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,bham Tactical Communications

Cobham plc
Cobham has four divisions with market facing
strategic business units. employingsome 12.000
people on five continents,with customers
and partners in over 100 countries and annual
revenue of some £1.9bnlUS$3 billion.
Cobham's technology is critical to C4ISR,
enabling the rapid, secure and resilient
movement of voice, video and data between
'sensors' and decision makers.
Cobham technology is also at the heart of
many advanced systems on space, air, land
and maritime platforms, providing life saving
situational awareness, safety, survival and life
support systems.
Today, every soldier, vehicle. ship, aircraft
and satellite is becoming a node in a network
enabled environment, as the demand for
connectivity increases. The type and volume
of data being exchanged on the modern
digital battlefield is increasing enormously.
with Cobham equipment supporting voice
communications,email, video. GPS navigation,
radar, electronic warning systems and
data transfer.

Cobham TacTIml t;amuntcaIens
and !.bm$lnanc~
Cobham Tactical Communications and
Surveillance is a world leader in securing, sharing
and communicating situational awareness
in challenging environments. from urban
environmentsto the digital battlefield.
It provides specialist communications, securlty
and surveillance products together with
integrated systems and solutions to 18 armed
forces and more than 140 agencies globally.
Markets served include border surveillance,
counter-terrorismand intelligence, critical
infrastructure protection. dismounted C41,
force protection, law enforcement and public
safety, maritime C41, military communications
and unmanned systems. Cobham Tactical
Communications and Surveillance also offers
broadcast transmitter and receiver solutions
for electronic news gathering, portable field
monitoring and video-assist applications.

I n this brochure, we introduce you
to the world-beating technology of
Cobham, which is pioneered and built to
meet the unique operational needs of
the surveillance market:



Tracking. Tagging and Locating
solutions, where tiny unique tags
help follow or find people and assets.
wherever they are

Video solutions offer high quality
recording and sharing of images, to
evidential standards
udio wlutions for overt and c m r t

IP Mesh non-line of sight COFDM IP
mesh network - t h e first fluid, selfforming, self-healing mesh network


Cobham's award-winnlngtechnologies include
Audio, Cameras and Sensors. Cell Intercept.IP
Mesh Solut~ons,Maritime Interdiction, Network
Communications. Platform Intercoms,Soldier
Communications. Soldier Modernization.
Tagging - Tracking and Locatingand Video
Surveillance as well as 2417 Client Services.

W q r W Surwrllanoe b l & o n s
h l(0-~
khd b ~dtC~bh8mb
products to drilvrr a ampleto
mtvice l#rome ofthe tOugthrrt
l in h a urcanld




Cobham Tactical Communications
and Surveillance
- Worldwlde Sales & Support



Cobham has a worldwide network of d~stributors
to support customers. Please go to for more Information

Staffed by h~ghlyexperiencedprofessionalsaround
the world. Cobham placesgreat importance on
through life support. In addltlon to help desks, it als
offers extended support packages, delivering
In-countrybespoketechnical and operational
training courses
Integratedlogistic support, tailored to each client
Technicalsupport help desk, available 24x7
) Through Life Cycle Management- with in-service
upgrades, malntenance,technical advlce and tralnll
Immediateavailabilityof crltical system componer

Cobham Tactical Communications
and Surveillance


Example deplol

.l 1'. -


in this airport scenario. Cobham's comprehensive range of rapidly deployable tactical
surveillance solutions are ideally designed for security in such situations, enabling systems

Alrborne monltorlng
and downllnks

Cobham Tactical Communications
and Surveillance
Tracking, Tagging and Locatin-- ' - l h





..,,; ~4

and del~verquaky results. Track~ngand analysis
Law enforcement agencles, ~ntelllgence
software enables worldwide m~ss~on-cr~t~cal
agencies, spec~alforces and
tracking of one or more unlts s~multaneously,
governments around the globe depend on
world-lead~ngCobham Tact~calCommun~cat~ons w ~ t hh~ghresolut~onsatell~teand aer~alImages
also ava~lable
and Surve~llancetechnology All the equlpment
In the comprehens~veCobham Track~ng,Tagg~ng
and Locat~ngproduct range allows for seamless
In North America, Cobham's innovative track~ng
lntegratlon and can be comb~nedto prov~de
solut~onsare help~ngpol~cecombat veh~cle
theft, wh~chcurrently stands at more than a
veh~clesstolen each year An InternetM&M&nand s u M l l l $ m
based GPS system not~f~es
pol~cewhen a veh~cle
For example. Cobham's high-~ntegr~ty,
rad~oIS stolen, enables ~t
to be tracked and then
based equlpment can be Integrated Into
bespoke solut~onsfor statlc, track~ngand mob~le dlsables the car to enable off~cersto make an
arrest - reduc~ngthe need for costly on-scene
overt and covert surve~llanceIt IS used to
surve~llanceand the r~sksassoc~atedw ~ t h
Intercept,track, locate, monltor and record
subjects rang~ngfromveh~clesand packages to
people and h~ghprof~leInfrastructures, enabl~ng
Cobham tracklngsolut~ons,such as rad~o
tact~calprotection of personnel,VIPs and assets
use ava~lablerad~opubl~cor
prlvate networks to cont~nuouslymonitor cargo
From cellular-basedaud~otransmitters, radlo
find~ngsolut~onsand remote sw~tch~ng In translt, from supplier to customer
As well as protecting assets by trlggerlng an
dev~cesto veh~cle-basedand body-worn data
alarm ~ftampered w~th,th~sd~screettechnology
loggers and GPS surve~llancesolut~ons,these
of dellvery and servlce
products have Cobham technology at the~rcore helps ensure rel~ab~l~ty

'Developmglnnovatlw terhnulogy
Cobham has a comprehens~vesulte of
state-of-the-artcellular ~dentfication.
Interception and geo-locat~onsolut~onsand
services, ~nclud~ngthe
range These allow cl~entsto respond to a broad
spectrum of complex and serlous securlty
threats, ~nclud~ng
terrorism and organ~sedcrlme.
The significant investment in research and
development it makes means that Cobham
Tactical Communications and Surveillance is
known as a developer of cellular 'world f~rst'
technology. For example, its UMTS (Universal
Mobile Telecommun~cationsSystem) solut~on
has the world's first field-deployed multichannel 3G capabil~ty.
Such large-scale IP and telecom monitoring
solutions are built to meet individual client
requirements in close dialogue with the relevant
providers of Internet and telecom services.

fo&@&h~wm b t L I ~ l .YaB ~ Q ~ W & =

2 F W f m f r a m & r e fDT
Wdclsmp and.pmtwinfF


3 GWktcadrs~~p
f ~ af hCP;at
f ~ th@i$lk~Ut

4 Cdldaf ntonmofhng s&timr track suspects gatherm
ewidentral rnformatmn for successfutc o n v r c t t ~ ~ ~


Close client liaison is constantly maintained,
from designing and assembling customised
solutions for major clients. to in-country
bespoke operational training courses and
client-tailored support and servlce packages.

Cobham is committed to offering superb
technical support. Trained personnel know its
products inside and out, so can offer specialised
training to clients, quick reference guides, 2417
support to deal with faults, a high-quality repair
process and a loan programme, for when
systems are being repaired.

5 Cobham solutrons help
monrtor targets when close
to high-profile sites, such as
arrports, to assess potential

6 Even in noisy electronic
environments, cellular
monitoring enables covert

7 Body worn tracking
solutions enable key
personnel to be located
quickly for addedsafety..
8 Officer carryrng out

surveillance from a desktop
for a target In the field


Cobham Tactical Communications
and Surveillance
Video and Audio Sotut~ons

Cobham Tactical Commun~cations
Surveillance provides a large range of video
solutions for a variety of clients -from
turnkey video surveillance systems for law
enforcement, to equipment and support for
military applicationsand the highly dynamic and
demanding world of broadcastevent coverage.
all w ~ t hCobham technology at their core:

Flrst mprlnders
As surveillance is often undertaken in bulk
up areas, Cobham's unique capability to
transmit and recelve informat~onrn difficult
electronic environments on land, sea and air
is in high demand.
Its products can transmit broadcast quality
video across non-line of sight digital w~reless
networks, and then distribute rece~vedvideo
across IP networks as required. This is cr~tical
for f~rstresponders such as the fire, police and
ambulance services. People who risk their l~ves
on a daily basis can trust Cobham's technology
to keep them in touch, relaying v~talv~deo

and audio communications when every
second counts.

Cobhar,,, h,,, is In developrng complex
technologies into simple-to-operate, robust
solutions. System components have been
designed for ease of integration Into robotic
and a~rborneplatforms, as well as more
conventional personnel and ground v e h ~ c l ~
based applications.

Its products are used by law enforcement
and military clients worldwide, enabl~ngthem
to combat major crime, terrorism and drug
trafficking. Potential terrorist targets in New
York are being protected by breakthrough
digital video transmission technology since
9/11, using a new self-contained, portable,
overt surveillance system with powerful zoom
cameras featuring COFDM d~gitaltechnology.
The technology can also be used whilst
airborne, such as aircraft in South Africa fitted

with wireless video technology to provide
added security at the 2010 World Cup, and
Miami police using highly deployable wireless
video downlinks to their helicopters to achieve
their 20 miles coverage goal.
B m d ~ a scwwmge
Cobham technology IS also helping scientists
and researchers gain unique ins~ghtsinto
animals In their natural habitats.

Used for NationalGeographic channel's
'Cr~ttercam:tlny cameras have been attached
t o over 40 species, such as humpback whales,
emperor penguins and lions to get close to
them and record behaviours never seen
before. Each Crittercam comprises a video
camera, microphone, pressure and
temperature gauges, headlights, tracking
system and a remote release button.
Audio and colour video images are recorded
onto a small in-unit video cassette, wh~ch
has to be watertight and buoyant for
underwater recording.

l Overt andcovert camera

2 Wrrefess audio solutions

Cobham is a market leader in the development
and production of complete radio transmission
systems, and is at the forefront of technology
innovation in the fields of digital wireless., telemetry and IF?
Its Irfe-criticalwireless communication
systems and technical surveillance solutions
are a powerful weapon in the war on terror
for law enforcement, mrlitary and intellrgence
communities. They provide superior agent
protection, with unrque capabilities which
ensure multi-agency interoperabrlity, as well as
secure digital encrypted transmissions.
In the world of radio broadcasting,its fixed
audio telemetry links can be placed at popular
sites, such as airport terminals, sports stadia
or music venues -wherever high quality radio
lrnks are regularly required. These can then be
used to provide a permanent link between the
site and the studio, meaning reporters only
have to carry a wireless rad~om~keto conduct

interviews which can be broadcast over a
guaranteed, quality radio connection.
Focusing on minraturisat~on,signal quality and
economy, a broad range of services and
high-quality products cover all requirements
-from the smallest body transmitter to
consultancy and service for setting up
natronwrde, multi-line voice, fax, data and
internet monltorrng centres.

5 Wireless receivers can
pick up videofrom
any cameras in range
giving speedy tactical
informafion to personnel
on the ground.

6 Wireless cameras can be
placedin areas that cables
cannotreachand be
movedas needed.
with mlnimum et%t
7 Tactmj video

8 Vitalwdiomwrttorrng
of targeB can rakeplace
even ln busy.noisy situathns
9 Cobham equipment.such
as PR4 monrtorrng
solutions,are repeatedly
used rn successful
apprehension ofsuspects
10 h addition to general
surveillance capabilities.
devicessuch asaudio
transmitters can be
reprogrammed in the fie/d

3 High quality long range
hebcopter downlinks essential tooh when real
trrne srtuat~onalawareness
IS key to operatronal

4 Remotely controlled

r o b m mefiter areas
feeding back vital vrdeo

Cobham Tactical Communications
and Surveillance



Integrated Surveillance Solut~ons- Mllitary

Cobham technologies play a v~talrole in remote
and hostile environments,where they are used
in everythingfrom remotely-controlledrobots
IEDs (improv~sed
explosive devices),
to aerial platforms communicatingvital data
and video imagery.
Central to their effective operation are Cobham's
wireless communication solutions, which have
to perform reliably in some extremely difficult
radio frequency environments.
In th~sf~eld,Integrated force protectlon IS
p~votalto future battle f~eldstrategies. Cobham
IS uniquely placed to dellver an Integrated
solut~onto safeguard rn~lltarypersonnel and
sltes, for example help~ng
to protect the bases
of peace keep~ngforcesIn hostlle envlronmen
Cobham sensors can be used for d~rectalarm
reporting for bu~ld~ngs,
restr~ctedaccess areas
and protected sltes, for example trlggerlng
cameras and alarms on v~rtualperimeters. The
equ~pmentprovldes the securlty and protectlon
requ~redfor thousands of Allled sold~ers,wh~le
reduc~ngmanpower levels and r~sksto m~l~tary
Cobham's Integrated Force Protectlonsolut~onIS
a sulte of robust wireless technologies developed
Into an Integrated solut~onfor modern confl~cts.
robust des~gnand power
management for long deployments are cr~t~cal
developments In the IFP solut~on,whlch featurt
Cobham technology at ~ t core.
The use of wireless technologies provides for
portability and a rapid and easy deployment,
which allows systems to be used tactically.
Reliability and security are key elements in the
realisationof these systems.
Cobham's collaboration with other divis~ons
within the wider Group enables it to pull
together a varied range of bespoke solutions
and systems -from initial concept, through
design and manufacturing, to installat~on.
training and through-life support.
5 Robust andsecure commwnicatlonsare central to trheCobharn
IntegratedForceProtectlon solution.

Satellite UpllnWDownllnk


Cobham Tacttcal Communications
and Surveillance - ,,F
Integrated ~utveillafic~solutions
- COFDM I P Mesh

COFDM I P Mesh radios are the latest
innovations in the expandingrange of mobile
solutions with Cobham technology at their core.
Up to eight of the radios can be combined
into a ground-breaking IP mesh network the first fluid, self-forming,self-healing
mesh. Offering genuine non-line of sight
coverage, the I P Mesh system is truly
mobile and therefore supplies a network
not limited by range - one which will deliver
in environments too tough for other radio
solutions to cope with.
Unlike other wireless options, the COFDM
IP Mesh constantly readjusts itself as nodes
move. forming any shape of network, including
chains, stars and random networks.

4 Data can be exchanged

between moving nodes in
a point-to-point or pointto-multipoint.


COFDM mesh offers relrable and flexfble wireless
comrnuni~atlonssolutrons n tunnels and miner

2 Mesh systems delrver flexible solutrons for CCTV
infrastructure whereN1O.S perc",----'spectrum avarlabllity brnlted


I The IP Mesh network constantly assesses which
nodes are fn range and the best route to send
data between them.


1 Mesh systems enable flre fight19 tean

robham Tactical Communications = .
and Surveillance
. -. . '. $m




Integrated Surveillance Solutions - CBRN
1 Hltchrng the Scene Barrier Management System t o a polrce
lcle makes it a hrghly-mobrle solutron

Governments and police forces around the
world are more aware than ever of the CBRN
(chemical, biological, radiologicaland nuclear)
threat to the communities they protect.
I f a CBRN event occurs, it is vital that people are
removed from the vicinity quickly and that local
warnings are broadcast as widely as possible.
Cobham, working in partnershipwith industryleadingspec~alistsand the United Kingdom's
Police Natlonal (PN) CBRN Centre, has therefore
produced simple, rugged mobile solutions to
greatly increase efficiency. Successful crowd
communication and control can now be
handled by less than flve officers at each slte,
improving police and public safety and enabling
better allocation of resources by incident
The Cobham CBRN Solutions can also be
used to protect key assets and control crowd
movement during public order events. Quick
and simple to deploy, they significantly reduce
the manpower required to set up cordons and
free officers for more hands-on policing.



rble rear door ens
raprd deployment of sf

2 A single Barrier
Management System
extends to form a 13m
long cordon
3 Polycarbonate view~ng
portals enable safe crowd
4 Reflective Police Cordon
srgnage can be read at
20m and a compl~ant
with Sectron 33 of the
TerrorismAct 2000


. .i'. .

" .;

,k .Jj :S.< .,p,:$.

; '3

- :l?


~ e ~ b h a m . c o m
lfor Tracking,Taggang and tocaUngl

, .








,;j :$l,. :
,... i>'
. :~












._ , .:.c .

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. L


. .5:


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