Name: VIP High Power Convoy Jammer 3260S

Text: VIP High Power Convoy
Jammer 3260S

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VIP High Power Convoy Jammer 3260S
Elaman presents the most advanced
jamming systems against terrorist
improvised bombs that are available
within today's market.
After many years of research and development, the former generation of
this system proved its reliability and
effectiveness in many installations all
over the world.
For several years these units have
been providing outstanding security to
VIPs. Like bullet-proof vests, armoured cars, or even simple things
like safety belts, airbags, ABS and
side-impact protection for almost
every driver of today modern cars,
this system offers additional safety
and security that will often go unrecognized.
Nobody knows, however, what would
have happened if all this were not be
included in a security and safety
package to protect lifes. We have to
face so many threats today; threats
that are often extremely violent and
have no regard for human life. In fact,
it is often a goal to destroy this life.
Leading persons such as statesmen,
politicians and other important human
beings, have to bear this additional
burden on their daily lives.
It is, of course, not possible to protect against every danger that might occur. Everyone who is familiar with security risks, philosophies and techniques knows this
fact. If we look to the statistics of bomb terror throughout the world, we find that
almost 98 % of all incidents, especially when talking about remote controlled
bombs, were carried out with very normal, easy to obtain remote units. We also
have to realize that terrorists always try to hide themselves as long as possible.
From this point of view, it is much easier to buy a radio control unit and to modify
this for their needs, than to pay for special development. The interests of these
people are to get things easily, to not be registered, to do their jobs, and to disappear unknown. Based on those facts, the following statement can be made: Almost 100 % of all known cases were enacted using transmitters with an output
power of around 0.1 to 2 watts radiated RF.

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This is more than enough power to be up to 300 meters away from the bomb receiver. Specifically, this operating distance allows the terrorist to escape unknown
after ignition, and to be far enough away not to be wounded by his own bomb. To
have a powerful counter-measure against this, the following conditions have to be
1. The Jammer power at bomb receiver has to be stronger than transmitter power
of 2 watts in a distance of 300 meters.
2. The Remote frequency is unknown, and the Jammer signal has to be present
on all known bands.
3. The response time of a remote control can be very short, (less then to 3 ms),
so there will be no time, to receive and analyze a terrorist` s transmitter signal,
and to tune the Jammer to this exact frequency.

An additional problem is that we are faced with so many frequencies such as TV
stations, mobile radios and mobile telephones. A Jammer concept that depends
on the analysis of the transmitted signal would fail hopelessly, because it would
never "know" which frequency was the right one.
The solution to all these environmental circumstances can just be a sweep Jammer that is present with its signal over all the bands simultaneously. The sweep
rate of these more or less, synthesized signals, has to be fast enough to prevent
the receivers decoding system from working. Some are coded in a way that will
NOT react when disturbed by the Jammers signal, they simply “close" their decoding. Others will go down in sensitivity of their first stage of receiver. Both effects
come out the same, the receiver will simply not be able to work anymore, so the
terrorist cannot ignite his bomb.
In this case, we don't exactly know the
receiver´s reaction. It is possible, that
one of these flicker- pulses" is enough
to ignite the bomb, this is not a malfunction of the Jammer, it is normal for
this kind of receiver. The concept of
this system is very flexible and can be
configured to the special needs. The
basic elements of the equipment are
included with all different available
modules. Like generators, power amplifiers, filters and power supplies.

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HP Jammer System is designed fully modular, that means, all basic subunits and
all channels will be preadjusted and then assembled to the complete system. Following this philosophy, it is very easy and fast to change any subunit in case of
damage. Field service is very easy, because no special tools or measurements are
required; only a normal screwdriver is needed.
The available spare-parts package contains fully mounted and adjusted sub-units.
And if required, all complete channels for the different bands.
In today's world market, HIP Marketing & Consulting is the only company which
offers a system like the one described.
HP 3250 can be adapted to almost every frequency band at different output levels.
Together with all the available accessories, modifications, etc. this forms the most
flexible system, that you can get. So, if you are thinking about advanced personal
security, you should not hesitate to contact the specialists with the greatest experience in this field

CONFIDENTIAL – Subject to change without prior notice!


CONFIDENTIAL – Subject to change without prior notice!


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