Text: Information into insight
While technology has given us access to an unlimited amount of information, the ability to extract
meaning and insight from data is more difficult than ever before. To take advantage of this intellectual capital, we need tools that offer more than just good search functionality. Semantics is the
only technology that can offer a deep, automatic understanding of content that can be expanded
into the realm of business intelligence, opening new doors and paths to managing data and
solving the problems of unlimited sources of information.

COGITO® is a unique technology

Expert System’s Cogito semantic software relies on deep linguistic analysis and a rich semantic
network to ensure a complete understanding of a text beyond the limitations of statistics or
keyword based technologies.
Customers choose Cogito to gain
insight and intelligence from docuTaxonomy
ments, websites and information
Natural Language Processing
streams residing inside or outside
the corporate firewall.
Ontology Ontology Search

Web 3.0

Categorization Search Mobile Ontology
Sentiment Natural Language Processing Intelligence
Ontology Sentiment Taxonomy


Web 3.0 Search Ontology

Web 3.0 Natural Language Processing Taxonomy


Intelligence Mobile Web 3.0 Ontology
Mobile Search Categorization Natural Language Processing Taxonomy


Ontology Intelligence

Mobile Categorization

Ontology Search
Sentiment Categorization Intelligence
Search Taxonomy
Intelligence Web 3.0 Web 3.0 Ontology
Natural Language Processing


Web 3.0

Ontology Mobile
Sentiment Categorization

Search Ontology


Sentiment Mobile
Search Taxonomy

Natural Language Processing Mobile


Mobile Intelligence

Sentiment Natural Language Processing
Natural Language Processing

Search Ontology Mobile
Ontology Web 3.0

Categorization Natural Language Processing
Mobile Web 3.0 Sentiment Intelligence

Natural Language Processing


Using Cogito semantic technology,
organizations can quickly understand information in context,
using it to drive knowledge management deployments to address
the most critical business requirements including:
Automated Classification
Automated Self-Help Solutions
Business Intelligence
Enterprise Search

Leveraging the power of semantic technology in capturing knowledge
and intelligence from information streams.
Cogito SEE revolutionizes access to information, enabling complex analysis with
the same ease of basic search; from the precise and accurate identification of
information, to the selection, extraction and integration of structured and
unstructured information.

Semantic search for the most advanced analysis functionality for the
assessment of sentiment and optimal performance in terms of precision
and recall.
Semantic intelligence agents intelligently filter acquired information so
that only the most relevant data is analyzed.
Advanced semantic filters enable reporting and extraction features, as
well as visualization and integration with maps.

Maintaining order and extracting intelligence from structured and
unstructured information.
The functionality of Cogito Categorizer and Discover helps maintain order of the
growing amount of information organizations manage daily, enabling the transformation of text into data that can be analyzed and easily retrieved to create
greater organizational intelligence.

Cogito Categorizer
Organizes large volumes of documents, news, emails or web pages.
Classifies them based on standard or customized taxonomies.
Automatic tagging: Automatic generation of the metadata map for simpler retrieval in the next phase of search. Tags include most relevant concepts, events and other information such as people, companies, places,
Extracts data from text to be used with advanced business intelligence.

Natural language search for knowledge-base and self-help solutions.
Cogito Answers is the natural language interface that provides knowledge-base
and self-help solutions via the web, email or mobile phone. It streamlines the
customer support experience by enabling users to ask questions about
products, services or applications and receive immediate, accurate and personalized answers.

A distinctive new support experience for call center operators or direct
users; eliminates excessive customer service needs and costs.
Fully scalable to provide the same high quality user experience, even for
the richest knowledge bases and for millions of questions per day to support global products.

Bringing the voice of the customer to life.
Cogito Monitor is the leading technology for the automatic monitoring, detection and analysis of online reputation and customer sentiment in blogs, forums and social
media, opening a direct window on the world of constantly changing customer opinion.

Identifies the most relevant concepts, interprets
the meaning of the texts and precisely extracts
information useful for strategic decision-making.
Sentiment Analysis detects and ranks content
according to the sentiment expressed.
Advanced visualization features include a dashboard for comparison, and the ability to drill down into

Capturing signals and minimizing risk.
The Cogito Intelligence Platform is the Expert System
suite that applies semantic analysis to support analysts
and knowledge workers in all phases of the intelligence
cycle, enabling the discovery of information patterns and
connections with a variety of visualization options.
By combining superior text analytics and domain
ontology capabilities with the ability to search and
manage large quantities of data from documents,
multimedia, audio streams, web pages and social
networks, the Cogito Intelligence Platform incorporates
the best software components for speech analysis, GEO
visualization systems with a proven approach for
intelligence data management solutions.

Semantic analysis modules for the automatic
classification of multilingual text content.
Instruments for interactive analysis and data
Instruments to customize the semantic knowledge component and to define the rules for text
mining and classification.
Data acquisition from the main databases and the
creation of case method analyses with deductive
algorithms and neural networks.

The patented Cogito semantic technology is at the core of all of Expert System’s products, and
provides solutions that increase business value in the areas of Knowledge Management, Customer
Care and Corporate Intelligence.




The information
you need
when you need it.

in synch
with customers.

Strategic insight
to control risks
and opportunities.

Quick access to and management of corporate knowledge for complex data issues.
From unstructured information (documents, emails,
web pages, etc.) to structured, accessible data.
Automatic tagging of any
kind of text (main concepts,
people, places, events, relations, products, etc.).

Global monitoring of communications, news and
events, social media, and

Multi-channel self-help
systems allow customers to
ask for information using a
natural language interface,
and receive immediate

Real-time monitoring and
analysis of information about
customer sentiment, suppliers, competitors, resellers,

Analysis of customer
feedback for early identification of best practices or
product and service issues.

Strategic insight and
supports decision making for
greater intelligence.

Advanced functionality for
web or mobile.

Customer services, competitive intelligence and faster
categorization of large quantities of unstructured content
for research and professional internal use each benefit
from Cogito point solutions.
Senior Analyst Lynda Moulton
Gilbane Group, 2010

We help companies benefit from information and
technology in the areas that matter most, and serve
customers in the primary markets, including: Automotive,
Consumer Electronics, Finance, Homeland Security, Media
and Publishing, Mobile, Oil & Gas and Public

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