Name: TSE 4004

Text: Multi Room Monitoring via Telephone Lines
(Heimdal / TSE 4004)

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Multi Room Monitoring via Telephone Lines
(Heimdal / TSE 4004)

The TSE 4004 Wired Room Monitoring System is a highly professional system designed for remote
monitoring where full transmitter
control via standard PSTN lines is
needed. TSE 4004 is designed to
allow the user to install up to 8
transmitters, using a combination
of active phone lines or spare wires
and mains lines. The individual
transmitters can be switched on
and off remotely. The modular TSE
4004 system consists of transmitter(s), one receiver module, PSTN
modules and of control software
for PC.
The TSE 4004 transmitters incorporate the following advanced features: scrambler,
AGC and remote control receiver.
The remote controlled functions of the transmitters are power on/off and scrambler
Two different types of transmitters have been developed for the TSE 4004 system.
The TSE 4004 Wired Monitoring transmitter (HWM) is to be used on active phone
lines or spare wires. The TSE 4004 Carrier Current transmitter (HCC) is to be used
on active mains lines.
Receiver System
The RX module is a small, flat and compact cabinet, which is only 44 mm high. One
RX module handles 2 transmitters simultaneously.
The RX module has the following features:

Target line interface for both PSTN and spare wires (HWM) and mains wires (HCC)
Dual tuner - each with 4 channels
High impedant input for LF audio. Enables monitoring of PSTN line without transmitter
Audio descrambler
Remote control of transmitters
Noise masking for HWM transmitters
Line output for recording
Output for headphones

It is possible to have both HWM and HCC transmitters operating at the same time,
enabling the operator to monitor, for example, one HWM transmitter and one HCC
transmitter simultaneously.
The RX module is powered from an external low voltage source. The RX module is
delivered with a mains adapter, but can also be powered from a car battery.

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PSTN Module – Remote set-up
The PSTN module provides a link from the listening post to the monitoring site. One
PSTN module is needed at the monitoring site and one at the listening post. The
PSTN module can handle 2 lines simultaneously and transfers both the audio from
the transmitter and the remote control commands.
The PSTN module at the monitoring site can also be dialed up from standard telephone equipment, including mobile phones. Access to the system is done by
means of the telephone keypad. This feature enables the operator to make a quick
control of the TX / RX / PSTN set-up.
The PSTN module is very easy to install – it is connected to the receiver via one single cable, containing all the required signals and power.
Control Software
All facilities in the TSE 4004 system can be software controlled via a PC. The control
set-up can be provided by connecting the control PC directly to the receiver module
or to the local PSTN module at the listening post.
- TSE 4004 is ideal for operations requiring:
- Single room monitoring
- Multi-location room monitoring
- Phone lines, spare wires and mains lines
- Local set-up
- Remote set-up
- Undercover “black-box” set-up
- 4 active transmitter channels
- High audio quality
- Small size transmitters
- Audio scrambling
- Remote control of transmitters
- PSTN module for link of intercepted audio to remote listening post
- Current re-injection on phone lines for system security
- Small “black-box” receiver unit
- Control of software via PC
- Easy to install
- Easy to use

CONFIDENTIAL – Subject to change without prior notice!


Technical Specifications
RX module

Number of channels
Frequency range
Number of built-in tuners
Remote control transmitter
Serial interface to PC /
PSTN module
Power source
Dimension (HxWxD)


Number of channels
Frequency range
Type of modulation
Audio scrambling
Remote controllable

specific data

Transmitted power
Line voltage range
Dimensions (HxWxD)

HCC specific

Transmitted power
Mains voltage range
Dimensions (HxWxD)

PSTN module – Remote set-up

PSTN interface
Number of PSTN lines
Data mode
Tape control

110-240 kHz
10 dBuV / 20 dB
28 kHz, OOK
7-11 VAC or 10-15
44x130x164 mm /
1.7x5.1x6.5 inches
110-240 kHz
Frequency inversion
Shrink tube, black
50 mVRMS into
6-80 VDC
Approx. 7.5x32x20
mm / 0.3x1.3x0.8
500 mVRMS into 2
85-265 VAC
Approx. 15x35x23
mm / 0.6x1.4x0.9
Global compliant,
SW controlled
VOX controlled, adjustable from PC

Serial interface to PC /
RX module


Dimension (HxWxD)

44x130x84 mm /
1.7x5.1x3.3 inches

CONFIDENTIAL – Subject to change without prior notice!


CONFIDENTIAL – Subject to change without prior notice!


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