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Text: ClearTrail's success lies in its
ability to spot possibilities.

Empowering Intelligence

Our conscious endeavor t o focus on the
improbable, spotting possibilities where they
are seemingly non-existent has led us t o
design exciting and path-breaking solutions
i n Communication Interception & Monitoring
Space. Our innovative approach has
resulted i n an increasing number of LEAS &
Intelligence Agencies recognizing us as an
inevitable partner i n their endeavors.

m i s s i o n

Empowering the intelligence
community with advance
solutions to meet complex 1
monitoring challenges
Cutting across cultural, geographical and political boundaries through its
products, ClearTrail commits itself to providing apt solutions to its clients
globally. Our clear edge lies in equipping our clients to mitigate threats
emerging due to modern day communication, helping them pinpoint
suspected communications while countering organized crime outfits.

v a l u e s

ClearTrail is proud to reflect its
values in the company's strategies,
decisions, policies and actions.
We understand that a right blend of
"BUSINESS" and "VALUES" is a must for an
organization to achieve its underlined goals.

ClearTrail's values system is fundamental
to its success. Our business is driven by
the following values:
Since inception, ClearTrail has believed
in originality. This has helped us in
continuous innovation. We are more than
aware of how innovation matters not only
to the world of Lawful Interception but
also to the success of our company.
ClearTrail's R & D distinctively
differentiates it from run-of-the-mill
solutions, a value addition much admired
by our clients.
Belief in mutual benefit
The company has always shown
dedication in creating a WIN-WIN
situation for its clients, a fact which gave
us an early establishment.
Probably one of the most important
aspects of the arena which we operate in
is integrity, which is deeply ingrained in
each member of ClearTrail. Again, a fact
that has held us in good stead and
proved a great contributor to the
confidence reposed in us by our clients.

t e c h n o l o g y

Next level of LI Solutions

ClearTrail provides solutions to
challenges of Law Enforcement
Agencies, Intelligence Agencies
and Communication Service
Providers globally. ClearTrail
offers a complete range of
innovative solutions for lawful
interception, monitoring and
analysis of voice and data
We have defined new
paradigms for large monitoring
systems by enriching range of
target definitions to address
complex & unforeseen
interception scenarios.
ClearTrail has established itself
among thought leaders in the
domain contributing avantgarde solutions for the next
level of Lawful Interception
challenges such as encryption.

Know the Unknown Communications
Targets on modern IP networks can communicate over
a wide range of P2P protocols. It is a tedious process to
detect and decode such communication channels as
hundreds and thousands of new services are being
added every day.
ClearTrail's next generation LI system identifies such
channels that enables LEASto zero-in on precise
protocols hence providing timely intelligence. Moreover,
the same monitoring approach proves equally relevant
to both, LEA'Sas well as Intelligence Agencies, by
helping them intercept information that is not even
exchanged among partners in crime.
Unified Platform
ClearTrail unified monitoring platform supports both
switch as well as probe based interception over a
variety of voice and IP networks. It facilitates correlation
and retroactive analysis of the intercepts captured
across diverse networks providing a complete view of
the suspect's communication.
The unified platform comes with futuristic database
design that can handle Petabyte of information. It has
been architected for mass monitoring of voice & data.
The entire functional elements of database can be
scaled linearly and provide consistent and predictable
performance over time.
Standards and Regulations
Our systems meet LI regulatory requirements across
the globe. These are compliant with ETSl and CALEA
regulations. Our products are efficient to cater to region
specific requirements too.
Stealth ~ e c h n o l o ~ ~
ClearTrail also provides exclusively designed stealth
technology for active and passive field monitoring of
communication networks. The products with these
attributes are portable and tactical enough to perform
interception and analysis of secured communication
over Wired, Wi-Fi & GSM networks.

e x p e r i e n c e

An invaluable ally in LI

ClearTrail has gained leading
position in the field of communication
interception with large installations in
the Middle East, Europe and Asia
Pacific. In the last 10 years, we have
developed a series of innovative
"firsts" in the carrier grade monitoring
We have expertise in countrywide
monitoring and offer systems with a
wide range of interception
capabilities in complex
communication networks. ClearTrail
has successfully deployed more than
50 large systems, intercepting
hundreds of voice & data links and
has delivered several tactical field
surveillance systems.
Our integrated communication
interception suite offers a 360" view
to monitor a variety of voice and IP
networks, such as PSTN, GSM,
CDMA, GPRS, EDGE, 3G, 3.5G, WiFi, Wi-Max, VSAT, Large ISP and
Transmission Networks.

From voice to data surveillance,
tactical field interception to operator's
network monitoring, targeted
interception to mass capture,
conventional LI to revolutionary
Active Interception technology,
ClearTrail has hands-on experience.
We invest a significant portion of our
revenue in the Research &
Development of new interception &
monitoring technologies. We will
continue to provide new and
proactive solutions to the challenges
of lawful interception.

Empowering Intelligence

into(tr ~1r;ir'-tl'a~l
n\nl clta,rr-trailcorn

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