Centre (ISIC) at Harwell and a keen supporter of the
government's initiative to create a Satellite Applications
Catapult Centre in the UK.

As a subsidiary of Telespazio (a Finmeccanica /Th ales
company), Telespazio VEGA provides the full range of
Telespazio capabilities to the UK market.


8 - 10 Great George Street
London SW1P 3AE
tel +44 (0)20 7340 6100

fax +44 (0)20 7340 6199

25 Templer Avenue
Farnborough Business P.ark
Farnborough, Hampshire GU14 6EE
tel +44 (0)1252 386451
fax +44 (0)1252 386431

Piazza Monte Grappa,4
00195 Rome, ltaly
tel +39 06 324731
fax +39 06 3208621

SELEX Gallleo

-· .

DRS Technologies
Lynwood House
The Trading Estate

SELEX Systems lntegratlon/VEGA

Farnham, Surrey GU9 9NN
tel +44 (0)1252 730500
fax +44 (0)1252 730530

Telespazlo VEGA







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