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UGX Series 330
Transportable Dual GSM/ Triple UMTS Firewall
and Analysis Tool
The cellxion range of GX & UGX Cellular Intercept, Firewall & Analysis
products are designed t o provide Law Enforcement, Security Services and
Military officers with a comprehensive set of tools t o combat the growing
use of mobile communications technology in crime and terrorism.

B Compact device integrated into custom 1550
Pelicase, capable of operation in Vehicle or a
static location.

B The optional 'In Network Calling' allows
calls to be made within the UGX system
(GSM only).

B Contains two fully functional commercial

B cellxion 'Feels Like' function uses BCCH
manipulation to give a virtual power effect
of up to several thousand watts.

grade GSM (90011800MHz or 850/1900,
20W) BTS transceivers and any combination
of up to three UMTS 2100MHz, 3.2W) Node
B transceivers.

B Built-in 'environment monitor' to assess
the number of networks in an area, their
respective configurations, and provide
information to optimize user configuration of
the ETS transceiver modules.
Comprehensive identification of IMSI, IMEl
and TMSl information with dynamic control
capability including comprehensive denial
of service.

B Excellent RF performance in high multi-path
B Each transceiver is independently
configurable for all network parameters,
and can transmit between 130mW and it's
maximum power in 2dB steps.
B The unique cellxion software client and
GUI (graphical user interface) is consistent
across the entire range of cellxion GX & UGX
cellular intercept products.

B Simultaneous high speed acquisition of
handsets (up to 1500 per minute), across up
to five networks.

Optional add-on
UGX Series 400
Slave unit with the capability of up to 3
transceivers on two different UMTS channels

Cornmercralin c~nfidence

For further information please contact sales on UK +44 (0)20 3137 1637 i US +l (704)248 6229 or email

W Optional Covert Call (TK) software application to provide
a covert call capability to lock a target handset for
direction finding using the cellxion MSL or other suitable
DF systems.
Optional Measurement Reports (MR) software application
to provide handset geo-location and a mapping interface
using timing advance, RxLev & RxQal measurement.
W Full support for GP$ logging.
W Downloadable Java Client for use on alternative PC.

W Dimensions: W428mm X D524mm X H206mm
W Weight: 19.5kg
Two GSM (1 X 900/1 X 1800) transceivers
W Up to three UMTS 2100MHz transceivers

W Can be powered by vehicle battery, 24-32V DC (24Vdc
recommended), or mains via an AC adaptor.

W Downloadable Android client for use on Android smart

W Transmit Power Control in 2dB steps down to 130mW

W Comprehensive database featuring handsets cross
referenced against IMEI, and networks against PLMN.

W 'Feels Like' function makes cell more attractive to UEs

Built-in 802.1 1 Wireless Access point supporting
full remote control. The communications protocol is
proprietary and self-optimises to accommodate the
bandwidth available.

W GSM05.05 Receiver Compliance

W CPICH Transmit Power Control in 2dB steps down to
W 3GPP R5 Compliance (Local Area Cell TS25.104N6.8.0)
W Commercial Grade hardware

W Uplink port for connection to a WAN facilitating remote
diagnostics and simple software upgrading.

W HCS Priority makes cell more attractive to UEs

W Measurement reporting and full integration of DF
equipment to facilitate a one-stop solution to target
acquisition and geo-location.

W Each transceiver independently configurable

Power output specification

W Easy access side panels

The OPTIMA and 330 series are (per NodeB);

W Heat dependent fan assisted cooling

W Legitimate 3G identity acquisition without GSM mode

W Robust peli-case enclosure

CPICH: 32dBm / 1.6W

110v or 220V ac mains power supply included

W Average: 35dBm / 3.2W

Controls up to ten transceivers (any combination;

W Peak: 42dBm / 16W
The UMTS output power is checked against ETSl TS25.141
Test Model 1 for linearity and quality, measurements made
on a R&S CMU300 cellular test set.

W Integrated 802.1 1b/g Wireless Router
lnternet facing firewall for remote client operation and
remote support
W Web server provides software for Client PCs

W Web interface supports software updates for all modules

W Also available in GSM850/1900 variant [USA]
W Compatible with various Direction Finding (DF) equipment
for enhanced geo-location capability





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(0) 20 3137 1637
-d(0)20 31 37 2637

+l (704) 248 6229




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celtXion Proprietary ConMenbai. Not for redistribution or copying without express permasston of cellX~onor ~tsapproved distr~butorsE&OE.



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