Name: Broad Shield Wideband Jammer System, WBS2500

Text: Broad Shield
Wideband System

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Broad Shield Wideband System
The WBS 2500 is a new, compact, state-of-the-art, single unit jamming system covering
the 25-2500MHz range. This frequency range is continuous, with no gaps or blind spots,
allowing the system to apply jamming to any target in any part of the 25-2500MHz spectrum. This ensures maximum versatility and adaptability to future threats and avoids the
limitations of "banded" jamming equipments that are tied to only today’s specific threat

In addition to its frequency versatility, the WBS 2500 contains 24 x parallel, softwarecontrolled DDS signal generators, each independently programmable and capable of generating a wide variety of jamming signals and waveforms, ranging from spot frequencies to broadband (25MHz) jamming. The signals can be targeted in separate parts of the
spectrum or they can be grouped together for wideband, barrage jamming.
One of the key benefits of the WBS 2500 is its ability to generate multiple simultaneous
jamming signals, each user-programmed for optimal effectiveness against a given target,
positioned as required across the 25-2500MHz spectrum.
As with all Broad Shield equipment, the WBS 2500 is fully fieldprogrammable and can be
rapidly reconfigured, using a serial connection, USB or IRDA port from a PDA or laptop to
change its jamming waveforms, target frequencies, and operating parameters.
Underpinning this development programme is the concept of reusing and developing
common software and hardware modules across the whole family of products. The WBS
product builds upon TRL Technology’s successful family of CES equipment.

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Broad Shield WBS 2500 - Key Features
The modular design and expansion capability of the Broad Shield WBS 2500 lends itself
to a variety of applications and deployments, including Vehicular and Carry-Forward. The
key features of the system are common in any role:

Continuous coverage in 25-2500MHz range;

Power Output (Vehicle) 100W (25-512MHz) & 40W (500- 2500MHz)

Power Output (Carry-Forward) 10W (25-512MHz) & 10W (500- 2500MHz)

24 parallel DDS-based jamming signal generators, each software programmable, to
generate multiple, simultaneous jamming signals.

Dual antenna ports (25-512MHz and 500-2500MHz) to allow use of optimized antennas.

Fully field-reprogrammable.

Comprehensive built-in test (BIT) and diagnostic features to monitor the equipment’s
health, detect fault or alarm conditions and alert the operator using a piercing sounder which will penetrate high ambient noise and protective clothing.

Remote Interface to allow the connection of a remote control box (e.g. mounted in a
driver’s cab or to allow control by a secondary operator)

External receiver input to permit responsive jamming

Local communications interface with RS232 & USB facilities.

Integral IRDA interface on the front panel to allow wire free control & programming.

Internal GPS antenna together with provision for an external

signal (from an active antenna).

A full suite of auxiliary signals is provided to interface to external control/timing
equipment. The 24 signal sources are grouped in 6 bands and the banded outputs
are available to drive external PAs.

Emergency Beacon, and local & remote zeroise functions.

The unit may be powered either from a vehicle supply (20-32V DC) or an external
battery pack (24V nominal).

A separate mounting tray is available for installation in vehicles.

The unit may require periodic maintenance and re-calibration and it has been designed to allow this to be performed without removing covers and with the minimum
of test equipment. No STTE or tools are needed. Daily maintenance is minimal and
limited to mainly visual checks. All external bolts are captive to reduce the possibility
of loss should any repair action be necessary. Dust caps are provided on all connectors.

WBS 2500 Carry Forward Application (WBS 2500CF)
The Carry Forward version (WBS 2500CF) satisfies an EOD Carry Forward role where a
rapidly programmable solution is required to address threats from across the spectrum. During the EOD Operator’s initial questioning and threat assessment, he/she is
often able to gain a description from the witness as to the possible construction of the
device. The rapid programmability of the WBS 2500CF will allow the EOD Operator the
opportunity to optimize his Mission Configuration File to give the best possible coverage during any subsequent manual approach.
When the EOD Operator is making his manual approach, the WBS 2500CF can not only prevent the RCIED from being initiated when at the target, but it can also provide
protection against secondary devices en-route to the target.
In common with the WBS 2500V, the carry-forward version incorporates two sounders
that will give a piercing alarm in the event of a low-battery or fault condition and is also
provides an emergency beacon facility.
The EOD operator also has the option to remotely deploy the WBS 2500CF with his
robot and thereby take immediate control of the suspect RCIED away from the terrorist. This will ensure that a large device, whose explosive effects can be greater than
the range of inhibition expected of any system, cannot be initiated when the EOD Operator is en route to the target.
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In operational theatres, where the risk of secondary devices is very real, additional protection can be provided by utilising a standard WBS 2500V (100W/40W) fitted to the
EOD vehicle. The advantageof using a combination of the WBS 2500V and up to two
WBS 2500CFs is that this approach creates a corridor of inhibition, within which the
EOD Operator can approach and work at the target area. The effective range of the vehicle-mounted WBS 2500 can also be enhanced by optional directional antennas. A
common suite of manually deployed and vehicle mounted systems will reduce training
time and guarantee interoperability while on task.
The main differences between the WBS 2500CF and WBS 2500V are:

Reduced maximum transmit power (10W & 10W)

External battery pack with space for up to 4 standard military batteries installed in
either one or two pairs. The predicted operating time is 4 hours, using four BB2590 rechargeable Li-Ion packs. The equipment will also accept other primary or
secondary cells of the same physical pattern, e.g. BB-390, BB- 590, BB-2590, BB5590, BA-5390, etc. Alternative battery packs can be designed to accommodate
other types.

Improved carrying straps/handles and other features demanded for hand-emplaced
EOD operations.

Flexible external mounting points for deployment on carryforward platforms such
as remote robots.
Aside from the reduced transmit power, the capabilities of the WBS 2500CF are identical to the WBS 2500V.

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CONFIDENTIAL – Subject to change without prior notice!


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