The world rn which we all live and work continues
to evolve rap~dly.New opportunities and nsks
are emerging and converging every day as our
dependence on technology grows.

In an inueasjngly connected world, traditionat
organisational and network boundaries have been
eroded. Organisations, their customers, suppliers
and partners are more inter-connected than ever,
and both employees and consumers are
incfeasingly mobile.

At the same time, the drgital realm has opened
up a new envlronrnent for security threats. tn the
hyper-connected world, the stakes are hi@her.
The costs assocrated with conducting an attack
are lower, and criminals and termrlsts are able to
continue explaitcngju.risdict~onalloophales.
In the 'intelligence age', this great complex@ and
overlap in the threat m d opportunity land~cape
means that organisatrons need a trusted partner.

As the demand for data rockets, communieations
networks have become faster, but have had
to evolve to meet new technical and social
challenges. They have become more complex and
global in reach.

New opportunities and risks ate
emerging and convergimng every day


The Applied Intelligence division of BAE Systems
detivers solutions which help our clients to
protect and enhance therr critical assets in the
intelligence age. Our solutions combine largescale data exploitation, 'intelligence-grade'
security and complex services and
solutions integration.
We operate in four key domains of expertise:
Cyber Security, Financial Crime, Communications
Intelligence and Digital Transformation.


Leading enterprises and government
departments use our solutions to protect and
enhance physical infrastructure, nations and
people, mission-critical systems, valuable
intellectual property, corporate information,
reputation and customer relationships,
competitive advantage and financial success.
Our solutions enable organisations to be
more agile, increase trust and operate more
confidently. They help to strengthen national
security and resilience, for a safer world. They
enable enterprises to manage their business
risks, optimise their operations and comply with
. .

. - r

We are perfectly positioned to helphourclients
meet the challenges of operating in the
intelligence age. Today, we have over 2,800 staff
in 26 offices sewing clients across the UK and
Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific and the
Middle East.
We have a heritage in protecting assets,
working with national-scale data sets in multiple
intelligence-led problem areas, applying our
technology rnnovation and track-record of
complex solutions integration to solve clients'
critical busmess issues.

Our solutions help to protect and enhance
our clients9critical assets

Our consulting services help cl~entsto prepare
for cyber attacks by understanding and managing
cyber exposure, enabllng them to make Informed
Investment dec~s~ons
and to put pragmatic, costeffective protection In place.
We protect their valuable Informatron assets with
network and mob~lltysecurlty products. We have
been dolng thls for more than 40 years, working
for the most security-conscious government
agencies and enterprises.
We provlde advanced monltorlng as a product
and as a managed semce. Our CyberRevealT"
blg data analyt~csand lnvestlgatlon platform
actlvlty - much of whlch bydetects susp~c~ous
passes tradlt~onalIT securlty approaches - wh~le
maxlmlslng the efficiency of securlty operatlons.
We also help clients to respond to cyber attacks
quickly and effectively when these occur.
Our specialist investigators have unparalleled
experience in containing, investigating and
responding to security incidents and helping our
clients make the right decisions at the right time
to minimise financial loss and
reputational damage.

Identifying, combating
and preventing financial
threats, risk, loss or
Our NetRemlmsolution is prcwen to revolutionise
the detection of fmuU and organised crime.
t is used by major global b a n k and insurers,
governments and law enforcement agencies
around the world to provide intelligence and
oombat a range of criminal threats.

h the financial services sector, NetReueal IS an
enterprise risk-managementsolution. It urlc@v&s
networks of suspicious bebvitrr by identifying
and scoring networks uf customers and accounts
across an organisation's complete portfolio of
products and brands. We also enable financial
institurions to comply with regutatotory obligations.

Helping our clients
across the complete
cyber security risk

In the Government sector, NetReveal errabies
government and law enforcement agencres to
generate intelligence to identify and counter those
who threaten the safety of the public, the security
of the state ox who seek to commit serious and
organised crime - including tax, welfare and
healthcm fraud.

Creating competitive
advantage and enhancing
operating performance by
exptoiting data and dOgital
Whether transacting with customers in new ways.
finding new streams of revenue generation,
evolving communications methods, optimising
network performance or delivering new IT
infrastructure, our digital transformation solutions
provide the potential to derive competitive
advantage or enhance operating performance.


Our Managedlnsights offerings provide 'big data
analytics as a service' focused on monetising
customer data for telecoms operators and
intelligent asset management for enterprises.


Prodding sophisticated
network intelligence,
pwtection and controls

Our 'enterarise digital innovation' solutions
combine technical and creative capabilities to
help organisations to change, so that they can
thrive in the digital economy. We design and build
engaging user experiences and optimlse mobile
channels to help organisations connect with
customers, employees and partners.

Our end-to-end solutions for nati~nalsecurity and
law enforcement agencies bringtogether products
and service capabilities to help these clients to
pursue their core intelligence missions.

We deliver intelligentservice management
and integration solutions which maxlmise the
performance of end-to-end IT services in the most
cost-effective manner. We help clients to navlgate
their complex security and data challenges to
deliver a seamles IT service to end-users.

We have expertise in data acquisition, protocol
processtng, database and storage, analysls
and presentation of large volumes of complex
data for lawful interception and
communications intelligence.
For communications service providers, we have a
track record of providing data retention and lawful
interception solutions to meet their regulatory
obligations. We also provide network intell~gence
products which enable encryptlon, filtering and
secure information sharing as well as real-time
analysis and decisions for end-user protection
and poltcy controls.

Our digltal strategy services are a unique blend
of expertise in business analysis, programme
benefits, technology, data analytics, securii
and user-centric design. Our capabilities enable
clients to develop business strategies, new
business architectures and operating models to
meet thew core organisational objectives.

It's an environment where our clients have always
demanded the highest levels of trust, integrity
and understanding. Now, new technologies are
creating new threats and opportunities that need
to be tackled In new ways. Our proven solutions
help clients to prevent and detect emerging
forms of crime and terrorism, strengthen cyber
security and protect crtizens from harm. They also
increase organisational efflciency, responsiveness
and effectiveness.

Times are tough. But focusing on operatronal
effclency tsn't just about reducing costs. With
a smarter approach, it can increase agltity,
responsiveness and effectrveness, too. Our
products, servlces and advanced analytical tools
can help transform the setvices provided by
central government, so resources can be focused
on serving the people that need them most.

In today's saturated markets, converging
technologies are providrng new opportunrtres to
build relationships and tailor services for indivrdual
consumers. In this envrronment, we work with our
clients to offer differentiated products and expand
into new markets while still improving marglns
and retaining ex~sting
customers. By combrnrng
rnnovative software and hardware technoiog~es
with business and technical consultancy, we help
them tackle these challenges.

The financial services industry IS undergo~ng
period of immense transformatron. Amidst calls
for the market to become more secure and open,
new regulations are forcing organisations to get
to grrps with their data or face the consequences.
We help our clients extract insight from customer
data, develop tailored services, protect critical
information assets and improve operational
eff~ciency.We also help them conform to
regulatory requirements.

Data 1s a powerful asset and can be used to
increase the accuracy of demand forecasting,
Improve customer experience and enhance
operational effectlveness. But as the sector
undergoes transformatron with new technologies
and forms of digital infrastructure, new
vulnerabilities are introduced. Our solutions help
our clients to protect thelr business networks
from cyber security threats while getting the most
out of therr data and complying with demanding
regulatory oblrgations.

Our solutions are used by clrents in other
commercial sectors ranging from transport
and healthcare to ht-tech, manufacturrng,
pharmaceutrcals and professronal servces.
Wherever complex data, securrty and
communlcatrons requirements converge, our
salut~onsare being used to protect and enhance
our clients' organisations and cr~ticalassets.

A trusted partner for governments and
commercial sector clients

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection
Centre (CEOP) is the UK's dedicated national
policing agency for tackling child exploitation. It
plays a vital role in helping to safeguard children
and young people online. It is a national centre
of excellence and best practice across the world
for safeguarding children online. Identifying and
locating child sex offenders IS difficult and timeconsuming with large volumes of data needed to
build up an 'intelligence picture'.

We have provided expertise and advanced
data analysis tools to help CEOP faster detect
and investigate crimes against children. Thts
has helped CEOP to identify high-risk child sex
offenders faster and locate children who are being
helped to uncover the world's largest paedophile
ring, safeguarding 6 0 children and resulting in the
arrest of 1 2 1 offenders in the UK.

Formula 1teams are constantly innovating
to stay on the podium. Their rich and varied
Intellectual Property (IP) - including advanced
engineering and automotive technology - is
vital to maintaining competitive advantage. This
valuable IP as well as its partner and commercial
information needs to be protected against
sophisticated, targeted attacks on its information
systems and networks.
The Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula 1team
has chosen the CyberReveal solution to detect
the most advanced and sophisticated threats,
while providing far more detailed context around
cyber alerts than competing technologies. The
solution enables more informed decisions and
optimises resources to deliver greater operational
efficiency and a more rapid response to highpriority threats, helping to ensure the continued
success of the team.

Organised crime rings operating in the UK
insurance industry are increasingly sophisticated.
Undetected general insurance claims fraud costs
the UK insurance industry over £2bn annually.
Fraudulent organised motor insurance claims alone
cost honest customers over E4m every week. The
Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) was established to
detect and prevent organised and cross-industry
insurance fraud in the UK.

The IF6 selected our NetReveal solution,iTh~ch
provides intelligence to investigators through
advanced social network analysis to detect and
prevent fraud that traditional systems cannot. To
date, using our solution, the IFB's collaboration
with police forces across the UK has resulted in
6 2 1 arrests of criminals and the seizure of multimillion pounds worth of criminal assets.

Businesses big and small now rely on mobile
services to an extent unimaginable five years ago.
As new mobile-centric security risks are emerging,
enterprises are looking for help in protect their
businesses. Mobile telecommunications network
operators have an opportunity to meet customers'
increasingly complex security needs.
Our MobileProtectrMsolution provides enterprises
with cloud-based mobile security solutions. The
solution works across all networks, scanning
traffic to and from a company's mobile devices. It
safeguards against mal~ciousattacks and blocks
inappropriate content, without impacting device


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