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Elaman – The bridge to Trust and Security


Elaman – Gamma Group
The Security Alliance



Communications Monitoring
Technical Surveillance Vans / TSV


Technical Surveillance Equipment / TSE


Technical Surveillance Systems / TSS


FinFisher: Governmental IT Intrusion
and Remote Monitoring Solutions


Government Technical Surveillance
Counter-Measure Solutions / TSCM

ELAMAN – The bridge to Trust and Security



VIP Protection


Intelligence Gathering and
Technical Training Services



ELAMAN GmbH is a German based company with
more than 15 years of experience in communication and security requirements for law enforcement
agencies. ELAMAN, with its headquarters in
Munich/Germany and its subsidiaries in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and Beirut (Lebanon), specializes in security requirements for government and
law enforcement authorities worldwide. Our aim is
to provide comprehensive security products and
solutions, technical consultancy and services as
well as professional training for our customers.

Managing Director Holger Rumscheidt with his Partner and
Senior Consultant Eugen Fissl.


The company is a proven leader in international
marketing and trading, specializing in defense
technology, communications and security. Through
strategic partnerships with many leading international companies, we provide Law Enforcement
Agencies alike with unique technology solutions.

Consequently, we have the expertise to offer
solutions using state-of-the-art technology and
comprehensive functions for flawless operation,
training and services, such as:

An essential element of our philosophy is the
conviction that training as well as both understanding the products and technology are critical factors
and major strengths in assuring successful security

. Communications Monitoring
. Tactical Audio and Video Surveillance Equipment
. Surveillance Vehicles
. Counter Surveillance (TSCM)
. IT Intrusion
. Specialist Training
. VIP Protection


Elaman – Gamma Group
the security alliance


Elaman GmbH in cooperation with
Gamma Group offers a broad variety
of products, services and customized
solutions from several locations worldwide. Due to our combined international
experience and technical knowhow
we also offer consulting and training
services that meet the requirements of
our customers.



South Africa


The successful Elaman-Gamma partnership, with a combined worldwide
manpower of 50 employees, has
successfully been involved over the past
five years in projects and contracts worth
more than 200 Million Euros. Elaman
and Gamma Group are operating (sales,
manufacturing, development, technical
support) out of offices located in Europe,
Africa, Middle East and Far East.

Elaman – Gamma Group
Circle of Competence

Professional Surveillance
Systems - Audio/Video Monitoring
Products - Surveillance Vehicles

Communications Monitoring
Technical Sales & Consultancy

The Enduser‘s Vision Is Our Mission

IT Intrusion, Sales & Projects

Highest Quality of
Operational & Technical Training


Communications Monitoring
Solutions from Elaman

The common aim of all Law Enforcement Agencies
is to have state of the art capabilities to intercept
all kinds of communications within different
telecommunications networks and carriers inside
and outside a country’s borders. Different methods
of communications exist, such as network based
communications (PSTN), Internet, private networks
(PABX), wireless communications (WIFI, WIMAX,
etc.), cellular communications (GSM/GPRS/UMTS/
CDMA) and satellite communications (Thuraya,
Inmarsat, VSAT, Iridium, etc.). For all these technologies, different intercept systems are available from
huge strategic systems to small portable tactical

. Lawful Interception and Monitoring Centers
. Lawful Interception Management Systems (LIMS)
. Radio Frequency Monitoring
. Internet Monitoring, Internet Blocking and
Shaping, IT-Intrusion
. Satellite Monitoring (Thuraya, Inmarsat, VSAT,
Iridium, etc.)
. PABX Monitoring
. GSM/GPRS/UMTS/CDMA Tactical Monitoring and
Tactical and Strategic Locating
. Speech Identifying Tools, Data Retention and Link
. Passive Monitoring of Telephone Lines
. SMS Interception

Lawful Interception
and Monitoring Center

Lawful Interception
Management Systems

Radio Frequency

Internet Monitoring,
Internet Blocking and
Shaping, IT-Intrusion

Satellite Monitoring
(Thuraya, Inmarsat,
VSAT, Iridium)

Intelligence Fusion & Management

> Intelligence Fusion & Management
> Technical Consultancy for Communications

Elaman provides solutions in all fields and can be
the sole supplier and technical consultant for such
systems. Our combination of developments and
systems, using third party products and integrating
different systems, enables Elaman, as a sole supplier,
to provide our clients with a unique portfolio
of the best services and solutions on the
market. With such a setup we are able to discuss
possible interfacing between Monitoring Systems
having one common platform in place for data
collection and analysis (Intelligence Fusion &
Management). Elaman’s Technical Consultancy
for Communications Monitoring is a service that
provides our clients with an “umbrella” of all
systems and solutions in this field from the process
of setting requirements, tendering, ordering, implementing and operation.


PABX Monitoring

CDMA Tactical Monitoring and Tactical /
Strategic Locating

Speech Identifying
Tools, Data Retention
and Link Analysis

Passive Monitoring
of Telephone Lines

SMS Interception

Technical Consultancy for Communications Monitoring



Technical SUrveillance Vans / TSV

Technical Surveillance equipment / TSE

Elaman works exclusively on behalf of authorized
Government Security Departments and Law Enforcement Agencies. As a result of many years of “active
service” for clients worldwide, Elaman‘s assistance
is highly sought after.

Elaman uses a system approach in generating an
overall portfolio by taking individual products and
solutions and integrating them into one system. This
unique approach allows our customer to function
within its operation as one entity and maximize the
outcome of such organization. The following product areas cover the overall needs of a Technical
Surveillance Unit or undercover operation which are
provided by Elaman.

Elaman will individually design surveillance vehicles
to a customer‘s exact requirements, meeting at
all the major milestones during the design and
integration process to ensure that each vehicle, not
only meets the customer‘s current needs, but can
also be upgraded in line with future technological
No two surveillance vehicles are alike. These
vehicles are especially designed to meet individual
needs, such as, vehicle type, finish, operational
usage, equipment for integration, etc.

. Day & Night Video Observation Cameras
. Analog/COFDM Video Wireless Technology
. Audio Video Enhancement System
. Covert Methods of Entry
. Video Audio Interrogation Rooms
. Intelligence Training Courses

. Digital Surveillance Audio Recorders
. Video Audio Surveillance Recorders
. Wireless Audio Surveillance Systems
. Audio Surveillance for GSM/PSTN/ACC/ADSL
. Audio Surveillance Microphones & Deployment Kits
. Covert Video Observation Cameras

Whatever the customer is looking for, from a very
basic surveillance, command or communications
vehicle, to a complete mobile command and control
center, Elaman can provide a complete design and
integration service.



Surveillance Systems / TSS

AND Remote Monitoring SOLUTIONS

Mobility of operations and targets needs to be
covered with the appropriate equipment, and
information needs to be consolidated, stored
and processed in real-time with spot decisions
controlled by the management at headquarters.
Elaman in cooperation with Gamma Group manufactures highly specialized surveillance vehicles and
systems which are integrated within an operation
and help close the gap between the on-site operation
and the centralized management of information.

FinFisher is the leading offensive IT Intrusion solution through which Elaman provides complementary
solutions, products and advanced training capabilities to Government end-users who are seeking world
class offensive techniques for information gathering
from suspects and targets.

These systems are fully integrated within the TSE
(Technical Surveillance Equipment) portfolio provided
by Elaman and cover the followings sections:
. Technical Surveillance Vans
. Technical Surveillance Cars
. Video COFDM Technologies
. Vehicle Tracking Systems
. MIDAS Intelligence Software
. Video & Audio Communication Technologies
. Vehicles Training Courses


FinFisher combines three critical areas in one
comprehensive IT Intrusion Portfolio giving the Law
Enforcement and Intelligence Communities a vast
array of intrusion capabilities from starting up a new
Intrusion Department to providing world-class solutions and training for enhancing existing resources.
Remote Monitoring & Infection Solutions:
FinSpy is a product used for remote monitoring and
real-time access to target systems, allowing access
even to encrypted data and communications.
In combination with enhanced remote infection
methods, which fall under the FinFly family of products, the end-user will have the capability to remotely infect a target’s Windows or OSX based PC.
In addition to target computer systems, FinSpy Mobile allows monitoring of Symbian, Blackberry, iPhone,
Windows Mobile Devices, Android and Maemo.

Tactical IT Intrusion Portfolio:
Having the right set of tools enables the agencies to
maximize the use of their resources. The FinIntrusion
Kit provides end-users with the needed know-how
and capabilities to optimize operations as well as
significantly increasing their success rate. With the
upcoming introduction of FinFireWire, end-users
will be able to access Windows, OSX & Linux-based
systems via the FireWire port, PCMCIA or Express
card without the need for any logon information.
IT Intrusion Training Program:
The use of all our solutions can be maximized
depending on the end-user’s knowledge of the offensive
IT Field. Therefore, Elaman provides extensive training
courses both on products supplied as well as practical
IT Intrusion methods and techniques, transferring years
of knowledge and experience to end-users and thus
maximizing their capabilities in this field.

it intrusion


GoverNment Technical Surveillance
Counter Measure Solutions / TSCM

To be effective in TSCM (Technical Surveillance
and Counter Measures) it is essential to use trained
and qualified people, who have solid background
knowledge of surveillance techniques, and who use
proper equipment.
Elaman is in a unique position to provide knowledge
and equipment to counter threats and offer training
in the latest equipment and techniques involved
in information gathering and surveillance. TSCM
engineers are able to receive advanced training
at later stages that provide more effective counter
. Passive/Active Detection
. Advanced Search Techniques
. Cable Tracker
. IR/RF Detectors
. Jamming
. X-Ray Scanning
. Wifi Detection
. IT Forensics


VIP Protection

The specific demand of providing appropriate
facilities and equipment to protect individuals
within a Government is vital. The safety of these
high-ranking individuals when moving from one
place to another requires the latest in technology.
Therefore high-end solutions and products, generated from many years of experience in this field
have been consolidated within the VIP Protection
. VIP Convoy Jammer
. VIP Portable Jammers
. VIP Explosive CBRN Detection
. VIP CBRN Protection
. VIP Security Screening
. VIP Forward Observation
. VIP TSCM Detection
. VIP Secure Communication
. VIP Surveillance Kits
. VIP Personal Vehicles Protection
. VIP Training Courses


Intelligence Gathering and
technical Training Services

National governments have a duty to provide
security and law and order for the people within their
To accomplish this, they need to provide highlyskilled and trained security personnel, operating
to carefully developed protocols and codes of
behavior. These may vary in detail from country to
country, but all are founded on the same principles:
the application of the minimum force necessary to
safeguard and guarantee the security of the state.
. CMOE (Covert Methods Of Entry) Specialist Courses
. Intelligence Gathering
. Technical Surveillance
. Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures
. TSCM linked to IT Threats Training
. IT Exploitation Training – FinFisher
. Intelligence Analysis
. CBRN Threat Awareness and Solutions Training


ELAMAN – The bridge to Trust and Security

Governmental Security Solutions

Elaman – The bridge to Trust and Security




Elaman GmbH
German Security Solutions
Munich | Germany
Tel: + 49 - 89 - 2 42 09 18 - 0
Fax: + 49 - 89 - 2 42 09 18 - 1

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