Name: Anti Surveillance Sweep Jammer for Buildings 3250S

Text: Anti Surveillance
Sweep Jammer for Buildings

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Anti Surveillance Sweep Jammer for Buildings


The Threat

Today's surveillance devices are growing
smaller and more powerful. The widespread
use of eavesdropping equipment utilizing miniaturized microphones and wireless transmission to monitor audio conversations has become a dangerous threat.
Jamming of the signal transmitted from these
devices is the most effective way of providing
complete and continuous protection against
the danger of audio surveillance.
As an additional benefit, the 3250S also provides protection against remote controlled explosive devices that may be planted in the protected building and initiated from a distance.

The Solution

State-of-the Art jamming technology
The anti-surveillance sweep jammer, uniquely
designed to utilize the innovative sweep jamming
technology, provides excellent power density,
and strong interference levels, eliminating any
unauthorized transmission in the protected vicinity.
The technology, provides you with the assurance
that your conversations will not be heard by anyone but those meant to hear it.

Full protection for a whole building
The 3250S is specifically designed to provide complete protection, for a whole
building, thus reducing the cost of defending several separate areas in the same
building, and assuring complete and comprehensive protection to the secure locations.
High level of protection
The 3250S innovative design, and use of sweep jamming, allow enhanced utilization of the input power. The produced power level assures protection against even
the most powerful audio bugs, providing 100 to 1000 times the transmission power than that of a typical bug.

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Wide jammering range
throughout the spectrum range used
by audio surveillance bugs. Spanning
the band between 20 MHz HF transmissions to 1 GHz SHF the 3250S provides widespread protection against
known bug transmission frequencies.
For added protection, the 3250S comes
with an optional upgrade to 2 and 3
GHz bands. Advanced surveillance devices transmitting in the 1-3 GHz band,
once used only by highly technological
attackers, are becoming more and
more available. Elaman in it's commitment to provide State-of-the-Art technology is ready to provide it's customers with added protection against these
highend, ultra-modern devices.
Convenient control panel
The 3250S is remotely commanded by a control panel. This control panel located
with the VIP who is to be protected, allows complete control of jammer operation,
and provides continuous indication of the jammers operation status. Jammer
modules can be turned on and off from the panel. Operation shutdown is immediately indicated on the panel's LEDs.
Sweep vs. Barrage
The 3250S provides protection by utilizing the innovative sweep jamming technology. Lower end jammers usually provide defense by transmitting white noise to a
wide frequency band. Unfortunately, this strategy causes dispersion of signal
power evenly through the frequency band providing only several milliwatts of
power to each MHz of frequency band.
Elaman's high-end sweep technology allows the use of the jammers full power in
every part of the frequency band. The full power jamming signal, travels through
the jammed bandwidth at a high frequency, thus each bandwidth segment receives full power at different time instances, providing the jammer with far better
overall performance and range.
The sweep frequency has been designed and rigorously tested for maximum voice
jamming performance. Furthermore, the sweep pattern provides excellent protection against remotely controlled explosive devices.
Based on proven technology
The 3250S jammer is based on ELAMAN‘s long standing technological
leadership and it's proven jamming
technology. ELAMAN's wide installed
product base attests to ELAMAN's
determination to provide high-end,
quality products to customers around
the world. Furthermore, the large
number of ELAMAN products operating worldwide assures continued
support and provides the best trial
possible to indicate system stability
and functionality.

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Option for control of jamming in GSM band
The GSM frequency band located round 900 MHz is aIso jammed by the 3250S,
disabling the possibility to receive or initiate GSM calls from within a protected
area. As an option, the jammer may be supplied with the functionality of specific
control of the GSM band, allowing the VIP to turn off the GSM band jamming and
initiate GSM calls during continued jammer operation in the other frequency
bands. While it is not advisable, some situations may call for the ability to switch
off certain frequency bands. ELAMAN can provide filters for different frequency
bands, according to customer requirements.
Frequency Range:
HF - 20 - 80 MHz
VHF - 80 - 200 MHz
UHF - 200 - 500 MHz
SHF - 500 - 1000 MHz
Optional Modules to 2 and 3 GHz
Optional Module for GSM frequency band
Output Power:
HF: 150 W
VHF: 125 W
UHF: 100 W
SHF: 10-100 W
Modulation Type: Double Sweep
Power Consumption: 1600 W
Power Supply: 220 V A/C 50 Hz
Maxium Control Panel - Jammer distance: 100 meters

CONFIDENTIAL – Subject to change without prior notice!


CONFIDENTIAL – Subject to change without prior notice!


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