Name: Portable Monitoring Systems for GSM/PSTN/IP/RF

Text: PMS

Portable Monitoring Systems

Portable Monitoring Systems GSM/PSTN/IP/RF





4023  adv  

Passive  GSM  Monitoring  System  



Portable  Modem  Interception  



Portable  Voice  &  Fax  monitoring  



Portable  Voice  &  Fax  &  Email  Monitoring  



Key  Ghost  Keystroke  Capturing  Device  



Portable  IP  Monitoring  



Computer  Keyboard  Remote  Monitoring  System  



Tactical  GSM  IMSI  Grabber  



Mobile  Investigator/Cloner  



Road  Warrior  –  Field  version  



Computer  Sniffer  Activity  Tool  



Active  GSM  Portable  Interceptor  



GSM  Test  System  GA2G  Lite  



TMS  100/200   Radio  Monitoring  DF  Portable  

Passive GSM Monitoring System

Model 4023ADV

The Model 4023 - Advanced System is designed for surveillance tasks and monitoring of
telephone conversations within the GSM 900/1800 networks. The system provides the option
of both stationary and mobile operation.

The system ensures monitoring of audio and data traffic within standard GSM 900/1800
Without application of encryption algorithms
Application of encryption algorithm A5/2 [real-time] (decoding time: 0.01 sec.)
Application of encryption algorithm A5/1 [real-time] when Ki is known (A5/1 decoding
Default configuration of the system - 8 reception channels
The system ensures registration of radio-electronic circumstances within the radio cells to
be monitored (frequency and characteristics of BCCH-channels)
Channels to be monitored are, according to task, manually selected by the user
The system contains a database (up to 100,000 calling partners), operating in real-time,
which can be accessed corresponding to the selected search criteria and parameters
Calling partners are identified according to the IMEISV, IMSI, TMSI, ISDN number (local and
international number)
Assessment of the presence of calling partners is monitored and identification of specific
parameters (TMSI) occurs automatically by means of a mobile phone with special software.
The special software is contained in the scope of delivery
Registration and storage of telephone conversations occurs on system’s hard disk
The system ensures registration and storage as audio codec - types FR, EFR, HR
Playback of recordings may be carried out by the system itself (CoolEdit-Software)
Identification of SMS and DTMF data
System’s coverage:
Down-Link - up to 10-km
Up-Link - up to 500-m in city
Assessment of coverage between calling partner and base station with accuracy of up to
Delivery format: in a special PC casing and Notebook
Operation System software: Windows XP


Passive GSM Monitoring System

Model 4023ADV

Model 4023 - ADVANCED, main components:
PC Pentium 4-1.7 GHz or higher, 2 GB RAM, 80 GB HDD
Circuit board with main generator and power supply module for receiver
Circuit board with 8 duplex-channel receivers
Circuit board with main processor ADP6201PCI for digital signal processing
Data input module ADM214x10MX
Antenna system with integrated amplifier
Notebook with LAN interface and cable
Special software for analysis and evaluation
Optional: Mobile telephone with special function for assessment of calling partner’s
presence within the monitored GSM-cell (Ping-Handy)
Optional: Mobile telephone with Net monitor

GSM 900

Reception channels
Target numbers
Identification through
Frequency range of Downlink
Frequency range of Uplink
Channel spacing
Number of channel
Frequency deviation
Frequency stability
Receiver type
Receiver sensitivity
Antenna impedance
Time of frequency change in
Hopping mode
Dynamics range
Volume range
Speech codex
Channel structure
System software
Audio format
Power supply
Operating temperature range

GSM 1800
up to 1000
IMSI, TMSI, IMEI, Class mark, Telephone number, Distance
935 ... 960 MHz
1805 ... 1880 MHz
890 ... 915 MHz

1710 ... 1785 MHz
200 kHz

45 MHz

95 MHz
0.03 ppm
wide range receiver
-105 dbm
< 500 s

> 75 dB
25 dB
GMSK, asynchrony
for Protocol A5-2
Windows XP
standard Wave-format
220 VAC, 50 Hz; 110 VAC, 60 Hz or external battery 12 V
+ 5 °C ... 40 °C


Portable Modem Interception

Model 4001

The Model 4001 is a true portable modem
intercept solution to be used in operations
where direct access to the target lines is
This unit can be deployed in the field close to
the target or installed on a permanent basis,
for example, in a monitoring center. Due to
the unique design of the physical line
undetectable by the target and is transparent
to all parties on the line. making it ideal for all
covert operations.

The Model 4001 system is delivered as a complete turnkey solution, including all cables and
accessories. It consists of a high quality and specially designed PSTN line interface and a
lunchbox computer for recording and decoding. It is very easy to operate and it only needs a
few hours of training to use it at its fullest potential.
The system intercepts all dialup modem traffic on a two wire analog PSTN line, and has no
influence on normal voice or fax traffic on the intercepted target line.
V.90 and V.92 is supported but will be trained down to 33.600 from the interface box towards
the target.
The target line is connected in sequence to the line interface box that in turn connects to the
lunchbox computer; power it up and you are ready to go.

You can listen to any Voice over IP traffic. The audio player contains an automatic gain
control filter to enhance the audio.
With these advanced tools you are able to follow whatever the target is doing on the internet
and easily pinpoint any illegal activity.
Information can be copied to the built-in CD or DVD writer for presentation in court or other

The intercepted traffic is decoded into readable information for access to a broad range
of tools for dealing with the intercepted data.
Web Mail
Voice Over IP
File Transfers
Messenger Services

Web pages
Chat Sessions



Portable Modem Interception

Model 4001

Field deployment and other temporary
set-up scenarios
Permanent set-up in monitoring centers
and offices
Operations where direct access to target
lines are required
Internal investigations
Covert operations

Easy set-up
Easy to operate
Automatic modem detection
Supports V.90 and V.92
Web page decoder and viewer
E-mail decoder and viewer
encrypted protocols


Internal Modems
Internet protocols

PSTN Line Interface

Power Input
Power Supply
AC input

V.21 Bell, V.22 Bell, V.22bis, V.23, V.32, V.32bis, V.34 (33.6 / 28.8),
K56flex (56000), V.90 (56000)
ICQ, AOL IM, Yahoo IM, MSN Messenger, AOL 6, 7 & 8, Kazaa

Modular plug (RJ11) in parallel with Banana Jack 4 mm with cross

IEC Plug, 115 / 230 V Selections

250 W / 100-120 V / 50-420 Hz,
200-250 V / 50-60 Hz auto select
EN60950 EMI EN55022 Class B

Dimensions (HxWxB)

41x31x25 cm / 16.1x12.2x9.8 inches


9.75 kg / 21.5 lbs.

temp. 0° C to +50° C / 32 F to 122 F
Storage temp. Range
-40° C to +70° C / -40 F to 158 F

Max. 90%

Hard Carrying Case, Dial-in Access
Model 4001 is also available with a stationary PC


Portable Voice & Fax Monitoring

Model 4002

The Model 4002 is a true portable voice and fax monitoring solution containing an extended set
of features for carrying out monitoring operations on standard analog PSTN lines.
Use it as a plain Dialed Number Recorder or take advantage of the onboard facilities for doing
Live Monitoring Operations with real-time access to your target's line and full control of
In Live Monitored mode the operator is in full control of the recording and has access to
functions for doing legal recordings like:
Spot Monitoring
Record On/Off
Synopsis Editor
Transcript Editor
The line mode can be changed dynamically throughout an operation. Recordings are triggered
On/off hook voltage
Voice recordings are stored in GSM 6.10 format and fax recordings are stored as TIFF images in
a SQL database.

Field deployment and other temporary setup monitoring scenarios
Temporary/permanent set-up in small scale
listening posts
Operations where direct access to target
line is required
Simultaneous probe and line monitoring
Internal investigations
Covert operations

V.34 High speed fax decoding
Voice and Fax monitoring
4 or 8 lines high impedant PSTN interface
Real-time audio and signaling
Fax Decoding – all known standards
Remote access and administration



Portable Voice & Fax Monitoring

Model 4002

System Platform

Line Capacity
Analog Line Interfaces

Portable Lunchbox with built-in screen and keyboard
Microsoft 2000/XP Operating System
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Database
4 or 8 analog lines
High Impedance interface according to ETS 300 001
Voltage On/Off hook
DTMF according to ITU-T Q.24 ANNEX A
Dial Pulses according to ETS 300 001
Caller ID according to ETS 300 659-1 and BEL-202

Fax Decoding
Non Standard Transmissions

All Group 3 and Group 3 Enhanced
Non standard library included

Power Input

IEC Plug, 210 / 230 V Selections

Power Supply
AC input

250 W / 100-120 V / 50-420 Hz,

Dimensions (HxWxB)

200-250 V / 50-60 Hz auto select
41x31x25 cm / 16.1x12.2x9.8 inches
9.75 kg / 21.5 lbs.

The Model 4002 comes with email monitoring option (Model 4003)


Keyghost Keystroke Capturing Device

Model 4008

The KeyGhost is powered by its own hi-tech internal chip and can store up to 2,000,000
keystrokes in non-volatile flash memory, which is a permanent memory that does not require
power to retain storage.
This enables the KeyGhost to operate completely independent of the hardware and operating
system that is running on the PC. These stored keystrokes are protected with state-of-the-art,
128-bit encryption.
When the KeyGhost fills up with keystrokes, the earlier keystrokes are dropped. Therefore, the
user will always have a record of the latest keystrokes on the log.

Figure 1: External KeyGhost Device
The KeyGhost plugs into the keyboard cable, or alternatively, it can be hardwired inside the
keyboard. It records all keystrokes from the moment the computer is turned on to the moment
it is turned off. It starts operating immediately and silently, recording all keystrokes.

It picks up every keystroke – even those typed in the critical period
between computer switch on and the operating system being
It cannot be removed easily if it is hardwired inside the keyboard or
mounted on the motherboard
It has a capacity of up to 2,000,000 keystrokes
Impossible to disable from a remote location or using software alone
It is impossible for a computer to detect it
It is immune to magnetic fields, has no moving parts and is shock
Its access time is extremely fast
The chance of failure is very low compared to conventional media
like hard drives or CDROM discs, because it uses flash memory to
store data and has no moving parts
It is very user-friendly; users do not need to be computer experts to
install it, just plug in the device to the keyboard cable
The log cannot be modified in the KeyGhost. The log is an authentic
record of what was typed, and therefore, it can be used

Figure 2. Internal
KeyGhost Device


Portable IP Monitoring

Model 4010

The ever increasing mobility of communications in our society with laptops, mobile phones,
WLAN and PDAs also has some drawbacks. The mobile criminal offender takes advantage of
gaps in the criminal prosecution, like monitoring of WLAN-spots in internet-cafes, hotel rooms
and at airports. With Model 4010 we want
to help close these gaps.
Model 4010 is a portable system for
recording, reconstructing and evaluating IPdata and their applications, e.g. email, websessions, chat.
Model 4010 supports surveillance and
S.W.A.T. teams to receive relevant
information immediately on location and
guarantees access.
Model 4010 read the data, filters it
according to predefined filter criteria (depending on the specific usage and the legal regulations),
adds a timestamp to the data and saves it in raw format in a database. Using the Analyzer User
Interface the data can be reconstructed und evaluated – online or offline, residential or on
location. For archiving purposes the saved raw data can be exported automatically or manually
via FTP to already existing archiving media. Re-importing of archived raw data is also possible.
Model 4010 consist of three functional parts. The recording of the raw data, picked up from
different kinds of communication lines, the database management for internal organizational
purposes of this data and the reconstruction function to analyze and evaluate the recorded IPbased data.
Intelligence for a better world
The Internet has produced a veritable flood of
communication options, which are also being used by
criminal offenders.
We are an innovative provider of technology and services for
monitoring, recording and reconstructing telecommunication
data for carriers and law enforcement agencies. Our service
concept enables carriers and Internet Service Providers
(ISPs) to meet their statutory obligations in the most costeffective way. With our Monitoring Center and its product
line, state-of-the-art solutions are available for law
enforcement agencies to reconstruct, analyze and archive all
kinds of communication data (voice, facsimile, modem and
IP-data). Elaman solutions are based strictly on the statutory
specifications of the country concerned. In Germany, for
instance, these are embodied in the Telecommunications
Monitoring Ordinance.



Computer Keyboard Remote Monitoring System Model 4012
The Model 4012 system monitors activity on the
keyboard of a target computer, stores the
keystroke activity and transmits collected data to
a remote location. The system consists of the
Model 4012 T micro transmitter, which is
installed in the target keyboard and detects the
code of each keystroke. The Model 4012 T then
stores the codes and periodically transmits the
codes in short data bursts to the Model 4012 R
receiver. Model 4012 R supports four basic
operational strategies:
Stores up to 2.5 million key codes in the Model 4012 R receiver
memory. The Model 4012 R can then be removed or accessed
to retrieve the key codes
Displays the received key codes directly on a PC through a
serial connection
Re-launches the data using the Model 4012 GSM module for
real time transmission or scheduled download
Downloads the key codes with the Model 4012 UHF link and
the Model 4012 DL. An operator within the UHF link radio range
of the target can quickly download the key codes using the
hand-held Model 4012 DL. The retrieved data is stored in the
Model 4012 DL for subsequent display and analysis
The system operation and functional parameters can be controlled and viewed using the Model
4012 SW software, or through SMS messages. The Model 4012 SW software filters and
elaborates visual analysis key code data without any modification of the original text.

Special features built into the Model 4012 DL
simplify usage by:
quickly downloading the key codes
assisting in the identification of the correct
connection points for the Model 4012 T

MODEL 4012 T
Micro transmitter - Device to be installed into the target keyboard of a desktop PC
Max. Consumption

300÷306 MHz at PLL
0 ÷ +20 dBm (in 10 steps)
130 mA (+20 dBm) – 250 mA (+26 dBm)
FSK a 10 Kbit/sec
(Manchester with hamming code)
when buffer is full or periodically every minute


Computer Keyboard Remote Monitoring System Model 4012
Live signal transmission every minute
Setting of 10 channels and of power
Carrier transmission for 1 minute at switching on, range check
High active digital alarm input (ex. keyboard opening sensors)
Dimensions (mm)
16 x 48 x 4

MODEL 4012 R
Receiver - Diversity receiver system, with data memory and
management software
Data receiving

300÷306 MHz at PLL
supply external 12 V dc
FSK at 10 Kbit/sec
(Manchester with Hamming code and Diversity)
256 Mbit on FLASH (2.5 millions of digits)

Data memory
Internal real time clock
Bar LED signaling the received signal intensity
Bar LED switching off through SMS messages, if Model 4012 R is connected to Model 4012
GSM, or through PC
Key word alarm
alphanumeric sequence of 20 digits
Milled aluminum box
Dimensions (mm)
40 x 77 x 22

Keyboard connection tester - Tester for use during installation to
verify correct positioning of the cables in the target keyboard
Power supply
Dimensions (mm)

through 9 V PP9 alkaline batteries
101 x 62 x 30

GSM link - Module to re-launch data from Model 4012 R through the GSM network
Transmission on the GSM data channel
Remote control of Model 4012 R through cellular
Power supply
external 12 V dc taken by Model 4012 R
LED bar to indicate
GSM network Power supply level
Remotely controlled through SMS messages
Automatic sending of status and alarm SMS
Dimensions (mm)
40 x 77 x 22

UHF link - Module to re-launch data from Model 4012 R through UHF
radio transmission with Model 4012 DL
Power supply
Out peak power
Milled aluminum box

300÷400 MHz at PLL
external 12 V dc taken by Model 4012 R
2 W out
FSK at 40 Kbit/sec


Computer Keyboard Remote Monitoring System Model 4012
Dimensions (mm)

40 x 77 x 22

Data downloader - Auxiliary module for direct down-link from Model 4012 UHF, testing and
Internal memory
32 MB
LCD graphic display
16 x 4
Menu with scroll reading
data downloading
Setting of new configuration
Download of internal configuration
Automatic data downloading procedure with GO command
Down-link receiver
(8 preset channels)
300÷400 MHz
Systems with Diversity e retry
Down-link speed
40 Kbit/sec
-107 dBm
Up-link transmitter (
8 preset channels)
300÷400 MHz
Output power
from +10 to +33 dBm in 9 steps
Power transmission adjustment into consideration of the receiving quality and internal battery
Up-link speed
10 Kbit/sec
2 SMA antennas for Diversity Receiver
1 SMA antenna for the transmitter
1 USB output to program and to download data on the PC
1 jack (for audio-listening during down-link) with remote controlled GO button (automatic start of
downloading procedure)
1 jack for the tester
1 miniDIN to connect PS2 PC keyboard connector (where to fix Model 4012T)
1 connector for external power supply
12 V
2 alkaline PP9 - 9 V inside batteries



Tactical GSM IMSI Grabber

Model 4013

The Model 4013 Unit is GSM Cell Simulation/Emulation
equipment consisting of two dual band receivers and a
dual band transmitter. The receivers are able to receive and
decode clear data, transmitted by GSM cell sites and GSM
mobiles. The transmitter can emulate the signals of a GSM
cell site.
The equipment can be used to:
Determine IMSI information of target mobiles
Force position information from target mobiles
Deny Network access for specific mobiles
Used with Direction Finding equipment to locate
specific mobiles
The unit is compact and self-contained.
The equipment offers the following functions:
Dual band Receiver decoding Cell transmissions
Dual band Receiver decoding Mobile transmissions
Dual band Transmitter able to emulate local Network
In-built single board computer with hard drive
WiFi connection to PDA terminal
In-built battery, 12V DC operation

The Unit has the ability to scan the local GSM network, and make a decision as to the best Cell
to emulate. When transmitting the Model 4013 emulates the local cell, and elicits the IMSI and
IMIE information from the target's mobile. The Unit also has the ability to send specific
messages to target's mobile to gain a response, which could be used for location or direction
finding purposes.
All of the Receiver functions of the GSM Network monitoring the Model 4013 are available for
use in the Model 4013 application.



Tactical GSM IMSI Grabber

Model 4013


WiFi, or direct connection. LAN 10/100 baseT
CF Slot, USB, Audio sockets: Stereo out and Stereo in
PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse 6 pin mini Din connector (combined)
VGA connector
RX antenna via TNC connector
TX antenna via SMA connector



European model (900/1800MHz)
Input frequency range:
RX A 925-960MHz & 1805 -1880MHz, RX B 880 - 915 MHz & 1710 – 1785MHz
Transmit frequency range:
925-960MHz & 1805 -1880MHz
American model (850/1900MHz)
Input frequency range:
RX A 869-894MHz & 1930 -1990MHz, RX B 824 - 849 MHz & 1850 – 1910MHz
Transmit frequency range:
869-894MHz & 1930 -1990MHz

Internal +12v sealed lead acid battery
External 12vDC at 6A max


167mm (6.6") h, 106mm (4.2") w, 235mm (9.25") d


5 kgs. (11 lbs.) Approx




Mobile Investigator/Cloner

Model 4018

A fast, secure and easy to use forensic system for mobile phone examination
With the Model 4018 Mobile Investigator System you can download data from the SIM and the
handset in a mobile phone quickly and securely. A copy of all data is downloaded in only a few
minutes and can be analyzed or used as evidence.
The Mobile Investigator software guarantees that the data in the mobile phone cannot be
changed or deleted.
Examples of data that Mobile investigator can download:
Phone books – names, numbers, e-mail etc.
Text messages – sent, received, unsent and archived
Calls – dialed, missed and received calls
Pictures – stored pictures and pictures taken
Calendar information
Audio files
The software automatically recognizes which mobile phone is
connected to the communication unit. No special setup is required to
start reading the mobile phone.
Mobile Investigator has been developed in consultation with Swedish
Customs, the Swedish Police and the Swedish National Laboratory of Forensic Science with
feedback from the UK Police.

The Mobile investigator communication unit can communicate with the mobile phone via IR,
Bluetooth or cable. The unit connects to a PC via a USB. The communication unit is built to be
flexible, robust and portable, to suit both fieldwork and office work.

Connection to a USB cable makes it easy to connect all kinds of mobile phones. Mobile
Investigator is delivered with a USB interface. You can use either the mobile phone
manufacturer's cables or our cables.

Bluetooth is a standard feature of many newer phone models.
Mobile Investigator is delivered with Bluetooth interface.

Infrared is still very common as a feature in mobile phones.
Mobile Investigator is delivered with IR interface.



Mobile Investigator/Cloner

Model 4018

Mobile Investigator Software can be installed in an optional number of computers. To carry out
an examination of a mobile phone just connect the communication unit using the USB key that
comes with the system.
The key also counts the examinations.

A smart universal charger is included in the Mobile Investigator System. You can easily charge
the mobile phone before doing an examination.

Mobile Investigator creates a report of all downloaded data. The report is also ready for
administrative data as case reference, operator, exhibit ID and other information, useful to the
investigation. Your own logotype, address and other contact details can easily be entered into
the report. The time and date of the examination are generated automatically.

A clear presentation of all incoming, outgoing and missed calls that the phone has the capacity
to store is listed. Any name stored with a telephone number is also included. Text messages
read, sent, unsent and archived are also listed. All the data is specified with its storage location
in the phone – the SIM or in the Device.

All data about the contacts in the phone are listed as name, phone number, and mobile number,
e-mail etc. All the data is specified with its storage location in the phone – the SIM or in the

All the pictures that are stored in the phone are listed in the report. The built-in preview function
enlarges the picture for a first look.

All audio files that are stored in the phone are listed in
the report. The audio files can be played directly from
Mobile Investigator.

Mobile Investigator is continually being developed
apace with new features in phones and new phone
models on the market.



Road Warrior – Field Version

Model 4028

In response to demand from our customers worldwide, we have developed a shock resistant,
weatherproof all-in-one field version of our Model 4018 mobile phone forensics system – widely
acknowledged as the industry standard. The new field version is available immediately.
The 15 kilogram (33 lbs) field version is designed for mobile units of military intelligence, law
enforcement and international organizations, such as United Nations peacekeeping forces.
These organizations often require portable, self-sufficient forensics kits that are flexible, quick to
use and easy to link to headquarters or remote computers.
The all-in-one system features a built-in computer – with the latest version of Model 4018
installed and configured – cables, SIM card reader, infrared and Bluetooth communications, as
well as a chargeable 6–220 voltage battery that lasts 3–4 hours.

Built into an Army-green, high performance resin suitcase that meets the highest shock
resistant standards (mil-801), the field version contains everything – hardware and software –
required to perform a complete and rapid analysis for a majority of all mobile phones.
“Military adapted” for the most demanding situations in the field, the field version is also
equipped with a shockproof hard disk, which can be replaced with a 16 Mb flash disk – a less
mechanically complicated device that is even more resistant to shocks.
All Model 4028 software and hardware, including all the cables for the different phone
manufacturers, have been manufactured by us, ensuring all parts are fully integrated and
validated. Customers enjoy the security of working with a solution in which all the elements
work together effectively, significantly minimizing problems and support issues.
Completes our portfolio of forensics products
The field version completes our portfolio of products for mobile phone forensics: the in-office
“basic kit” that includes the communications unit, cables, software and SIM card reader (laptop
not included); the “mobile version” for office and field that includes an aluminum suitcase, the
communications unit, cables, software and SIM card (laptop is an option); and the field version.
The highly robust suitcase, manufactured by Storm Case, feature press and pull latches,
attached Vortex® valve that automatically adjusts air pressure without letting in air, unbreakable
molded-in hasps, unique hinges and double-layered, soft-grip, solid-core carrying handles.
The field version can be ordered with a keyboard in the local language required.
Our product is today recognized as the industry standard in phone forensics and is used by law
enforcement and other organizations around the world.


Road Warrior – Field Version

Model 4028

The Model 4028 field version is a portable, self-sufficient mobile forensics kit that is flexible,
quick to use and easy to link to headquarters or remote computer.
Outer measurements 62.5 (length) x 50 (width) x 22 (height) mm
IP66 when closed
12" TFT display: 1024 x768 pixels
512 MB RAM, max 1 GB
Processor: Celeron M 800 MHz
Data card with Intel 852GM chip, 1 x GBE Ethernet
1 x 40 GB Automotive hardware disc SATA
Battery life: 3–5 h
3 USB 2.0 placed on front panel
USB, IR and Bluetooth for communication with all phones; ability
to switch on/off Bluetooth manually
Line out
Line in
Key-board (US/UK/SV/TY/FR)
Optional languages for key board upon request
DC in 9–36 V with military 999 connectors
DC/DC cable military 999 connectors in each end. Length approx. 1.8 m
Capacity for approx. 45 phone cables, DC/DC cable and other accessories in the lid. The
phone cables are provided by us
Windows XP professional Service Pack 2, in English

The Model 4028 field version is built into a
military green, high-performance resin suitcase
that is waterproof and shock resistant



Computer Sniffer Activity Tools

Model 4035

The Model 4035 computer sniffer is a highly effective
software tool that can monitor activity on the computer
in which it is installed and send that information to a
collection point. The Model 4035 was created as a
software micro-spy with key logging, mouse logging,
screenshots, photo logging and voice logging functions.
To maintain secrecy, the Model 4035 remains passive in
the system; in other words it never takes the initiative,
but simply reacts to other events or situations to hide
itself behind something that the user already expects.
Even during communication it never attempts to make a
connection, but continuously monitors the state of the
connection to intercept the moment when the
connection is available.

The Model 4035 deals with different types of information, mainly on the monitored PC. In
It records any session data, i.e. user name, timestamp, computer name, etc
It captures any activity on the keyboard and also provides an automatic transposition for
special keys or other phenomena connected with keyboard layout
When first installed, it refreshes itself remotely and silently, without any further external
action on-site
It can produce a video-screenshot and send it over the net to be reproduced as a simple
jpeg. Screenshots are taken silently, either at specific time intervals or during particular
If it detects an installed webcam, it can use it to take user's photo
Audio capturing from the PC microphone is useful to intercept VoIp (i.e. Skype)
All the info (keyboard activity log, screenshot, photos, etc.) is sent in an encrypted manner
to a specific target address using any standard protocol

The software is composed of a silent transmitter and an admin tool. The system works by
installing the transmitter on the target PC and using the admin tool at the listening site. The
transmitter sends the captured information through a pre-designated mail server, either via
email or other protocols, based on various opportunities for installation and configuration. The
information from the transmitter is sent in encrypted format.

Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, 2003
Unix, Linux, BSD (keylogger only)Related Software tools



Active GSM Portable Interceptor

GA 900

The GA900 was developed for services without access to the GSM-switches. Interception
refers to GSM900 and GSM1800. The GSM Test System GA900 is a monitoring system
featuring the following functions:
Scan Mode: Identification of active mobiles within the detection range of GA900
Search Mode: Search for dedicated mobiles
Jam Mode: Blocking of mobiles
Report Mode: Evaluation of the database by data filters
Optional directional finding of the target.
The following identifications are intercepted by GA900 even when the mobile is in the idle
Determination of the International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI)
Determination of the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI )
Determination of the telephone number of the called party
Call to/from mobile for verification

The GSM Test System GA900 consists of the following modules (fig. 1):
Commercial GSM Tx/Rx antenna
Rx/Tx- (receive/transmit-) module
Signaling unit
Cell monitor
Notebook PC (controller)
Power supply
Cable set
Optional installation kit for cars
Optional mobile portable case

The control computer, i.e. notebook, with the operator display (MMI) is based on standard-PC
components. A modern state-of-the-art IBM-compatible PC with the operating system Windows
2000 is used. All recorded data is stored in files on the hard disk. An object oriented data base
management system is integrated to make the data management more comfortable.
In the display of the Scan-Mode all the currently monitored subscribers are listed with their IMSI
and IMEI. Additional data about the owner of the SIM-card, if edited by the operator of GA900,
can be displayed by real-time operation of the database.
Furthermore, time and location of the first interception can be displayed.
With the help of the database, additional detailed information about the subscriber and his
identity can be displayed. It is possible, for example, to request time and location of former
interceptions from the database.



Active GSM Portable Interceptor

GA 900

The determination of the IMSI and IMEI via the air interface is possible only by a method, which
simulates a base station inside a GSM network.
This base station (GA900) transmits a beacon frequency with modified parameters. All mobiles
in the vicinity of the simulated base station will now sequentially log-in on GA900 and it is
possible to request IMSI and IMEI. This procedure is like a normal location update from one cell
to another and therefore not noticeable to the subscriber.
IMSI and IMEI are stored as a list in a data file. If the Access Class was specified, it is possible
to store the AC with IMSI and IMEI to speed up the following search processes.
For the duration the MS is logged to GA900, the MS is separated from the normal network.
Calls originated by the mobile are now received by GA900 and the respective telephone number
of the party called is displayed. However, the call will not be transferred to the normal network.
These calls are responded by the Test System either by the operator of GA900 or by tones
indicating that the subscriber is engaged or out of operation. Especially with the test extension
the call can be established and the duplex voice channel can be intercepted. Mobile terminated
calls cannot be intercepted.
After registration of IMSI/IMEI non-relevant MS will be released to the GSM network. These MS
will be separated for a short time from the net.

Installed Vehicle Version


Portable Version


GSM Test System GA2G Lite


Leveraging the success of GA900 to next generation speed and miniature hardware R&S is
extending the mobile radio monitoring portfolio of its renowned GSM Test Systems GA900 and
GA900M with a new family member -- the GA2G. This new GSM monitoring tool is a very small
and lightweight test system for the detection of subscriber presence and determining their
Providing two active virtual BTS-components, this highly portable multi band test system, which
is the size of standard cabin luggage, allows special operations in more than one network Multichannel at a time.
The usage of up to eight time slots per
transceiver, which increases the acquisition
speed to the maximum, together with Modern
user interface -- the ideal form factor of the
fully remote controlled GA2G -- a new field of
close interception missions, is possible.
excellently complements the successful R&S
mobile Cabin luggage sized radio monitoring
products portfolio by adding speed and
parallel-processing to the existing feature set
of GA900 and GA900M.

Up to 2 BTS in parallel, either in the same or in different networks at the same time
GSM 900 including E-GSM
GSM 1800
Handling of up to 8 time slots per BTS
Modern user interface
Modern software architecture
Attaché case size

Transceivers (BTS)

1 or 2*

Timeslots used per transceiver

up to 8

Frequency Band(s)

GSM900 incl. E-GSM and / or GSM 1800

Max. output power (EIRP)

0.5 W in GSM900, 1.0 W in GSM 1800

Weight (Kg) starting from


Dimensions (mm)

380 x 447 x 127


directed patch panel

Controller Concept

remote controlled (Laptop)

Operating modes

Presence, Target



Radio Monitoring DF Portable

TMS 100/200

The Transportable Monitoring and Direction Finding Systems R&S TMS100 and R&S TMS200
are optimized for mobile use at rapidly changing sites with unknown radio scenarios. They are
designed for the following monitoring and DF tasks from 20 MHz to 1300 MHz, with an
extendable range from 10 kHz (500 kHz for DF) to 3000 MHz. All measurement tasks can be
performed either automatically (scheduled) or interactively.
The key advantage of transportable systems over fixed monitoring stations is that once the
allotted tasks at one site have been completed, a transportable system can be moved to
another site, and quickly set up. Owing to the system’s compact design, it can even be installed
on roofs or in difficult terrain. The antennas can be mounted on tripods.
For mobile remote-controlled and portable use:
Reliable solution for monitoring and direction finding between 20 MHz and 1300 MHz, with
extendable range from 10 kHz (500 kHz for DF) to 3000 MHz
Compact and cost-effective
Different power supplies available: 100 V to 240 V AC or 11 V to 32 V DC
Can easily be carried by two persons
Quickly ready for use because of the very short setup time
Can be operated up to 24 hours per day
Controlled via Monitoring Software R&S ARGUS
Transportable monitoring systems, either car-installed or portable, can perform all the
measurement tasks usually associated with fixed or remote-controlled monitoring stations and
have the extra advantages of being much more cost-effective and capable of changing location
rapidly. This means that the coverage area of a network comprising fixed and remote-controlled
monitoring stations can be expanded according to user requirement. No more than two persons
are needed to the carry the system, which is on a portable rack.



Radio Monitoring DF Portable

TMS 100/200

The transportable system can be installed in all vehicle types and can be used as a mobile
monitoring system. The portable rack containing the equipment can easily be fixed to the
vehicle with four screws.
Special fixtures are used to mount the DF and monitoring antennas on the roof of the vehicle.
GPS receiver and compass can be added to the system so that location and bearing of the
vehicle can automatically be determined. The transportable system installed in vehicles can also
be remote-controlled. This is usually done via GSM/GPRS 900/1800 links. The system can be
used even if the vehicle is moving. Antennas which are capable of withstanding the resulting
forces must be mounted on the vehicle.
Operation as an unattended fixed station and operation as an attended fixed station are
essentially the same. Routers and modems, as additional components, are integrated into the
transportable systems to enable remote control.
Analog or digital dialing or leased lines or GSM/GPRS 900/1800 links are used with a data rate of
at least 9.6 kbps. A control station can be created from a PC with the appropriate software, a
router and a modem, or even from a transportable system when provided with the necessary
communications equipment.
Direction finding can be performed with at least two transportable systems.

4 mobile systems operated as
remote-controlled, unattended fixed
monitoring stations


Software Radio/DF
Monitoring Specifications


Radio Monitoring DF Portable

TMS 100/200

R&S TMS200
General data
Operating temperature range

–10 ºC to +55 ºC with option R&S TMS-B1:
–10 ºC to +45 ºC with option R&S TMS-B1 and option R&S
–10 ºC to +50 ºC

Storage temperature range

–40 ºC to +70 ºC
95 % cyclic, +25 ºC/+55°C with option R&S TMS-B1:


80 % cyclic, +25 ºC/+40°C

Sinusoidal vibration

5 Hz to 150 Hz

Random vibration

10 Hz to 500 Hz


40 g shock spectrum


meets EMC directive of EU (89/336/EEC) and German EMC

Quality standard

developed and manufactured in compliance with ISO 900

Power supply

100 V to 240 V AC/47 Hz to 63 Hz/226 VA

Dimensions (W x H x D) (box)

555 mm x 358 mm x 720 mm

Weight of fully
portable rack


40.1 kg
with option R&S TMS-B1: plus 6.6 kg
with option R&S ZS129A1: plus 5.5 kg



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