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Wireless Homeland Security - Product Design
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For 50 years, Cambridge Consultants has led the way in innovative product
development. We are the development partner of choice to many of the world's
leading blue chips as well as the virtual development team for ambitious start up
With a long track record of working on security projects, we are experts in
wireless product development.

Mobile Phone Surveillance

Mobile Phone Location

Communications systems

Software Defined physical layer

Envelope Tracking power supply

Imagine the power of a basestation
in your pocket. By working with the
latest cellular technologies,
Cambridge Consultants is 'able to
deliver portable surveillance
equipment at "hand-held" size.
Possible applications include:
lMSl catcher
GSM portable communications
Network traffic logging for legal
Estimated size of 51mm X 88mm,
including multi-standard RF,
baseband processing and Ethernet
With an appropriate choice of radio,
dual booting to 3G (UMTS) is

Cambridge Consultants has
completed concept feasibility for a
detection system that provides
direction finding for third generation
cellular phones, known as 3G DF.
The concept, called "NavigatorTM",
has been proven in simulation as
the basis for further development.
3G phones are particularly difficult
to track, given that their wideband
CDMA transmissions have an
inherent low probability of intercept.
A working system can be
implemented as man-portable or
mounted on a vehicle.

Cambridge Consultants is seeking
a lead customer to work with on
development of a product.

We take the best technology from
the commercial world and help
manufacturers and prime
contractors to design it into defence
and security products.
Working with picochip, the world's
leading provider of femtocell
technology, we are able to rapidly
adapt commercial cellular basestation designs to be used for
defence and security applications.
In partnership with Nujira, we offer
envelope tracking technology for
highly efficient radio Power
Amplifier design. This technology is
set to revolutionisethe cellular
industry and can be applied to any
high rate communications where
power consumption is important.



Wireless from Cambridge Consultants


Project Example lridium
satellite broadband


Project Example WiMax
reference design


Project Example Air-Traffic
Control communications
using Software Defined Radio
The NEXCOM communications
system is used for air to ground
communications by aircraft across
USA and Europe.

For nearly a decade, lridium has
used Cambridge Consultants as
the design team for its groundbased handsets, transceivers and
military equipment. The design
objective with "OpenPorKIY was to
create a broadband service that
delivered the capacity of 64x
simultaneous voice telephony calls.

picoChip approached Cambridge
Consultants for the design of a
WiMAX physical layer reference
design on their PC102 chip. At the
time that the project started,
picoChip saw a business
opportunity but realised that they
would have to move quickly. Our
designers went from a specification
to a fully working product within 12
months, allowing picoChip to
leapfrog ahead of their competitors

lridium is the only truly global
telecommunications network,
based on an array of Low Earth
Orbit satellites which give low delay
and require no orientation of the
handset antenna.
The design solution used a flexible,
adaptive set of 7 antennas in the
ground terminal equipment to track
low earth orbit satellites moving at
8kmls whilst also adapting to the
movement of the platform which
may be mounted on an oceangoing vessel. The challenge in the
receiver design is to compensate
for the small received signal and
the Doppler shift caused by the
very fast movement of the
Cambridge Consultants was
responsible for full system design
and implementation, from concept
to product launch.

This WiMAX implementation has
as the standard against which other
designs are tested during the
approvals process.
We have continued our relationship
with picochip, implementing many
different wireless communications
standards on their processing
platform, these include: GSM, 3G,
HSPA+ and LTE.

Park Air Electronics (now
Northrop Grumman) employed
Cambridge Consultants to design
and implement an entirely new
Software Defined Radio system for
use in Air Traffic Control (ATC).
The ultra-linear power amplifiers
used Cartesian loop techniques
which we were able patent.

After the development of a
successful technology
demonstrator, we went on to
develop commercial products to
move the client into the new
market. Cambridge Consultants
provided radio design, digital signal
processing expertise and software
system design and implementation
into the joint development
programmes. Throughout the
development we achieved the high
standard of design reliability and
robustness that is required for a
mission critical application.

To discuss your product
development needs in wireless
homeland security please contact:
Tim Phipps
Wireless Business Development


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