Text: For knowledge management and corporate intelligence, search is more than just finding information. It’s about finding the relevant information fast, and being able to quickly analyze it to generate meaningful, useful data. Equally important is the ability to filter data to further refine and
enhance discovery in any set of results.
COGITO® Search Explore Engine improves access to content and, through the automatic comprehension of text, is able to generate the meaningful data necessary for business intelligence.
Traditional search methods based on keywords or statistical algorithms are unable to provide complete results and often require more time and manual intervention because they are limited by
their inability to understand the meaning of content or words in context.
Today’s search and knowledge management requires technology that not only keeps up with the
constant increase in information output, but is able to take any volume of data or information and
apply advanced functionalities to help you find exactly what you need, when you need it.
Cogito SEE combines the benefits of automatic text comprehension (semantics) with an innovative
functionality and an intuitive, user friendly interface to respond to these requirements. Cogito SEE
makes the activities of search, analysis and interactive exploration not only easier, but faster and
more precise.
A unique point of access to
structured and unstructured
A simple interface that
enables intuitive and visual
navigation and exploration of
results, tags and facets.
Interaction with search results
to discover new connections,
lists of data or relational maps
without initiating a new search.
Search capability for
Multilanguage content.
Automatic report generation
to monitor and share evolving
details and results.

Extract concepts and filter results. As part of the text analysis
process, Cogito can automatically extract entities, events and other
relevant concepts and generate an interactive graphic for
visualizing and filtering results.

Advanced visualization of
results through tags, clouds and
relational maps.

A dynamic update of
results. The treemap
graphic summarizes the
information included in a
search data stream.
Each topic is
represented in a
different color, the
frequency of similar
documents are
represented by the size
of the square, and the
shade of color
distinguishes the most
recent news from older

Key Features
Cogito SEE revolutionizes access to information, enabling companies to perform complex analysis with the
same ease of basic search: From the precise and accurate identification of information, to the selection,
extraction and integration of structured and unstructured information. It includes:
Data Acquisition. Indexes documents from diverse internal or external sources (structured and
unstructured), and enables predefined criteria.
Semantic Search and Sentiment Analysis. Cogito SEE guarantees optimal performance in terms of
precision (excluding useless information that could cloud results) and recall (the ability to provide all of the
results of interest). It also supplies the most advanced analysis functionality for the assessment of
Semantic Intelligence Agents. Allows users to intelligently filter the acquired information so that only
the most relevant data is analyzed. Customized filters provide updates and alerts for specific documents of
Extraction and Correlation. It extracts, normalizes and automatically associates specific metadata
from the analyzed texts (people, companies, places, addresses, dates, amounts, etc.), thus simplifying the
search and highlighting connections and patterns that emerge between data.
Interactive Analysis and Navigation via Facets. Allows the interactive examination of documents,
enabling the creation of new facets based on findings from data exploration.
Subject-Action-Object Search. Enables more precise search through the understanding of logical
roles of words within phrases. For example, using the subject government, Cogito SEE will also display all
the related verbs (to debate, to vote, to elect) as well as all of the related direct objects (laws, citizens,
elections) that could be used to form sentences with the selected concept.
Reporting and Extraction. Advanced semantic filters allow users to prepare intelligence and
competitive reports for diverse functional areas such as Finance, Marketing or R&D.
Visualization and Integration with Maps. The semantic functionality of Cogito SEE is easily
integrated into relational and geographical maps, and clearly displays connections and relations between
Expert System is the leading provider of semantic software that discovers,
classifies and interprets text information. All Expert System products, which
are based on the patented technology COGITO , leverage the company's
expertise in the development of business solutions that support the
activities of Knowledge Management, Customer Care and Intelligence.

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