Name: SatGen

Text: SIMULATE Any dynamic, time or position

SatGsn v2 by RACELOGIC is the most cost effective multi-constellation
Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Simulation Software available.
If you are testing and developing GPS/GLONASS
receivers or applications, then you'll find SatEon
ve makes your job easier, quicker and more
What is Batban v e ?
Bat6en ve is Racelogic's GNSS scenario generation
software which enables you to create a data file,
based on a user-generated trajectory file that can be
replayed on a LabSat GNSS Simulator. With
Eat6en ve you can generate a scenario to simulate
a test anywhere in the world, with position, route,
speed, date and time all defined by the user.



vB Software User interface

Why use Sat6en v$? software?
You might be based in Europe, but your GPS devices
will be deployed throughout the world.
Bat6an vi2 you can create a test scenario based on
a user-generated trajectory file for virtually any
location, including hostile areas for which live-sky field
testing might be impossible. This allows you t o verify
that your GPS equipment design performs as required,
in a variety of locations that may be geographically
remote from your facility. It also means the same
scenario can be replayed repeatedly to see how the
device under test (DUT) performs.
Of course, LobSat can record and replay live data,
but creating an artificial scenario allows you to
precisely control the data content, and create a 'gold
standard' file for carrying out true comparisons
between receivers. From your bench you can try
different acceleration levels, crossing different time
zones, the equator, leap second roll-overs and many
hard t o replicate tests.

Choice of two software pmgmmmes
mot6m wt UIS Only Umulatbn Software with
'L.#RI l b i t and ZIWrC CT 2Mt GPS RF data
output in static or dynamic modes: User confiurable
tkne, date and duration for static scenario.creation.
mvg dynamic scenario creation with draw a
route, file upload and user defined command options.


Saeen vlC GPS & GLONW

SimulaPion Software
l b i t and 2.bbl Y 2bii GPS and
GLONASS RF data output in &tic or dynamic modes:
User configurable time, date and duration input for
static scenario creation. Saeen wt dynamic
scenario creation with draw a route, file upload and
user defined command ootions.

rlow does it work?
Creating a scenario with Smt6en VC is easy. A
relatively complicated route can be defined in just a
few clicks, leaving the software to automatically
generate a fully realistic scenario. If you have an
NMEA or KML file of your route, you can simply
import this directly into the software. Alternatively
you can create a scenario from scratch, either by
creating a route in Googk Mapsm mapping service, or
by building a unlque trajectory using simple user
defined commandswithin the muC software.

Smt6en M scenario generation process
8U80n uC software can also import data in a

variety of formats including: Coo& Earthw mapping
service 'kml', Racelogic VBOX '.vbo' and User Defined
The user defined command file feature allows for any
dynamic, time or location to be defined.
can easily create complex trajectory or flight profiles.
To make the process even easier a number of
predefined examples are included: Acceleration,
circle, square, figure of eight, airport take off, North
Pole circle, South Pole circle, equator circle and circle
around a set point. These can easily be modified to
create complex routines.
SU6en VC Scenario Creation Diagram


Brt6en M Draw a Route Screen
Once the route and velocity profile have been defined,
the software will use this data to create a [ktd.n
scenario file which can be replayed on a mor
E simulator into a device under test (DUT).
LmbEat is able to play the scenario file with
consistency and repeatability as part of a testing

iat-Gen vi
process dai


.krnl, NMEA.


Urcr defined

roftwrn k supplied by I)rlCUOGKLtd., experts in the M d of GP$ TaWng and Data LoLging. Rased in the UK
with a d d i i 0ffiCe5 in Germany, RACELOGICa n an IX) 9001company thrt supplies spuclaliicd GPS basedtest aquipment
to many well k m wrpontions, in om 90 countrimsaroundthe mrrld.


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Tel: +44 (0)1594 862200


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