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Radio Frequency Monitoring

RMS – Radio Monitoring and Surveillance Solutions
Specialized in the application of the digital signal processing and pattern recognition to communication intelligence, we have the capability to design, produce
and deliver complete RMS solutions. We offer comprehensive products for signal analysis, automatic detection & classification, demodulation & decoding, as
well as for wideband signal acquisition & processing. We can supply the whole
range, from a single stand-alone product to a complete RMS solution, from a
single source.
And as an associate partner, we will also support and advise you in large hightech projects,
COMINT System Design
In close cooperation with our clients and partners, we have developed innovative ideas and concepts for tailor-made, integrated complete solutions.
You can trust our expertise to provide precisely the technology you require for
all phases of the intelligence circle: from planning and direction, through collection and processing, to analysis, production and dissemination. We have developed system solutions for optimum collection of the information and data you
have gathered, for discussing it in a team, and for its evaluation and distribution
thus living you the best possible support throughout the entire intelligence cycle.



By forging partnerships and joint ventures with other highly-specialized companies we can offer you a wide range of antennas for almost any task or application.



Innovation means: CCT - Because the ComCat CCT tuner can be seamlessly integrated into modern IT structures and concepts. Our tuners directly communicate with PCs and acquisition servers in the system. While just as powerful as
conventional, highly-specialized receivers, they are much more flexible in the
uses they can be put to. From synchronized multiple-channel reception, through
various broadband analysis and evaluation options, to customized design, everything is possible. In IT networks, too, our tuners communicate smoothly with
other servers and clients.



Broadband Technology
We are establishing new standards in broadband technology. This is the ideal
method for reliably detecting all types of signals, including bursts or frequency
hoppers. And significantly reduces the signal search, detection, and processing
effort while improving performance. Excellent results are the outcome.
What about the costs? With broadband tuner technology you can now save on
expensive signal processing hardware. Because this sophisticated processing
software runs on standard PCs which means more flexibility and a system that
is always up to date.



Broadband Search and Direction Finding Systems
Our CCT broadband tuners were also developed for use in direction finding or
DF systems.
They include functions for:
• Synchronization and
• Calibration
The following DF algorithms are available:
• Watson Watt (HF)
• Amplitude correlation (VHF/UHF)
• Interferometer
We supply direction finding antennas for an abundance of different applications.
Together with our partners we can supply a wide range in this area, too.



Signal Analysis
Elaman supplies innovative products and solutions for interactive signal
For example:
• Time-signal analysis
• Spectrum analysis
• DF analysis
• Demodulation
• Decoding
• Classification

Using these sophisticated analysis algorithms and advanced COMINT signal
processing, experts can also derive meaningful results for difficult signal scenarios providing a basis for swift and reliable decision-making.



Signal Detection and Classification
Our software allows signal detection and classification to be performed largely automatically. First,
the program generates a symbolic
representation of the broadband
signal. Individual emitters are detected by the system and described
as segments in the time-frequency
domain. The meta data, too, are automatically added to the segments.
The result is a list of emitters with
all the important technical parameters, such as signals, spectrums,
and modulation types, and other
meta data.
Needless to say these data are decisive to further processing. If adequately conditioned, they provide an
invaluable source of information.
And secure the necessary knowledge advantage.



Speech Technology
We also develop programs and software for natural language technology and
speech recognition. The human voice and language are very complex, so we
work with the latest speech pattern recognition technology.
We can provide speech recognition software to solve the following tasks:
• Speech signal detection
• Natural language identification
• Keyword detection
We also supply training and configuration systems. So you can configure and
train our language recognition software according to your needs simply and ergonomically.



Virtual Devices and PC-Based Architecture
Traditionally, conventional technical equipment for signal processing has comprised individual devices or dedicated hardware modules based on VXI technology, for example. This technology was tried, tested, and reliable, but also bulky,
inflexible, and costly – by no means ideal.
So we have consciously sought new directions in the development of our
equipment. Today, the virtual devices are software modules which boast the
functions of hardware devices but run on commercially available PCs without
any specialized hardware.
The advantages to you:
• More flexibility
• Improved integration into server-based IT systems
• Considerable cost savings
By separating the processor and software lifecycles no huge investment is ever
needed to keep you equipment state of the art. Putting you in control of your future.



Production of finished Intelligence
Are you looking for an innovative but low-cost comprehensive RMS solution that
works? Do you want to optimize the working processes in your operations to allow you to make the right decisions quickly and reliably? With us you have
found what you were looking for.
With our system solutions we can help you to collate all the latest messages,
reports and information, compare them with your own level of knowledge and
evaluate them. The systems will support you with fast processing and reliable
archiving of data and will enhance your internal communication. All the resources of your department, your experience, knowledge, and know-how, are
exploited to the fullest. And we will provide the interfaces you need to ensure
that cooperation with other departments and areas also runs smoothly.
We can even supply complete workstations including equipment, software, and
technical support, if that is what you need. This makes use of synergies, optimizes work routines, and prepares and supports decision-making processes






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