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VIP Protection
Systems , Training
Recommended Equipment Schedule

VIP Protection Systems, Overview/Concept
The first step is to review the VIP protection system currently in place and establish a
clear recommendation on how to improve the VIP protection program by assessing:
Treat Level
Equipment to defeat the threat
Training techniques to counter the threat
For the technical surveillance team the important elements to be taking into
consideration are:
Technical Planning of the VIP protection operation
Equipments required to meet the threat and risk assessment
Managing the technical team and implementing training programs
The areas of responsibility for the Technical VIP Team are:
Technical Surveillance Systems and Planing
The objective is to enhance the in depth security layers around the VIP and to use state of
the art systems in detecting, monitoring and defeating sophisticated terrorist of criminal
threat as well as providing communication and monitoring equipments to track and
monitor the VIP whereabouts.
Advance team to search and sweep the arrival point of the VIP for explosives and
monitoring equipments.
Protect the VIP during the travel to the meeting point against terrorist attacks be it via
Vehicle Convoy-Aircraft etc.
Provide Secure Communication to the VIP and the Intelligence Team at all times
Provide Video Observation equipment of the location the VIP is visiting
Know the whereabouts and the location of the VIP at all times
Controlling the visitors or personal meeting the VIP & during the meeting
Make Intelligence gathering of the location area and personal
Have a data bank for information receiving during the operation
To increase the protection Level for the VIP and an assessment of equipments are
attached to this report to consider the SYSTEMS required to defeat the terrorist or criminal
Mobility i.e. the equipment easily and quickly transportable
Working within a system
Full training package

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Specific Areas of Interest VIP Protection Skills and knowledge/training
ELAMAN can offer

VIP Management module:
The obejective would be to teach all of the skills required for staff to conduct and plan VIP
Driver Training Module:
The objective would be to reach all of the skills required of those VIP operators responsible
and dedicated to driving the VIP. Including firearms training in moving vehicles.
Communication module:
The objective would be to teach all of the necessary skills required of a VIP communication
section thus ensuring the very latest and professional communication system to support
the VIP organization in all its varied operations .
Counter Attack Team (CAT) module:
The objectives would be to teach all of the necessary skills for supporting the CAT team
who are responsible for aggressive engagement of any terrorist or criminals who should
endanger the VIP.
General Surveillance Module:
The objectives would be to teach all of the various general, counter and anti surveillance
techniques required to enhance the in deep security layers around the VIP. The
surveillance teams are responsible for providing a prevention security layer to hopefully
defeat any terrorist or criminal during their planning stage.
Intermediate Aviation Module:
The objective would be to provide all of the necessary specialist skills required by the VIP
operators when conducting air travel.
Crisis Management (Command and Control) Module:
The objectives would be to provide all the necessary skills for officers to professionally
manage a crisis situation.
Train the trainers:
The objectives would be to teach all the necessary skills required for the clients trainers to
professionally teach all the new VIP skills and techniques at all levels
……all courses will be tailored by ELAMAN for up to 50 students to at least 8 weeks

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ELAMAN VIP Protection Unit Recommended Equipment Schedule
VIP Jammers:
Model 3260-SSA Digital Advanced Jamming, 6 Bands 20-2400 Mhz (upgradable)

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Portable Jammer Systems:

GA 3910 Dual Band Jammer suitable for rooms:
Automatic – High Low power – Antenna, suitable for rooms
Frequency Range:

GSM double band 810-1940 MHz

GA 3962 – S High Power GSM dual Band Jammer Automatic –
high – low power antenna
Suitable for complete floors and building
Frequency Range:

810 - 970 MHz
1820-1940 MHz

Channel 1
Channel 2

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GA 3050 portable counter surveillance Jammer – Antenna and power supply
20 – 2400 MHz for audio and video jamming (Radius approx. 50 mtr.)

GA 3060 EOD/IED Jammer portable, 3 bands 20 - 500, 800 – 1200, 1800 – 2400
Used to protect areas where IED explosives has been found.
Same than Jammer GA3050 only radius is smaller

Technical and Operational Training Courses

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Counter Surveilance Equipment
Non linear Junction Detector with 3rd Harmoni 5th Generation
ISDN Detects bugs on ISDN lines
Digital Portable X-Ray for Checking for bugs inc generatot-laptop-Digital
Theral – Thermal Scanner to view bugs scan walls/objects
Locater-Locates & detects transmitters
Opto 5-Optical system to detect cameras, lens
Advanced Scan Detector to 26,5 GHz with dual antenna system scans in milliseconds
multi channel cable detection system
Digital hand held oscilloscope
Detection cpm receiver for quick sweep and detection of RF
Cable DSP network testing
Wall depth measurement system
Video Fibre optical search system incl. camera-digital memory.2 m length
Audio test and trace system
Cable tracing system end to end
Audio and Video detection System
Digital Scout Frequency detector

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures
Ten days operational training in Germany for sweep team management.
Course is for an operational TSCM team covering operational Techniques and TSCM
Follow on course, 7 days in country with Chief Instructor to evaluate the TSCM Operations
locally and location review

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A. Personal Protection
Permiable Protection Suit Nato Approved complete
Semi Permiable Protection Suit complete
NATO Mask incl. Drinking system-speec communication
Breathing System outside of suit complete
Compressor System
Mask Test System
Mobile NBC Protective Emergency Room
VIP NBC Protective Conference Room System
B. Chemical Detection System
Detection Kit for Toxic chemical
Chemdetector Hand held Scanner
Bio Wide Area Early Warning attack System
C.BIO Detection System
Biomap TM Kit Detector incl test strips
BIO Reader-Sample Collector.
Chemical and Explosive detection system
D. NATO Decontamination System
Model Co Liquid decontamination spray unit
High speed decontamination turbo system
Chemical Solution
Personel Anti Dodge Chemical System
VIP Decontamination Showers System
E. MEE 50 Portable Detection Kit Incl.
Poison detector tubes for food
Chemical paper quick check (pack of 100)
VIP Water detection Kit
F. MEE Adoch Hand Held Detector
Adoch Detector chemical for Hands-cloths and in Hair-VIP quest test system.
G. MEE Antidotes Kit
MEE Antidotes Anti Poison and medical kit
H. Technical and Operational Training

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A.VIP Detection/Search Units
Sabre Hand held explosive/drugs detector
Ionscan 400b Explosive Detector
Contraband detector for explosives/drugs in Wheels of car-doors.
Portable Digital x-ray system incl generator
Inspection and search kits
Optical/Mirror search kits for room/cars
Fibre optic search probe
Walkthrough Explosive Gateway
Hand Held Metal Detector
Portable Metal Walkthrough detectors
Contact/Contactless Stethoscope system
Stationary X-Ray for Entrance control
B.Suicide Bomber Detection/Entrance
Passive Concealed Weapons Detection System
Portable Suicide Bomber Detection System
Ferroguard portable weapons detector entrance control system.
IPIX 360deg. surveillance camera system incl suicide bomber
detection software
C.VIP/Entrance control System
Secure ID pass system incl photo
VIP Venue Access control System
Video Portable Entrance control system including cameras-wireless
transmitters-Multi Channel Receiver
D.VIP Protection Ballistic
VIP Protection Vehicle Mercedes/Toyota
Ballistic Protection Shields Portable


E.VIP Protection Training
Explosive search and identify course
VIP Protection Course

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A-Surveillance Vehicles
Or VIP Forward Surveillance.
Van : TSE to supply, design & build in UK
Periscope unit with remote control
Video Security Surveillance System
Audio Security Microphone System
Communication System Infrastructure
Mercedes Vito or Sprinter Van, Toyota, Ford

B-Remote Surveillance Vehicle System
Model TSE-3750 Surveillance Cars System
System Transmission Case includes;
- Camouflaged Camera
- Digital Video and Audio Recorders
- Video and Audio Transmitters
- Video Encryption
- Monitors
- Power supply
- Cooling Unit
- Camouflaged Antennas
- Covert Communication System
- System Remote Control Case
C-Communication Equipment
Body worn communication covert harness
Covert Vehicle communication fits
Gsm encryption units – Pair
Desk top encryption unit phone-fax-data - Pair
Portable UHF digital covert radios
Covert Communication Wireless earpiece
Satalite Communication System

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EMUN-Email-Fax-Audio Monitoring System and decoder incl laptop for 4 channels
Heim-Multi Channel Room Monitoring via telephone line

E-Audio Surveillance Equipments
Inca receiver and transmitter kit with remote Control and digital recorder
Digital Radio Microphone Surveillance System Transmitter/Receiver/Remote control

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GSM Surveillance
Modified GSM Cellphone - for undercover audio operation
GSM Module for vehicle audio surveillance for cars and room audio operation.
Surveillance Audio Recorders :
SSBRE Bodyworn Digital recorder kit 26 hours
Belt with built inDigital Recorder
Key Ring Digital Recorder

Video Surveillance System & Equipments for Indoor and out door Surveillance
Model CVAS-Covert Camera and Video-Audio Surveillance all units include video
audio transmitter kit
1. Shirt or Jacket Button Camera
2. Tissue Box video camera
3. Base Ball Cap Camera
4. Hand Bag Camera

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Portable Video/Audio Receiver built into Briefcase with :
Video/Audio Receiver, Colour Monitor,
Digital Video, Video & Audio outputs, Internal
battery & charger, mains power lead, antennas
VCK - Video Camera Kit incl. Audio
2 cameras-screw lens-button-pinhole
Telephoto pinhole lens system-ir day and night

TSE Hawke Digital body worn miniature video recorder with camera and microphonebutton lense.

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TSE PC-270 VIP Portable System - 4 Quick Set Up Cameras with Transmitters & PIR
Network, 4 channel video receiver, digital recorder & monitor, antennas set-indoor use
TSE Ext-270 VIP Portable System - 4 Cameras pan and tilt full telemetry control
Transmitters 9 channel video receiver, digital recorder & monitor, antennas set-video
encryption. External outside usage
TSE Lowlass 1 Ultra Long Range Zoom Lens 1-3kms observation incl tripod day and night
TSE MVA-RPT Video Repeater
TSE Video transmission over GSM-PSTN-ISDN-SATPHONE
Night Vision System 2nd Gen II+ with C Mount to Nikon 35mm & Digital adaptors, Sony
Camcorder & CCTV adaptors

TSE 4 Hand Held Thermal Imaging Unit for Day and Night detection.
Technical Surveillance Training
Operational Training on Equipment
Technical Training on Equipments
Tactical Operational Surveillance Techniques

……. ELAMAN, one single source with complete confidence

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If you would like further Information about ELAMAN,
or would like to discuss a specific requirement or project, please contact us at:
Elaman GmbH
German Security Solutions
Seitzstr. 23
80538 Munich
Tel: +49-89-24 20 91 80
Fax: +49-89-24 20 91 81

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