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Text: CS-2000 High End
High Performance Network Platform

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CS-2000 High End, High Performance Network Platform

CS-2000 is a modular platform for high-speed network applications and
Networking engineers are constrained by available applications platforms. Open
conventional servers are unable to perform at the speeds of the network, and highspeed appliances are closed,
inaccessible, and often fixedfunction systems.

CS-2000 combines the best
architectures resulting in a
processing platform. With the
CS-2000, ELAMAN removes
the barriers to innovation and
service development.
The major innovation in the CS-2000 is the programmable Deep Packet processing
Module, or DPPM. The DPPM provides a complete set of computing resources
and instruction sets architected for, and dedicated to, packet processing in the
data plane. The DPPM provides ASIC-based appliance performance in a general
Faster, More CPUs is Not the Answer
CPUs, RAM, bus and disk drive technologies all benefit from continued
performance improvements. However, the one area CPU-based computing
platforms fall short is network performance. When heavy packet processing is
required, CPU-based computing platforms can’t keep pace. The problem is not
CPU speed, its architecture.
ELAMAN has a new network applications platform – a general purpose deep
packet processing platform combined with an open Linux server blade. Designed
for applications focused on real-time network traffic processing, the CS-2000
provides the application developer high-speed processing, high-speed RAM, a
high-speed database, and a structured programming language for data planeresident packet operations. No more CPU interrupt latency, no more PCI bus
bandwidth constraints, but the power to operate on every packet – every bit of
every packet – on the wire in real-time. The CS-2000 also provides conventional
Linux server resources for off-line analysis and non real-time application functions.
The CS-2000 enables network operators and network applications developers to
implement their ideas, build differentiating service features, deliver benefits to
customers, and bring value to their companies.
Modular System Delivers the Capacity You Need
DPPM–500 Deep Packet Processing Module for high-performance packet
processing applications on Gigabit Ethernet networks. Providing 2 gigabits per
second (Gbps) packet processing performance, the DPPM-500, has 4 Gigabit
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Ethernet ports (Copper or Fiber) plus one 1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet capture
port on the front panel.
DPPM–600 provides DPPM 500 features at full line rate for OC-48 / STM-16
SONET/SDH links. The DPPM-600 supports two OC-48c/STM-16 PoS (Packet over
SONET/SDH) interfaces and up to 2.5 Gbps of packet processing performance.
Network interfaces are OC-3,12 / STM 1,4 capable. RAVE applications can be
executed on either DPPM model without modification.
A proper CS-2000 configuration today includes a single DPPM and a single Linuxbased Application Server Module (ASM). The ASM is a dual Pentium server
with 1 GB of RAM and a 60 GB hard disk. The ASM, supports Linux and hosts the
web-based system management server software and database, an SNMP Agent,
and DPPM control APIs. Under normal load, these components utilize less than 20
% of the available ASM resources. That leaves more than 80% of the Linux server
resources for running non real-time application functions.
The CS-2000 is really two computers to create one robust network computing
platform. There is a high-performance packet processing computer for all real-time
packet operations, and a standard Pentium-based server for less time-critical
operations. No longer is fixed functionality a requirement for achieving high

CS-2000 Features
Deep Packet Processing

Up to 5 gigabits per second L2-7 inspection and analysis
Detect and track Up to 1 million simultaneous flows
Secure transparent network installation
Native IPv4 and IPv6 support, can be taught others


Web-based element management system
Integrated scriptable command line interface (CLI)
SNMP v1, v2c, v3 GET/TRAP support
User access:
Telnet (CLI), SSH (CLI), and HTTP / HTTP-S (web)
Ethernet (all), COM port (CLI), KVM (CLI)

Hardware Overview: GE PPM

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Hardware Overview: System Level Port Distribution plus Out of Band
Management Architecture (CS-2000 system with 2x DPPMs)

Hardware Overview: Network Processing Pathways

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DPPM-600 – Packet over SONET

4 million frames / second; 2.5 Gbps data throughput
SONET / SDH Interfaces
2x OC-48c / STM-16 POS
OC-12c / STM-4 & OC-3c / STM-1 ready
optics and SFPs
1310 nm single mode
1310 nm single mode
1550 nm single mode
Dedicated 1000 Base-T for packet capture/logging

DPPM-510 – Gigabit Ethernet

3 million packets / second; 2 Gbps data throughput
Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces:
–4x unidirectional, 2x bi-directional
Copper - 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet, RJ-45
Optics and SFPs
850 nm multi-mode
1310 nm single-mode
Dedicated 1000 Base-T for packet capture/logging

ASM – Application Server Modules

Dual Pentium, 1 GB RAM, 60 GB HD
2x 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet RJ-45
1x 10/100 Base-T Ethernet RJ-45
1x RS-232 console port
1x USB port

Chassis19” rack-mount 2 HU

Dimensions (HxWxD) 87 x 482 x 600 mm

11 kg
Power Requirements:
DC power
- DC input power 300 watts
- DC input voltage - 40.5 to - 72 VDC
- 6,25 Ampere at - 48 VDC

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AC power
- AC input power 300 watts
- 90 – 240 VAC
- 2,5 Ampere at 120 VRMS


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