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World Leader in
Cyber IntelligenceTM

a QinetiQCompany

Cyveillance Corporate Securitym
Protests, boycotts, threats against your employees, officers and facilities
play havoc with your organisation. In addition to the financial cost and lost
productivity, there's a big price to pay in terms of employee safety, compromised reputation, and jeopardised customer confidence.
Addressing threats that arise online requires an intelligence-led approach to security - an approach that identifies risks early for effective
prevention and mitigation. Cyveillance Corporate SecurityTM
provides a
winning combination of people, process and technology to support an
intelligence-led approach that delivers the most solid, ongoing advance
intelligence on company-specific activities. It's the most effective first line
of defence to secure your operations, enabling you to take action before
an event ever occurs.
Early warning via 24x7 lnternet
Cyveillance provides round-the-clock
monitoring of the lnternet for company-specific threats, including:
Planned boycotts against products and
Organised demonstrations
Planned activities t o interrupt business
operations and events
Smear campaigns and dissemination of
Threats, including physical threats against
employees, corporate officers, facilities
and resources
Solicitations t o conspire against the organisation
Comprehensive monitoring technology
delivers relevant intelligence
Cyveillance goes far beyond the capabilities
of commercial search engines, with a
unique, patented technology platform,
proven and perfected over nearly a decade,
that delivers the most comprehensive online coverage available anywhere.
The nerve center for the technology is
the Cyveillance Intelligence CenterTM.Here
the enormous amount of data that makes
up the lnternet is collected, filtered and
analysed to provide you with only the most
relevant intelligence. Powerful, high-speed

data collection agents continually monitor
a vast number of online sources, sifting
through the noise to bring only the most relevant information into view. The result: your
time and attention are centered on what's
most important to you and your business.
Real-time alerts bring highest
priorities front and center
The moment a high priority issue is
identified, you are alerted, giving you time
to successfully, proactively mitigate risk.
Your solution can also include daily
summaries covering all the open source intelligence gathered. This valuable
summary highlights top priority items.
Cyveillance portal provides a
comprehensive, accurate view
The Cyveillance portal provides a consolidated, real-time view of your organisation's
entire online security status. This online intelligence management centre gives you
immediate, ongoing access to all your data
collected from the Internet. Your cross-functional teams can efficiently track and manage each case through easy-to-use
dashboards and collaborative workflows.
You get a better grasp of what's going on
and more time to act.

Proactively identify planned attacks against your network and
valuable online assets
Monitor employee disclosures
of sensitive network information such as infrastructure details and hardware and
software configurations
Review illicit discussions regarding network and other online
vulnerabilities before widespread damage occurs
24x7 automated alerts provide
round-the-clock protection

Protection of sensitive company
data in both the originating
form and forms that have been
modified or interpreted
Customer-specific configuration
of search and filtering criteria
Permanent archive of all
incidents delivered
Searchable index of all
suspicious data discovered
Language-independent search
and filtering
lntegrated language translation
lntegrated case management
and workflow tools
Access to industry experts

World Leader in
Cyber IntelligenceTM

Support from expert analysts
Each Cyveillance client has the support of a
designated Cyveillance Intelligence Analyst.
Cyveillance analysts have extensive backgrounds in specialties including law enforcement, surveillance, management consulting
and the US Intelligence Community.
Together, you'll determine the high
priority items that you want brought to your
attention, and we'll carefully configure and
maintain the technology to ensure that the
information you receive meets your specific
needs. Analysts can also work with you to
assess trends, identify emerging issues and
provide other individual
Cyveillance reaches far beyond the Web
Cyveillance data collection agents extend
beyond the familiar 'visible' Web to identify
intelligence in a variety of sources, including:
Blogs (Web logs): Millions of personal and
professional Blogs are continuously
monitored to identify immediate risks.
IRC/Chat conversations: Chat room

Comprehensive dosedloop service for the most
immediate cotredhe response

discussions are monitored in real time to
identify company-specific discussions and
threat risks.
Message boards: Tens of thousands are
monitored daily. Content is downloaded for
same day in-depth analysis.
Public email groups and discussion forums:
Cyveillance subscribes to thousands of publicly-available email lists such as Listserv and
Yahoo Groups.

Cyveillance provides a complete



process that allows organisations

=%- t o proactively protect their repu-

tation, revenues and customer


finish, on online risks.

trust and close the loop, start t o

Usenet: Data collection agents process activity across more than 60,000 newsgroups
in near real-time to identify relevant discussions and security risks.

Accurate, advanced early


and corrective response is just

World Wide Web: Data Collection Agents
break down Web site contents including
source code and invisible text to identify potential security risks. Cyveillance maintains
its own Web crawlers covering billions of
pages each month.

warning of impending threats



half the story. With Cyveillance
Advantage, intelligence analysts

= team with you t o provide in-depth
L- - -

q reviews, regular health




evaluations, thorough ROl assessments, and more t o keep you
protected from online risks.

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Securing the entire enterprise from online risks: the full suite from Cywillance Cyveillance
provides a full suite of solutions to address online risks enterprise-wide. Solutions include:
Anti-Phishing I Fraud Protection I IDTheft Protection I Information Protection I Corporate
Compliance I Corporate Security I Brand Protection I Distribution Control I Partner Compliance



tions turn t o Cyveillance for complete cyber intelligence


services, including thorough in-

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vestigations; physical security;



even arrangements for sting opS erations t o eliminate threats
.. .




completely and efficiently.

About Cywillance
Cyveillance, a world leader in cyber intelligence, provides an intelligence-led approach to security. Through continuous, comprehensive lnternet monitoring and sophisticated intelligence analysis, Cyveillance proactively identifies and eliminates threats to information,
infrastructure, individuals and their interactions, enabling its customers to preserve their
reputation, revenues, and customer trust. Cyveillance serves the Global 2000 and OEM Data
Partners - protecting the majority of the Fortune 50, regional financial institutions nationwide, and more than 30 million global consumers through its partnerships with security and
service providers that include AOL and Microsoft. Cyveillance is a wholly owned subsidiary
of QinetiQ North America. For more information, please visit

Copyright O 2011 Cyvelllance, Inc. All r~ghtsreserved Cyveillance IS a regtstered trademark of Cyve~llance,Inc

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