Name: MobileSpark, MobileSpark Light, SparkPlug

Text: GSM Key-recovery
SPARK-seriesTMproducts deliver high performance GSM A511 and GSM A512,
session key recovery in packages tailored
for server or mobile use in operational
environments. The systems are designed to
run in both passive and active interception
SPARK utilises a mix of rugged COTS
equipment, integrated in a scalable and
modular system with proprietary rugged
hardware developed by CEPIA. The system
has an open API structure to allow integration with various types of receivers and task
200+ session key recoveries per second
with close to 100% success rate in a
multi-message scenario. The balance
between performance and success rate is
adjustable on the fly.

For more information or to inquire
about purchase, please visit or contact our sales
representative directly at:



CEPIA Technologies s.r.0.
Veveri 31631111
616 00 Brno
Czech Republic


Tel.: +420 549 212 300
Fax: +420 549 212 299


The system can work with both key-stream
requests (4 consecutive frames) and
cipher-stream requests* with CEPIA's own
plain-text predictor. Plain-text prediction
works even in networks with random fillers.
Designed to work with no or minimal setup
before operational.
Designed for continuous 2417 operation in
tactical operational environments. Cluster
option available.
System is Ican be integrated with most
existing and future GSM-capable intercept

W e a r e in business t o innovate,
not t o copy



GSM Decryption

SparkPlugTMis the best selling unit in the
Spark-seriesTM,offering both a normal
version capable of simultaneous active and
passive operation, and a active only 'light'
Same small lU 19" form-factor as the
MobileSparkTM(Ultra) Light units.

This unit redefines GSM decryption, with
massive performance, low price and small
sizelweightlpower consumption. With the
MobileSparkTMit is possible to decrypt all
captured traffic even from high-performance
SDRs that capture all channels in GSM
spectrum. This enables new concepts of
Key figures (normal I extended):
Up to 70 I140 keyslsec
Up to 99,5% single-message success rate
Less than 1.5 sec latency, 800ms average
2 1 2+1U 19" rack, 35cm deep
9-32VDC 500 1800W power (max)
Ships with 85-264VAC power-supply

[Ultra] Light
This highly capable decrypt unit is the ideal
compromise between size, performance and
ruggedness. Its modest size of only 1U and
low power consumption allows for almost
any installation. Thanks to its superb build
quality with harsh operational environments
in mind the MobileSparkTM(Ultra) Light will
provide a high number of keys per second
exactly where you need it the most. Being
subject to constant shocks in a vehicle or
vibrations onboard an airborne platform is
well within the limits for this unit.

The SparkServerTMis a clusterable unit
delivering massive performance from a
central location, at an industry leading
Key figures:
Up to 200 keyslsec per unit
Up to 99,8% single-message success rate
Less than 1.5 sec latency, 800ms average
2x 2U 19" rack, 65cm deep



Both active and passive operation is
simultaneously available in this unit.

Key figures (Light I Ultra Light):
Up to 12 1 6 keyslsec
Up to 98+% single-message success rate
Less than 1.5 sec latency, 800ms average
1U 19" rack, 33,5cm deep
9-32VDC 165 I11OW power (max)
Ships with 85-264VAC power-supply

Key figures:
Up to 2 keyslsec
Up to 96+% single-message success rate
Less than 1.5 sec latency, 800ms average
1U 19" rack, 33,5cm deep
9-32VDC 95W power (max)
Ships with 85-264VAC power-supply

The embedded SparkPlugTMis the latest
addition to the Spark-SeriesTMand
physically the smallest, which makes it the
preferred choice for highly mobile, portable
and even body-worn applications. It comes
in two versions, one active only version and
a passivelactive version.
Can also be delivered as PCB.
Key figures (active I passive):
Up to 1 I2 keyslsec
Up to 96+% single-message success rate
Less than 1.8 sec latency, 800ms average
125x80x20mm (LxWxH)
9-32VDC 12 1 20W power (max)
Battery option with integrated charger
Ships with 85-264VAC power-supply

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