Text: The functions provided by Cogito Categorizer and
Cogito Discover enrich documents, CMS and web pages
with semantic information and metadata, to make the
contents fully accessible, manageable and interoperable.
Cogito Categorizer automatically classifies large volumes
of documents based on the main topic and other
customizable criteria. It assigns with precision and to
any kind of text, one or more categories depending
on the content, thus enabling knowledge workers a
more effective way to retrieve relevant information.
Cogito Discover automatically identifies in the
documents, the most relevant concepts, events and
other specific information (people, companies, places,
amounts, addresses etc.), and extracts the most
important data included in the document. It
automatically tags the documents, normalizing the
data and generating the metadata map, to streamline
access to the available information.

Cogito Categorizer and Cogito Discover
reduce the search time and simplify
the access to any content;
enable a more effective management
of information, making it automatic
and based on objective criteria;
identify useful information
immediately and retrieve data that
traditional technologies cannot extract.

The exponential increase of information
available inside the company and on the
web has made knowledge management
activities increasingly difficult and
The issue is evident to any company
dealing with a large collection of
intellectual capital and unlimited web
resources, but also more simply to each
individual when, for example, we need
to find an old email message.
In order to extract value from the
documents available, we need tools able
to understand quickly what the texts are
about and what data they contain.

The right window above lists the main subjects identified in the analyzed
article on the economic plan announced by Obama:economics, politics,
work etc.

Semantics is the only technology which,
by understanding the correct meaning
of each word, is able to find in a sea of
documents only that which is relevant,
and only when it is necessary.

Main functionalities of
Cogito Categorizer and
Cogito Discover
Automatic classification of
By way of the automatic semantic
analysis of the content, Cogito
Categorizer identifies the main topics
of each document and assigns the
document to one or more categories
according to the reference taxonomy
predefined by the customer.
Extraction of data
Cogito Discover automatically extracts
the entities from any kind of text
based on their semantic relevancy
(people, places, events etc.)
Automatic tagging
The semantic analysis of contents
enables also the automatic generation
of the metadata map, facilitating a
simpler retrieval in the next phase of

The windows above list the subjects, main concepts, places, people and
companies extracted from the analyzed article on the performance of
Michael Phelps at Beijing 2008 Olympics.

Customizable taxonomy
The category tree can be customized in a dynamic way according to the needs of the customer, even with
taxonomies including thousands of specific categories.
Customizable extraction of entities and events
The flexibility offered by the linguistic rules editor, enables the customer to define with great precision the criteria
to extract entities.
Cogito Discover identifies and normalizes – that is to say, recognizes different expressions with the same meaning
– not only standard data (dates, prices) but also non-numeric information (acronyms, names…). The system, for
example, understands that the expressions “ONU General Secretary”, “Secretary-General of the United Nations”,
“Ban Ki-moon” refer to the same person.
Cogito Discover and Cogito Categorizer are easily integrated in third-party applications as Web services. Moreover,
API (Java, C++, .Net, etc) are available for customers with specific needs.

Expert System
Expert System is the leading provider of semantic software, which discovers, classifies
and interprets text information.
All Expert System products, which are based on the patent pending technology Cogito®,
leverage the company’s expertise in the development of business solutions for the primary
markets (i.e. Manufacturing, Telco, Energy, Finance, Media, etc.) and support the activities
of Knowledge Management, Customer Care, Corporate Intelligence and Homeland Security.
Customers around the world include Eni Group, Pirelli, Finmeccanica, ANSA, Telecom Italia,
Microsoft, BNP Paribas, the Italian Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Interior Affairs.
Headquartered in Italy the company opened the US Subsidiary in 2007 and has offices
in Munich, London and in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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