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Legal Interception Systems

Powerful systems enable telecom operators and law
enforcement agencies to ful?ll telephone interception requirements in a

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reliable, MIMI I


- Monitoring Center I
economical i

BTT Monitoring Systems, are speci?cally developed to handle tasks of law

Systems are used to intercept communications in public ?xed (local and
international exchanges), mobile circuit switched networks (GSM), and radio
with wide band scanners.

All BTT systems are designed to interface both analog and digital telephone
lines to capture call content and intercept related information from the
exchanges of telco's.

DU MAN Monitoring Center is constructed using state-of-art software modules
and hardware components for monitoring in an auditable, secure and reliable

The system is composed of modules that connect to the network by custom
hardware and computer systems at the control center to analyze the collected

Duman has options to ?t all needs from small scale local applications to
nationwide systems with central management Reliable options range from
few passive connection to analog lines and cover all GSM, PSTN networks.


Legal Interception Systems A.

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.5. PSTN
?uodem Decoders GSM
TWFMuency Decoders RADIO (5


Solutions for High density:

Concentrator Copier (DCS)

TMRDouble DCS acts as a passive link concentrator and/or copier which takes
out and copies the necessary signaling information from tapped link signaling
time slots. All signaling time slots are analyzed by related analyzing modules.

E1 Analyzer:

Analyzer checks all established connections to see whether they will be
intercepted. If calls should be intercepted then analyzer orders recording and
forwarding modules to take necessary action.

Buffer, Forward:

All call content and intercept related information are stored until monitoring
center reports that it has received all CC and IRI. In order to deliver the CC and
lRl, Duman E1P converts them into standard formats which are commonly
used by telco's and legal monitoring centers. Conversion and delivery is done
in near real time in order to enable LEA's to act immediately. As soon as
delivery is completed successfully, all related records are erased from Duman
E1 P.

Collect Store:
Duman PSTN and GSM logger is able to collect and store all information from

handover interfaces coming from telecom operators.

Legal Interception Systems

Solutions for low density: (Duman Corvus)

Analog probes especially developed for low density rural areas minimize cost to intercept when trunk
intercept is not available.

Analog probes
Remote systems capture and send CC and IRI to LEMF with PSTN or GSM lines. Mobile systems
offer ?exibility and economy to ful?ll Ll needs.

Remote management:
All systems offer remote management and maintenance. All software options are field upgradeable
and con?gurable by authorized personnel.

All modules are secured by multi-level passwords, and content is with digital signatures.

Using Duman's ?exible and strong architecture, it can be engineered according to the customer's
exact needs.

Central management:

Central monitoring and management center offers all necessary modules to collect, analyze, and
store the intercepted information. Voice, fax, data collected from low or high density probes of ?xed or
mobile networks can be presented to authorized personnel in original formats. This information can be
presented in more explanatory ways,such as on CIS maps or case grouping.

Monitoring Center modules for interception are:

?4 Duman-Corvus
hooks to PSTN or conferenced E1 trunks and provides Lawful Interception systems for
Fixed and GSM Mobile networks.
Duman E1
togetherwith DCS systems provides means for concentration and as

monitoring of E1 ISDN, SS7 link monitoring. ?9
hooks parallel to EURO ISDN BRI lines at telco side and
provides 28+1 channel interception.

for interception of IP traf?cfrom .


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