Name: DeveryLoc

Text: YLOC
Deveryloc increases the rate and speed for clearing up investigations
through the relevant chronolocation of mobile phones* and tracking
beacons .


Real-time chronolocation without installing any software
Accessible from any Internet browser, Deveryloc displays location of mobile phones from different carrier
service providers, in real time and simultaneously. It offers criminal investigation departments a wide range
of services.
Deveryloc has been developed for 1,200 French police, gendarmerie and customs departments
that use it to deal with judicial requisitions and/or to manage tracking beacons. Thanks to Deveryloc,
investigators are self-sufficient C!nd responsive, especially when threats, imminent risks for human life
or security require urgent action.
The fruit of several years of research and development, Deveryloc enables to monitor the movements
of mobile phones, tracking beacons and warns investigators in real time of expected and unexpected events.

Deveryloc allows to

Be advised upon entering/exiting a given area or crossing a border
Detect movement habits
Monitor if individuals are getting closer or further away from each other
Share location data with other investigators
Plan the setting up of police operations
Analyze surrounding conditions before any action

In operations with Deveryloc
L+ Make investigators work easier
In cases of flagrante delicto, preliminary inquiries and letters rogatory, the judicial police officer
will be able to locate mobile phones from different carrier service providers on a single map.
Example of use in a case involving cross-border drug trafficking
The investigator aims at monitoring the mobile phone when it enters and moves around the
country. By using Deveryloc, the investigator is notified in real time, by SMS, e-mail or voicemail
as soon as the tracked mobile phone connects to a national mobile network. He will then be able
to track the mobile phone so as to observe its progress and, if necessary, organize the action plan
under optimal conditions. As he gets advised in real time, the investigator is free to carry out
other tasks.
Example of use in a conspiracy case
When tracking two or more individuals, it is crucial to be advised in real time when these individuals
get together or away from each other. By creating alerts in Deveryloc, the judicial police officer
can for instance be warned in real time when two targets get closer or further away from each
other, even if their mobile phones are from different carrier service providers.

L+ Particular points of interest
To track individuals effectively,



it is necessary to be advised upon
approaching or leaving a spot
or an area.
User can easily draw these
spots/areas on a map with circular
or polygonal shapes and then
be alerted in real time.

L+ History
In order to analyze the actions
and behaviours of certain
individuals, Deveryloc displays
tracks on a map statically
or dynamically.
The period can be adjusted
by user.



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..... .... -'°'

.. ._

a+ Reports
In Deveryloc, the investigator can also generate a report of a target's movements (date, time and
place) including for instance a list of occurred events (the location device has just been switched
on/off, the device is moving or has stopped, loss of connection, etc.).
The report will mention the postal addresses where the telephone has been located.

a+ Simultaneous investigations
If there are two simultaneous investigations concerning a single individual, one in letters rogatory
and the other in flagrante delicto, an investigator can share the collected data with the other team.
Deveryloc provides shared access to the same data over a limited period, secure by a login/password.
The judicial police officer keeps the upper hand on the information shared.

a+ Access to data while in the field
Through the additional means described below (location from a standard mobile phone,
a smartphone or a tablet), the investigator can gauge the collected data and cross-reference
it with data obtained from a vehicle equipped with a tracking beacon and the mobile phone
of the target under surveillance.
Real-time location from a standard mobile phone
An investigator can at any time get the position of a target by sending an SMS.
A few seconds later, he/she will receive an SMS with the postal address where the target stands.
Location through a smartphone or a tablet
While on the move, any investigator equipped with a smartphone or a tablet can download
a simplified version of Deveryloc, called Deverylight, to monitor tracked targets.
This version is a perfectly appropriate and efficient tool to monitor individuals
and display the positions of several targets under surveillance in
real time. In addition, Deverylight allows focusing on one
specific target, to see his own position and as a result to facilitate
the coordination of an ongoing action plan. No traces are left
within the smartphone or tablet after logging out from the
Deverylight application.

a+ Choice of map
Deveryloc supports nine different maps
so as to select the most relevant one and
study the target's surroundings to best
effect, according to each situation




Creation d ' une escalade de notifications avec acquittement

a+ Handling an alert
Deveryloc warns users when an alert
is triggered. It is also possible to create
notification escalations to ensure the alert
has been properly transmitted.

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Deveryloc's main features


a. Displaying on a map locations, points of interest, surveillance areas, geographic coordinates,
postal addresses and estimated accuracy of location.
b. Location of mobile phones from different carrier service providers.
c. Monitoring a mobile phone.
d. Automatic location during a defined period (date, day, time, timeslots).
e. Displaying location devices close to a specified address, with the respective distances, in ascending order.


Smart alerts
a. Selecting an event to monitor (network connection,geofencing),
a device is getting closer/further away from other mobiles, etc.), and timeslots settings.
b. Notification of alerts to specified addressees by SMS, e-mail or voicemail.
c. Option: escalation of notifications and acknowledgement management.


History and reports


Unlimited storage time (depending on regulations).
Display of the registered locations over a defined period.
Export of a location history to Excel format or export to satellite images (Google Earth).
Customizable reports so as to structure the collected data.

a. Remote control of tracking beacons by SMS, GPRS or SAT.
b. Mission profile management for tracking beacons.


Location by SMS
Get GSM and/or GPS location by sending an SMS from another authorized mobile phone.
Instant receipt of an SMS comprising the GSM and/or GPS real-time location,
and estimated accuracy of location, the postal address, the geographic coordinates.


Importing positions

Additional applications

Downloading positions obtained from other systems.


Sharing with a third party
Authorizing a third party, for example a colleague or
another Police unit to access, for a limited time and
with a password, to locations of a target on a map
(Google Earth or Maps) from your account.

DeveryView web application provides




information concerning surroundings
of a target through multi-viewing:
map, satellite view, street view or
surveillance video cameras.
(when available)


Deverylight, an app for smartphones
and tablets to improve the coordination
of an ongoing action plan. It aims at
assisting field investigators
to get in real time their own locations,
those of their colleagues and those
of the target(s).














Constantly gathering law enforcement
new needs, Deveryware keeps developing new
functions to take up challenges induced by
their operational missions. These developments
can be achieved subject to administrative
and/or technical restrictions.











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