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The S Q 4 Recon is believed t o be the most advanced nano
VTOL UAV availabletoday. It is packed with excellent features
which make it ideal for both military and civilian use.
The SQ-4 RECON is a unique micro drone weighing in at
around 200grams (702). Designed to fly into very small spaces,
penetrate heavy RF jamming, and be controlled or observed
from literally anywhere in the world.The SQ-4 RECON offers the
modern war fighter the ability to carry out reconnaissance tasks
without putting themselves in harm's way.
The SQ-4 RECON communications uses 2.4GHzlEEE 802.15.4
standard transceiver.The RF engine has a high powered onboard processor which allows the creation of a peer to peer
network through automatic packet switching and forwarding
to modules outside of range. With a maximum data rate of
lMbps at 16,000ft line ofsight, the system allows deployment
of a number of drones interconnected, communicating with
each other as well as with an FOB. All videolstill image data
is transmitted over the same high powered secure network.
The RF system is encrypted using AES128 bit.The system also
supports an internet bridge allowing communications to the
drones remotely over the internet with little effort.The internet
bridge supports 128 bit SSL communications as well as strong
authentication and as such can plug into any secure civilian or
military Ethernet network.
The SQ-4 Recon G r ~ u n Control
System (GCS)

The purpose made batteries provide up to 30 minutesof flight.
Ina perch and stare
the drone draws about
power being supplied by a separate batteryaThedrone currently
provides around 8 video/ image hours in perch and stare mode.

The ground control unit is a new purpose made tablet allowing
for the customisation of all the features needed to operate the
S Q -R~ ~ C OThe
direct connection to most mesh
networks. It is mission autonomous but has two small joysticks
for mmual control when required.

The Frame design has been kept simple and light-weight but
extremely rugged; there is a current thrust to weight ratio (using
7.7 gram motors) provide a wind tolerance
of around
sec. The SQ-4 RECON has been deliberately designed to fly out
sight and can
a range UP 2.5ki10metres
(7.5 miles) injust a few minutes.

Launches in under 1 minute.

Features that enable the drone to fly by simply pressing a button
have been added, taking the human error out of the equation.
It has features such aslSafeHovef andlAuto Home'which allows
the operator to simply forget the drone if he or she comes under
fire and has to move. A simple touch screen for'location: and'fly
to location'is under development.The drone will automatically
warn the operator once over target so any fine adjustment can
be made manually.The centre of the screen is taken up with the
downlink camera or mapping view which is over layered with
the flight OSD.
For example: pressing thelSAFE HOVER'button simply starts the
motor and places the drone at a pre-determined height.This
function can be used prior to flight missionto place it safely
out of harm's way, or during a flight missionwhen the operator
comes under duress.


India I BCB Exim Pvt. Ltd. 408 Pragati Deep Building Luxmi Nagar Distr~ct
Centre New Delhi 110092 Tel: +91 l l 225 28 1 1 7 Email:




Safe Hover and Return to Operator

Durable Perch & Stare for observation

Thanks to its surround ultrasonic sensors, the SQ-4 RECON
can land on a very narrow perch position Out of the operator's
sight-Once landed, the motors can be stopped to allow the
SQ-4 RECON camera to be utilised for up to 8 hours. Motor
restart can be activated at any t?
i Ie.
Automatic re-Start and
return to operator will Self-activatewhen the battery is at 30%.

Day and Night use


Soldiers will find the SQ4-RECONrssafe hover and return
situation that
requires immediate attention. In such cases the drone can
be immediately set to safe hover at its present location or
instructedto return
to the operator. When the latter
isactivated,the drone willreturn to the location
of the Ground
Control System (GCS). If the battery safety feature is set, then
the drone willautomatically return to the GCS when its power
has reached 30%.
to operator
handy ina

The SQ-4 RECON is desiqned to operate both day and niqht. It
is fitted with an array o f l LED'S
that permit stealth landing at
night, or for searching dark buildings and other spaces. The
LED'Sfitted to each of the stabilisation legs provide secure
landing and allow the drone to landonanarealess than 30x

Swarming(under development)


By using signal strength on the RF transceiver and knowing
the position of sister drones, we can further enhance Inertial
Navigational System (INS) using a local position triangulation.
Swarming and extended range can be achieved by using the
mesh network. It is estimated that a single user would be able
to swarm up to 50 drones from one GCS control station.


Small Space and Building Penetration Search

The SQ-4 RECON has 6 highly tuned ultrasonic sonar modules
to capture 3D distance data on every axis of the drone.These
sensors can be used to fly inside a building and manoeuvre
in tight spaces. Using object detection and avoidance it can
be flown safely indoors. The drone is fitted with IR LED'Sto
illuminate the-forward observation camera allowing it to search
in the dark.

Acoustic Infiltrator & Voice-Messaging

"The SQ-4 RECON presents a totally
new concept of aerial observation
platform with unparalleled
functionality and ability. '"


The drone's inbuilt technology means that it can be flown to
a location and used as an emergency voice communications
platform similar to VOlP operating worldwide. A high
gain microphone allows the operator to listen for noise or
conversations etc. The 0.5 watt speaker enables the operat~ ,1to speak to people within a 5 meter range.
High Resistance to Weather Conditions
The SQ4-RECON has a wind tolerance of around 8-9 mlsec. It
is self-stabilising; it returns to level flight instantly if flipped
or knocked. The drone uses an active position hold function
which recognises wind speed and uses the GPS to compensate



USA 1 BC6 International Inc. 3900 31s t Street North, St. Petersburg FL 33714
Tel: +l
727 525 5552 Toll Free: 800 526 1556 Email:



Key Features:


Specification Overview:

The SQ-4 RECON has been through
a process of design, trial and error,
and adaptation -the end result is a
highly intelligent drone capable of
performing a wide range of tasks.
Moreover, the unique innovative
flight control system allows secure
access to a drone from anywhere in
the world, both for observation and

Drone 210 grams (702)
Drone GCS in pack 968 grams (34 oz)


Approximate Size:
240x240x11Omm (9xgx4inch)

IR observation and night landing

Its small size and light weight means
it can be carried and deployed
without any additional strain on the
operator.The GC5 and spare batteries
fit into a simple pouch that can be .
The 54-4 RECON presents a totally
new concept of aerialobservation
platform with unparalleled


Flight Duration:
30 minutes
Average Flight Speed:
6.5 meters per second (12.6 knots)
Max Legal Operating Height:
400 meters (437 yards)

Powerful Speaker and high gain
Secure VOIP communications between
GC5 and drone
ComputerisedTouch Button GC5
Flight System
Day / Night Digital Camera

Operational Range:
2.5 Kilometre (1.5 miles)

On Screen Display (OSD)

Data Link:
IEEE 802.1 5.4 - 128 Bit Encryption

Emergency Recovery

Video 1 Still images:
Day / Night 5 megapixel camera
Noise Level:
Inaudible above 15 meters
Heat Signature:

r ~ h base
e station can
be used to operate
multiple drones"

Perch & Stare
Penetrate & Search (day / Night)

Operating Temperature:
-10°C (14°F) to + 50°C (122°F)
(low thermal signature)

BCB International Ltd. Clydesmuir Road, Cardiff CF24 2QS UK
Tel: +44 (0)0845 300 41 11 Fax: +44 (0)2920433 701 Email:

Emergency Position Hold
Return To Operator
Future development:
Swarming of up to 50+ drones
Ultrasonic scanning of objects
Fully Autonomous Mission planning,
programming and execution
Backend direct control of drone using
secure internet (worldwide operational




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