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Text: Cyber Security Monitoring

Packet Capture's lnconvenient Truth

ln today's world, every organisation is exposed to the
risk of cyber attack and data loss. With the network
now being critical to almost every organisation,
business leaders have an absolute obligation to

Network security systems that use software-based
techniques to acquire packets from the wire drop some
of them. The truth is that software-based NICs were
never designed to be used to acquire packets from the
wire; they were designed to move data between servers

protect customer information, corporate IP and the
integrity of the network - because the consequences
of not doing so are extremely serious . The days of
tick-box compliance for PCI, HIPAA, SOX or any other
government mandated security requirement are gone.
Today, it's about reputation, brand and corporate risk
which demand a very different approach to network
Endace Network Monitoring
and Recording Fabrics
provide deep network-wide
visibility into both internai
and external cyber security
threats on high-speed and
ultra-high-speed networks.

and hosts . Our testing has shown, with alarming
consistency, that at line rates over 2Gb/s it's almost
impossible to trust systems that aren't built using
purpose-built hardware. Endace Systems are designed
and built to capture packets, without data Joss on highspeed links.

"If you haven t got

every packet, then
any analysis that
you do is pointless"

They use a distributed
'fabric' of passive systems
to analyse network traffic
in real-time . Not only does
every packet get analysed, but they also get recorded

to a local storage buffer to enable retrospective forensic
analysis and archiving for evidentiary purposes.

If you have any doubt as to whether accuracy of
packet capture matters then consider this:
The Conficker worm is 57KB in size. Based on a
standard Ethernet frame (1, 518 bytes), Conficker is
carried in approximately 37 packets, any one of which
could potentially contain the signature that an IDS
needs to see in order to trigger an alert.
On a 50% loaded 1Gb/s link, packet loss of 0.00002 %
could cause a system to miss the critical packet that
triggers the alert. So forget '5 nines'; in reality, nothing
less than 100% capture is acceptable in the world of
signature-based network security.

If you're already at 2Gb/s,
or you can see 2Gb/s on the
horizon, and you are using
a software-based system,
then you should be treating
the output of your network
security systems with
extreme caution .

lntroducing Endace Systems

lntroducing Endace Security Manager

Our systems corne in a range of different sizes and port

Endace Security Manager (ESM) is our Network
Intrusion Detection System . ESM is included with every

configurations to enable them to be matched to the
needs of particular network segment(s}. They scale from

Endace System as part of the Endace Application Suite,

10/1 OOMb/s to 1OOGb/s and are designed from the

which is designed to address the core monitoring and

ground up to enable up to six different applications to

security needs of every network .

leverage the sa me corn mon source of 100% accu rate

When deployed across a network as part of a

EndaceSensors™ are real-time monitoring systems
designed to be deployed in places where no captureto-disk is required. These 1U systems support either
4x 1Gb/s ports or 2x 1OGb/s ports and can analyse
up to 10 Gigabits of network traffic per second

Monitoring and Recording Fabric, ESM provides deep,
network-wide visibility 1nto the widest possible range
of cyber threats. With the knowledge that your IDS is
interrogating every single packet on the w1re you can,
for the first time, rest assured that you're being alerted
to everything that really matters on your network .

with an average rule set (depending on the spec1fic

Key features


• Proven 100% accu rate packet capture to
• SNORT® based deep packet inspection
• Integrated forensics and analytics for
improved MTIR

ln addition to monitoring up to 20 Gigabits of traffic
per second in real time, EndaceProbes™ support
high-speed write-to-disk capability at speeds of up

• Support for custom and blended rule sets
• Full line rate write-to-disk for post-event

to 1OGb/s. EndaceProbes are available in a range of

• Rapid and efficient data mining

d1fferent configurations with up to 1Ox 1OGb/s ports

• Support for multiple VLANs

or 20x 1Gb/s ports, ma king them ideal for highthroughput environments where rack space is limited

• System by system rule management

and port density is key.

• Rapid SIM / SIEM and NMS integration

Ali Endace Systems are based on a three-layer
architecture called the Endace Platform. The Endace
Platform leverages commodity hardware which

Endace System Performance Specifications

incorporates our own DAG® technology, a proprietary
software management layer called OSm which enables




central management of ail systems and a virtual

EndaceProbe Series

8-20 X 1GigE or 4-10 x



4-8 x 1GigE or 2-4 x



8 x 1Gb Ethernet



4x 1Gb Ethernet


EndaceSensor Series

4x 1OGb Ethernet
2x 1OGb Ethernet



8 x 1Gb Ethernet



4x 10/100/1Gb


application layer into which multiple applications or
tools can be deployed simultaneously.

*Average throughput 1s based upon an average rule set and thus 1s an
est1mate on/y

specific to your network. Our intrusion detection system

ESM Architecture

enables you to blend different rule sets from third-party

ESM consists of a distributed set of SNORT-powered

sources, community sources and your own customwritten rules to create a rule profile that really delivers.

systems that are connected to a range of different
physical links across the network. The way that the
system is architected means that different segments of

Taking contrai of your rules isn't as daunting as many

the network (VLANs) can be monitored with specific

organisations perceive; like everything, it requires good

rule sets, which is essential as different VLANs within

planning and the right partnerships, which is where we

the same organisation can be exposed to quite different

can help w1th our rule-tuning service. We have a team
of profess1onals on hand to help you get your rules

cyber threats.

exactly right.

Ali ESM Systems are connected back to the Endace
Management Server which hosts the master ESM
database. Using Java-based clients, engineers connect
to the ESM database and are presented with an easy-to-

100% Proof

use dashboard from which they can interrogate alerts.

Saying that we capture 100% of packets and
proving it are two d1fferent things To make


sure that we really do what we say, we gave

ESM 1s built using the SNORT industry-standard, open-

our system to NSS Labs and asked them to

source IDS engine. SNORT already powers more than

test 1t for us. Based on their attack leakage

250,000 IDS and IPS sensors around the world and

detection test, which is the closest thing there

is trusted by government agencies and Fortune 1000

is to an industry standard test, we prove that

organisations. With a global community of developers

our systems really do capture every packet at

contnbuting to the code base, 1t is far and away the


most flexible and trusted IDS engine in existence.

0 NSS Labs

Vaur ules
Your network is unique. lt has a mix of protocols, users
and traffic that are specif1c to you, so it stands to reason

NSS Labs stated that our 1OGb/s system was

that the rules that you are go1ng to want to deploy are

"one of the few products on the market
capable of servicing the high throughput of a

go1ng to be equally unique.

true 10-Gigabit environ ment".
Building an effective cyber monitoring system
necessitates creating and ma1ntaining a rule set that is

Packet size

NSS Labs Attack Leakage Test results

1.7K B
4K B





80 %





60 %






40 %




20 %







Gb/s throughput









Endace Security Manager dashboard

Reducing Mean-Time-To-Resolution
For many organisations, being alerted to security
events is one thing; being able to analyse then perform
remediation on them when they are coming in fast
and furious is quite another. To make the processing of
security events more efficient, Endace Security Manager
incorporates a unique workflow engine that enables
engineers to investigate events efficiently, without
compromising accuracy.





...- = :... '".
~--· - Io

The remediation process is based around three simple
steps which are ail tightly coupled together at the
system level to enable rapid workflow through multiple
applications on a single hast
• Open the alert in ESM and assess its importance
• View the event in context using Endace Analytics and
identify the specific packets of interest
Extract the raw packets of interest using our data
mining tool (Packet Access) and open them in
Wireshark or another protocol analyser.
lt's quite clear that the volume of events being thrown
at security operation centre teams isn't going to start
diminishing any time soon, so ensuring that your
system is doing everything it can to help accelerate the
process of investigating events is a smart move. We're
committed to help reducing MTIR with every new
release of ESM .

-.. - . -l-



t :.:::.::
- -:----- .- ,,':':

·-·· ~- ~


Endace Analytics

lllolloN· ....... 10.,.

SIM/SIEM lntegration

Endace Application

Along with SNMP, Syslog and firewall logs, IDS alerts


are important contributors to any organisation's

Endace fabncs don't just do IDS; they are in fact an
open and flexible hosting platform for any application

security event correlation layer. We work closely with

that uses packet data to generate intelligence.

most of the major SIM / SIEM vendors to ensure that

Each Endace System can hast up to six commercial,

our outputs are consistent with their inputs and that

open-source or custom applications alongside IDS

integration is rapid, seamless and tested.


e iQ
net w or k s


~ ......



Visit endace-application-dock to
find out what other applications are certified to run on
the platform.

~) netforensics~
ln addition to providing a critical feed into these
systems, Endace Systems also facil1tate packet-



level interrogation of events generated through the
correlation layer. Using the highly accurate timestamps
that are attached to every packet as they are captured,
users can request packet-level traces in response to


events generated by the SIM. As any security operation




centre team member worth their stripes will attest to,
"untli you've seen the packets, you've seen nothing".

Integrated vulnerability scanning
As well as knowing what's travers1ng your network,
it's equally critical to know what systems should and
shouldn't be live on your network in order to stop
hackers, viruses and malware from exploiting potential
weaknesses. Misconfigured networks and unpatched
machines are still the most common cause of security
breaches and, despite the vigilance of IT staff, these
vulnerabilities pose a constant threat.
By integrating a market-leading
vulnerability scanner into the
system architecture, organisations
cannot only consolidate hardware in their data centres,
but can also leverage the power of the EndaceProbe's
write-to-disk capability to capture any traffic going to
(or from) systems that are outside of an organisation's
trusted white list.

The last word on value
The benefits of deploying an Endace Fabric extend well
beyond the ability just to see everyth1ng. They 1nclude:
• Reduction in hardware footprint
• Rapid integration
• Application agility / reduction in time-to-value
• Roadmap to 1OOGb/s
Endace Monitoring and Recording Fabrics are unique
and are being rapidly adopted by organisations across
the world that recognise the need to see everything on
their networks.

Endace Systems are the
cornerstone for some of
the most sophisticated
cyber-security deployments
on the planet
Endace has been selling the most accurate,
open and trusted network monitoring and
recording systems to the world's largest
telcos, governments, financ1al institutions
and Fortune 1000 enterprises for more than
10 years.
Our systems help our customers to manage
risk, reputation and compliance; where the
consequences of miss1ng network events
have the potent1al to be catastrophic.

Endace UK
Davidson House
Forbury Square, Reading
Berkshire RG1 3EU
p +44 118 900 1425

Endace USA
1442 5 Pen rose Place
Suite 225, Chantilly,
P (toll free) 800 572 0557

en dace

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