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An l ntroduction to Autonomy Virage
Enhanced security and surveillance have become an
increasingly important consideration at a corporate, national
and global level. While security and surveillance operations
form an integral part of any security strategy, the ability
to understand, analyze and interpret the significance of
information gathered as part of day-to-day operations is a
fundamental requirement for all security environments.
Autonomy Virage's security and surveillance solutions support
every stage of security and surveillance operations, improve
and promote situational awareness, provide an extensive range
of advanced recognition and recording systems as well as
capabilities for instant and post-event retrieval and analysis.
At the heart of Autonomy's groundbreaking technology is the
Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL), a single platform
which is optimized for fast processing and retrieval of data in all formats. By forming an understanding of the inherent
meaning and potential significance of any piece of information, Autonomy's technology brings fresh, intelligent insight
and immediate analytical capabilities to all operational and security environments. Advanced recognition technologies
originally developed for security services provide a strong foundation for a sophisticated product range.
The core platform includes:
Command and Control
DigitallNetwork Video Recording (DVRINVR)
Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
Intelligent Scene Analysis System (isAS)
Electronic Point of Sale Monitoring (EPOS)
Container Surveillance Management System (CSM)
Face Recognition

All products may be used as individual components on a standalone basis or as part of a wider integrated solution to
create a centralized control and management center. Increasing volumes and types of data create the need to adopt
comprehensive strategies which encompass all security data and where relevant, integrate these with operational data
as well.
Autonomy's unique technology allows organizations to monitor vast quantities of information from disparate sources,
understand all data gathered at a conceptual level and place each piece of information in context with other known
intelligence. This ensures that operations are more efficient, productivity is improved, results are enhanced and

Company Background
Founded in 1996, Autonomy is a financially stable company, profitable in
every quarter for over eight years with solid cash generation and no net
debt. Autonomy has a global presence with dual headquarters in Cambridge,

UK, and San Francisco, USA, and offices throughout the world including
North America, Western Europe, Australia, Asia Pacific, Japan and China.
An extensive partner network combining the expertise of local integrators and global consultancy services provides a strong
route to market. Autonomy is listed on the London Stock Exchange (AU. or AU.L) and reports quarterly under the stringent
standards set by International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
Over 400 of the world's software companies build their products on Autonomy's technology, including leading companies
such as Oracle, Siemens, EMC, Citrix, EDS, IBM Global Services, Novell, Oracle, Vignette, Symantec, Sybase, Iron
Mountain and Dassault Systemes by embedding it at the core of their products and services. More than 400 VARs and
Integrators have acknowledged the power and business potential of Autonomy's technology.

Meaning @Success
Autonomy continues to deliver outstanding results across the
board, with record revenue and profits driven by strong organic



growth and strategic acquisitions. Full year 2008 results broke all
company records and the company looks set to continue this trend
into the coming year.

Autonomy's Share Price December 2004 to February 2009

"Over the lastfive years Autonomy Corporation (A ELSE) consistently
outperformed the FTSE 100 index"
Financial Times

Company Background


Rich Broad Customer Base
An extensive range of blue chip customers and public sector agencies from around
the world use Autonomy's Meaning Based Computing technology for advanced
audio and video analysis.
Government and public sector agencies throughout the world such as the US
Securities and Exchange Commission, US State Department, US Department of
Justice, US Department of Commerce, US Department of Labor, US Department of Education, UK Houses of Parliament,
the British Tourist Authority and the UK Department of Trade and Industry use Autonomy to connect people and resources.
Intelligence and Defense organizations across the world use Autonomy to protect against security threats. Worldwide
customers include the US Department of Homeland Security, US Department of Defense, French MOD, Italian Ministry of
Interior, Swedish Defense, Romanian Security, Spanish MOD, British MOD, the Olympic Games Security Committee and
the National Nuclear Security Administration, Autonomy's ability to process information has had a significant impact upon
the efficacy of many world renowned security agencies.

Mintshyof Defence

Department of Trade and Indus-








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The Law Society


As a groundbreaking company founded out of pioneering research at Cambridge University, Autonomy is proud to maintain
its reputation as one of the most innovative companies in the world. Autonomy continues to be research and development
(R&D) led, focusing on consistent delivery of increasingly innovative products to customers, and thereby consolidating its
position as market leader. Autonomy's commitment to R&D is evident in the company's continued product innovation.
Autonomy owns 100% of the technology in its portfolio and hence eliminates the uncertainty of sourcing and integrating
solutions from multiple vendors in a consolidated market space. No matter what changes take place in the broader market,
Autonomy customers will never be left with unsupported technology or software licenses that become non-renewable. As
the largest department in the group, the R&D team continues to represent the lifeblood of the company. Autonomy holds
over 130 patents.

Autonomy CEO andfounder Dr Mike Lynch Named
'Ynnovator ofthe Year"
Autonomy - 2008 European Business Leaders Awards
'Best Performing Software Company in Europe"
Autonomy - 2008 Trufle 100 - Presented by European Commissionerfor
Information Society and Media

Truffle l00

'Best Government Solution and Best Technology Provider"
Autonomy - 2007 Gartner IT Channelvision
%wardfor Excellence in Technology"
Autonomy Virage - 2007 Frost & Sullivan Award





'Best Government Solution, 2006"
Autonomy - Gartner Government Solution Summit
"One afthe 50 Fmtest-Growing Software Companies"
Autonomy - Baseline Magazine

Company Background


Limitations of Traditional Approaches
The overall efficiency of any monitoring system is entirely dependent upon the extent to which individuals are able to
recognize and respond to the video surveillance signals presented to them. Human error accounts for virtually all failures
to respond appropriately to video surveillance signals. Numerous studies suggest that up to 85% of onscreen information
goes unnoticed once a system operator has been on duty for a mere fifteen minutes, rendering a traditional command
center system desperately inefficient.
Multiple duties and discontinuity in personnel, such as shift changes and high staff turnover, contribute to
reduced efficiency and dramatically decrease the quality of surveillance operations
Human concentration span typically wanes after 45 minutes according to scientific studies
Typical surveillance shifts lasting up to 12 hours and far exceed the normal human concentration span and
contribute significantly to failures to identify and respond to unusual, illegal or suspicious behaviors
Human operators are unable to identify links or patterns across different information sets
Traditional approaches to Security and Surveillance rely on indiscriminate recording and manual processing of video, which
are frequently proven to be costly and ineffective. Disparate data sources, information delivered in incompatible formats,
and the inability to automate processes and interactions, mean that traditional approaches often miss or fail to pick up
important events and identify potential threats to security, or malpractice within the organization. Resources can be added
to overcome these shortcomings, but this is far from the optimal solution.
The fundamental issue is that traditional security systems do not actually understand what is occurring or how it might
relate to other events that have occurred in the local vicinity during a short time period. Relationships can therefore not be
identified using traditional approaches. Additionally, traditional systems cannot effectively describe the footage for real-time
reporting or later reuse as part of a case or investigation. To manage this data effectively, security systems need a new
way to process information, moving away from manually monitoring and tagging video footage to an approach whereby
computers can understand the information and process it in the same way a human would -that is, by comprehending its
meaning to reveal patterns and trends which may have gone unnoticed otherwise.

"With its suite ofpowerfil technologies, Autonomy Virage is able to meet a wide range
ofsecurity and surveillance applications rangingfrm highly complex command and
control center deployments to small-scale securityfunctions.

Frost & Sullivan

Autonomy Virage's Approach to
Security and Surveillance
Autonomy was founded on the basis that technology should map to the human world, not the other
way around. This methodology is the foundation for Autonomy's Intelligent Data Operating Layer
(IDOL), a data-agnostic technology that overcomes the barriers of language, format, and connectivity
that typically hinder traditional technologies. IDOL, the underlying platform technology of all Autonomy
solutions, provides a level of interoperability, secure access, scalability and understanding that cannot
be achieved by traditional solutions.
In high level security and surveillance operations the need has never been greater for advanced
technologies that can make sense of rich media information and instantly alert the relevant parties to
crucial intelligence.
While observation forms an integral part of any security strategy, the ability to understand, analyze and interpret the
significance of information gathered as part of surveillance operations is a fundamental requirement for all security
environments today. Increasing volumes and types of data, including video footage, camera stills, vehicle registration plates,
traffic records, police databases, immigration records, telephone conversations and transaction reports are integral to security
operations and necessitate the adoption of comprehensive strategies that encompass all security data.
Autonomy Virage delivers a complete infrastructure solution for security operations by leveraging IDOL, which forms
a conceptual and contextual understanding of content in any file format - video, text or voice-based, structured or
unstructured - regardless of where it is stored, how it was created, or which application is associated with the data.
Because of this "data-agnostic" approach, IDOL can identify relationships between disparate data types and form important
connections vital to discovering security breaches that previously hinged on costly and unreliable manual labor. By forming
a conceptual understanding of unstructured content, IDOL automates key processes, thereby driving substantial cost
savings for the security and surveillance industry.

IDOL - Understanding Meaning
IDOL is the information processing platform that lies at the heart of Autonomy Virage solutions.
IDOL uniquely forms an understanding of all content in an enterprise so that the relationships
between concepts can be detected, no matter the form in which they are expressed. Based on
that understanding, real-time information can be automatically processed and analyzed. This not
only improves operational productivity but also offers enhanced situational awareness and threat detection as relationships
between seemingly unrelated events can be identified and reacted to.

Xutonomy is the market leader in the provision ofsoftware that automates the
analysis of unstructured data, whether in theform oftext, audio, images or video."
URS.lub 2008

Connecting the Dots
The ability to process all forms of digital information including video, audio, and text, on a single platform enables
Autonomy to offer unique solutions to a growing number of organizations and enterprises that are increasingly dependent
on utilizing unstructured information. With the organization standardized on IDOL as its only information access platform,
all electronic structured, semi-structured and unstructured information existing within the enterprise can be automatically
indexed for quick and easy identification and retrieval whenever necessary.
A single backbone that connects all business applications, security systems, and data repositories is essential if holistic
solution is to be attained. The ability to monitor and track all forms of information and relate them to one another is critical
in this information age.
The convergence of operational, compliance and security needs is occurring rapidly. No longer can an organization have
separate systems for each of these important operations. Effective threat detection needs to occur within the organization as
well as at its boundary and needs to encompass all data types, particularly video and audio.
Autonomy is unique in its ability to offer this level of connectivity, understanding and risk assessment on a real-time basis.

The Need for Situational Awareness
Situational awareness is the perception of environmental elements within a period of time and space, the comprehension
of their meaning, and the projection of their impact into the future. It is a field of study that extends far beyond security
requirements and is critical when dealing with complex, dynamic scenarios that can span from intelligence gathering, air
traffic control, power plant operations, military command and control to more ordinary but nevertheless complex tasks such
as driving an automobile or monitoring a crowd at a sporting event.
Lacking or having inadequate situational awareness has been identified as one of the primary factors in accidents attributed
to human error. It thus becomes a critical goal when there is a high volume of information flow and where poor decision
making leads to serious consequences.
By providing outstanding Situational Awareness, Autonomy Virage empowers companies to:
Increase operational efficiencies
Better allocate resources to areas in which the technology has indicated a future impact
Provided with real-time analysis, companies can respond quickly and precisely to prevent further damage
Optimize resources and cost distribution to focus on their most critical areas


10 Autonomy Virage's Approach to SecuritV and Surveillance

Autonomy Virage's approach to achieving Situational Awareness is to build a framework that extends from the monitoring of
single events to building complex networks of related activity to offer reactive and proactive capabilities.
Event Stream Processing (ESP): the ability to monitor CCTV footage, understand the content and alert accordingly,
e.g., if person walks too close to the edge of the platform, it can raise an alarm so closer monitoring can occur
Security Processing Management: building on ESP capabilities and allowing for business rules to be captured, e.g.,
if a car license plate is recorded in the HR system, then a parking lot barrier can be raised automatically
Complex Event Processing: by adding IDOL'S conceptual understanding, more complex events can be built and
unseen relationships between different events can be discovered, e.g., a car seen loitering near a retail bank
branch and an the employee card used in an access-denied event share the address of a recently terminated

Products and Solutions
The sensitive nature of these products and the type of operations they are managing makes it inappropriate to offer actual
case studies. References can be obtained on request but for the purposes of this document we are providing generic
customer use cases to demonstrate how the powerful Autonomy Virage solution is used in real world situations.

Protecting Public Infrastructure
Continued urbanization is putting growing pressure on the metropolitan environment. With close to half of the world's population
now living in cities, protecting and improving the urban landscape is an increasing priority for local and central government.
This requires flexible technology and integrated policies to address diverse challenges such as reducing anti-social behavior,
street crime, protecting infrastructure and public buildings, and improving transportation networks.

Public Safety - City Center
Autonomy Virage's broad suite of IP-based applications offer automated solutions for preventing
crime and vandalism, implementing effective infrastructure management and identifying how
best to invest resources in the future. Bringing together best-of-breed technologies in video
surveillance and analytics, Autonomy Virage provides state of the art monitoring solutions,
including Digital and Network Recording (DVWNVR), Autonomy Virage Intelligent Scene
Analysis System (ISAS), Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) and Autonomy Virage
Command and Control. Autonomy's open architecture allows seamless connectivity with old or new systems to leverage
existing investments and create a complete intelligent security network. The infrastructure has been specifically designed to
allow easy integration of third party equipment such as display units and alarm panels. All of Autonomy Virage's technology
is massively scalable to meet changing user requirements and is easy to use with minimal training through a single
intuitive interface.
Key Benefits:


2417 intelligent surveillance across large areas
Automatic alerting based on pre-defined triggers or abnormal behavior
Direct lines to law enforcement
Advanced recording capabilities offer video evidence which can lead to successful prosecution

The growing number of public and private vehicles on the road is putting increasing pressure on urban infrastructure. In
order to tackle congestion and other issues effectively, local transportation authorities must have reliable, real-time data on
the problems they face and a complete picture of changing transportation trends.
Autonomy Virage offers a range of proactive solutions to automate the monitoring and management of transportation
networks on any scale, such as dynamic traffic surveys, incident detection and enforcement, real-time infrastructure
management and speed monitoring. Solutions include Autonomy Virage Command and Control, Automatic NumberILicense
Plate Recognition (ANPWALPR), Autonomy Virage Intelligent Scene Analysis System (ISAS), and Container Surveillance
& Management System (CSM). Autonomy Virage automates proactive network management to reduce costs and deliver
significant ROI.

Products and Solutions


Automating the processes of identifying and tracking vehicles has valuable applications for both commercial and law
enforcement purposes. With the capability to connect to multiple databases and automatically cross reference and correlate
identified license plates with other data, Autonomy Virage provides numerous benefits for organizations that must tap into
multiple sources of data to make quick, informed decisions.
In addition to assisting in traffic law enforcement and vehicle identification, Autonomy Virage ANPR is also used to
streamline logistics operations such as loading and unloading goods at distribution centers. By automatically matching
vehicle numberllicense plates with information held in local databases, Virage ANPR triggers entry authorization and
automatically directs vehicles to designated bays where relevant documentation will be waiting so that loading and
unloading can commence immediately.

(case Study - Protecting Motorways
Motorways present a difficult challenge for security and surveillance operations. With a large number of possible
infringements, illegal maneuvers and dangerous driving to look out for, most intelligent video monitoring solutions
fail to correctly identify infractions and potential threats as the dynamics of the events constantly change.
Autonomy Virage won the contract for a Government project which uses the Intelligent Scene Analysis System
(ISAS) to monitor, detect and penalize lane violations and illegal overtaking on motorways.
By recognizing abnormal patterns of activity, iSAS can identify erratic driving, dangerous overtaking, speeding and
accidents all through one platform solution. The system automatically identifies any infringements, records images
of the offense and transmits them back to the control center. The police computer system then uses the plate
details to identify the driver and issue a ticket and fine notification to the offending driver instantaneously. This is
all made possible with Autonomy Virage's technology, which allows the system to form an understanding of the
video and recognize dynamic of the event.
Autonomy Virage was also commissioned to deploy iSAS across service areas along the motorway. These monitor
strategic areas to detect and deter dangerous or illegal parking and suspicious behavior associated with car theft as
well as monitor the length of time cars have been parked and abnormal behavior such as running crowds, which
may suggest an emergency has occurred.
Real-time analysis and alerting translate directly to expedited response so that the necessary action can be taken.
Since the deployment of Autonomy Virage's solution, road traffic accidents have decreased by over 70%.

High Performance in All Conditions
Automatic format checking places each plate reading in context by verifying the identified number plate against typical
templates in any given territory. By taking multiple readings of each plate and using sophisticated probability matching
techniques to analyze and calculate the likelihood that any given reading is correct, ANPR is able to recognize number
plates extremely accurately.
Autonomy Virage's ANPR can accurately identify numberllicense plates even in the most demanding conditions, such as
when visibility is low due to adverse weather or poor light conditions. In addition, ANPR is able to capture and identify
square, inverse, borderless and foreign plates automatically. Where required, adjustments to contrast, plate size, country
numberllicense plate format, skew and rotation settings can be made by the operator to fine tune the system in order to
achieve optimum performance in specific conditions. In addition, Autonomy Virage enables recording via digital triggering to
achieve a 100% capture rate.


14 Froducts and Stilutitim

Whether your need is defined by reducing traffic, protecting installed assets or planning urban developments, Autonomy
Virage's next-generation technology can help you maximize your transport network, now and in the future

Sea Ports
It has been estimated that there are up to 19 million containers currently in transition globally
and that traffic is increasing at a rate of about 10 percent annually. Given the ever increasing
volumes of traffic, vehicle and container identification and tracking has never been so
important to the logistics industry. Organizations need to know not only where containers are
and when they will be delivered, but also more detailed information such as what condition
the containers were in at various stages throughout their journey and by whom and where
they were accessed along the way. Autonomy Virage's Container Surveillance Management (CSM) enables comprehensive
vehicle and container identification and tracking in logistics environments; from seaports and inland container terminals
to rail container terminals. Automation within CSM removes the need for costly additional manual input and makes
the identification, tracking, control and management of logistic processes highly efficient. A unique combination of core
technologies and superior analytical capabilities gives CSM the power to provide added intelligence, such as crossreferencing with existing databases and advanced information processing operations such as clustering and hyperlinking
of related material. Such intelligent processing can be used to improve future operations and deliver significant benefits to
dirage CSM automatically captures vehicle and container information, including:
Vehicle numberllicenseplate
Container IS0 numbers
Container type
Container damage recording
Site and gate location
By capturing this information accurately and efficiently, Autonomy Virage CSM not only enables businesses to keep an
accurate record of exactly when and where containers pass through certain points in the transport network. In addition,
through high quality digital video recording and management, Virage CSM automatically keeps track of what condition
containers are in at various stages of their journey throughout the world. By capturing this cross section of data, Autonomy
Virage provides complex cross referencing for 24171365 operations. CSM can significantly increase traffic efficiency as the
system works on moving vehicles as well as those which are static. CSM works on standard 20, 30, 40, 45 and 20x20
foot containers.

Airports face a wide variety of daily security challenges ranging from the protection of the
aircrafts and staff to the mitigation of crime such as drugs trafficking and weapons smuggling.
By providing security operations through a single platform, Autonomy Virage takes a holistic
approach to airport security, identifying patterns and trends which may be overlooked if
separate systems are operating in parallel. Autonomy Virage's Control Center is ideal for this type of large installation where
disparate events and sources need to be addressed individually but considered part of the big picture.

lex investigation, o f f e r

'case Study - Airport Security
A major international airport was seeking to upgrade its ten-year old security surveillance system in order to better
protect public safety in the face of the threat of international terrorism and crime. Its existing system consisted of

27 time-lapse video recorders and CCTV multiplexers that multiplexed the incoming camera video signals to be
recorded on the VCRs.
The airport wanted to replace its video security and surveillance system with a much more efficient and effective
digital recording system. The airport proposed to replace all the existing VCRs with a new, state of the art digital
recording system capable of recording up to 800 camera signals and storing all footage securely for 4 weeks
before being over-written. Another specification was that the system would be able to automatically archive any
specified video footage with suspicious-looking activity, and this archived footage would remain in a secure place
should access be needed.
Autonomy Virage was selected to provide flexible remote surveillance capabilities, offering auto dial-out on alarm,
dial-in, or continuous image transmission, all across wide or local area networks. Live images can be retrieved and
reviewed and system parameters can be configured and diagnosed remotely.

Private In@astructure
The challenges posed to private infrastructure are highly complex and can come from both internal and external sources.
There can be specific threats that need assessing; or health and safety (including public safety) requirements that need to
be monitored at high risk locations such as oil refineries or nuclear power stations.
Because of this dual threat, insights offered from the relevant operational data that exists within the organization such as
HR or customer records should be considered when trying to pre-empt issues or resolve outstanding actions.

Health and Safety
Increasing regulation and more stringent penalties mean that health and safety initiatives cannot be taken lightly. Rather,
health and safety policies need to be strictly monitored and enforced. For instance, what should happen if a diesel spillage
occurs on a petrol forecourt and no employee has had appropriate training? Enforcing and monitoring policies can be
achieved by training the surveillance system to understand when a breach of policy has occurred and what needs to occur
when this happens. This makes corporations more aware and ensures that they meet the minimum requirements and
guarantee the safety of all employees, customers, partners and the general public.

Detecting fraudulent activity is a key concern, particularly amongst petrol stations, confectioners, tobacconists, newsagents,
convenience stores, supermarkets, pubs and clubs and fast food outlets. More than ever, companies are seeking new
measures to combat this illegal activity; however, many businesses still only rely on manual surveillance techniques alone.
With internal employee theft on the rise and current systems falling short of the mark, businesses need to implement new
measures to detect and prevent fraudulent activity.

Combined with synchronous capture of cash register transactional data, Autonomy
Virage offers retailers the most versatile and efficient surveillance and retail
management system available. Full data capture, including time synchronized image
and transactional data together with centralized reporting and management enable
retailers to monitor multiple locations simultaneously and correlate results from multiple
cash registers both locally and remotely. Multiple site data and daily reports can be
sent to and managed from a central location and remote access enables off site reports
and investigations.
Virage offers an unrivalled combination of high quality DVRINVR and EPOS monitoring in one powerful package. Designed to
detect and deter fraudulent activity at the Point of Sale, EPOS synchronization associates POS transactional data with DVRI
NVR CCTV footage. In this way, Autonomy Virage EPOS acts as an early warning system by alerting surveillance staff to
suspicious or illegal activity at the cash register, as it happens. Rules-based keyword matches, based on given requirements,
allow alerts to be triggered at the POS when transactions such as voids, refunds, discounts and cashback are activated.
In addition to providing live EPOS monitoring, Virage enables playback of pre-recorded images. DVRINVR data can be
analyzed post event by reviewing data stored on the HDD. All data is stored in a database at the time it is created and can
be quickly and easily located as and when required for future analysis. Retrospective investigation options support a full
range of retrieval options such as transaction data, video images or multiple parameters.
Transaction data is searchable by:
Till Number
Other search parameters (including multiple parameters) based on pre-defined rules e.g. void plus cashback
Under no circumstances is transactional data automatically burned onto the video imagery as this could render the CCTV
footage useless. In the event that users wish to display transactional data with the video footage, users can choose to
overlay transactional data on top of video footage. Where multiple cameras are in use, users can search all cameras
simultaneously through a single interface, or simply narrow their search to results from a specified camera.
Advanced analytics such as clustering (identifying related groups of data) enable the discovery of trends and correlations
across the entire data set, providing the ability to spot unusual activity spanning multiple cash registers which may have
otherwise gone undetected. Conceptual analytics which use unique pattern matching techniques to detect underlying trends
and anomalies in any given data set, enable retailers to gain greater insight into all transactional data and corresponding
video images.

Corporate Facilities
Corporate facilities can range from simple car park access to monitoring a global network of retail bank branches. The
flexibility of the Autonomy Virage system means that a hub and spoke approach to security can be applied allowing for
real-time actionable operational intelligence. Increasing regulation and continuous terrorist threats mean that base level of
monitoring at facilities such as refineries, wells, chemical plants, manufacturing plants, and sensitive corporate locations
is increasing. The minimum requirement is now for advanced video analytics that understand and process events as they
unfold and ensure the security staff are continuously operating at an optimum productivity level.

Case Study - Corporate Security
A large business complex comprising of a hotel, a business center, an amusement park, a mosque, and a
supermarket, needed a comprehensive security and surveillance installation. Autonomy Virage was selected to roll
out a large-scale security implementation to monitor the premises, control access points, monitor the entry and
exiting of vehicles, run facial recognition to help identify known criminals or suspects, and protect retail activity
against crime and fraud. All the information then needs to be connected to the police's database for legal action to
be taken where necessary.
Two key advantages of Autonomy Virage's holistic methodology include its proactive approach to addressing
potential risks as they arise and providing high quality video recording for retrospective analysis and investigations.

Perimeter Security
Securing restricted areas, access points, and perimeters is where intelligent video solutions such as iSAS bring great
benefits to an organization. By automatically detecting events at these points, security guards can view and respond to the
relevant events rather than watching still images of

CCN.This also frees up their time to engage in higher level activity

increasing productivity.
Controls access into roomslrestricted areas
Monitors sterile areas
Delivers real-time alerts to security breaches and intrusions
Alerts proximity as objects approach your perimeter

"We need our staff and soldiers to have information at theirfingert@s to make
decisions that may be critical to our country's national security. Autonomy retrieves
the most relevant information so that Army personnel can spend their time anahing
data instead ofsearchingfor it. Autonomy's solution beat the competition in
delivering a scalable technology that flectively connects our users to the information
they need.

Lieutenant Colonel Kenneth Blakely, ChiefofArmy Knowledge Online, US Army


and Solutions 19

IDOCs ability to form a conceptual and contextual understanding of the data allows for
advanced investigative capabilities. By analyzing the data set as a whole, IDOL can carry
out advanced data analysis to reveal emerging patterns, potential threats, and similarities
and links between cases. Manual investigations traditionally fall short when faced with
the vast amount of data to be analyzed. By putting data into context, IDOL can cross
reference intelligence from disparate sources and run automatic analysis to streamline investigations.
For example, an intercepted radio conversation can be
used to automatically identify the speakers, understand
what is being discussed, and retrieve any existing
intelligence regarding the subject. This helps to streamline
traditional investigative methods and facilitate investigative
work by performing conceptual analysis to reveal trends
and patterns hidden in the data set.
In another instance, the ripple effect of an idea and the
parties involved can be measured as it jumps from mail to

Understand communicationpatterns with advanced visualization

phone conversation to document. Person A receives a call
from Person B who then relays it out of ear shot in the parking lot to Person C who then e-mails these ideas to Person D. This
powerful mechanism can be applied to detect relationship dynamics and pinpoint the cause of a certain action taking place.

Product Portj4olio
The Autonomy Virage Security and Surveillance suite is modular and flex~bleand
can be expanded and adapted over time depending on local requirements or
specific budget constraints. It is based on IDOL technology enabling it to operate
as a stand-alone security solution or as a component of a much larger distributed
corporate IT environment. The Autonomy Command and Control module is
the pivotal clearing-house for information via the intuitive Visor interface and
is often the central hub of any implementation. The overall solution utilizes a
pre-configured three tier architecture that includes functions that range from a standard rules-base solution to a highly
sophisticated solution that leverages that most cutting edge conceptual analysis capabilities. Each standard configuration
offers an easy starting-point solution that may be further customized for the unique and specialized needs of the client.
Autonomy's extensive investment in Research and Development results in a continual stream of innovation and functionality
advances. The remainder of this section will highlight specific Autonomy Virage technologies utilized in one or more of the
functional areas listed below.

Command and Control
Given the complex nature of security and surveillance operations and the vast amount of
heterogeneous data that requires aggregation and analysis, the need for advanced technologies
that can make sense of information and alert the relevant parties to crucial intelligence has never
been so great. Bringing together best-of-breed technologies in video surveillance and analytics
Business Process Management, and Meaning Based Computing, Command and Control
proactively helps security officers retrieve relevant intelligence in real-time.
Command and Control is operated through Autonomy Virage Visor, a cohesive, user-friendly interface which provides users
with the functional tools required to configure security settings and control the scene. Since Command and Control is fully
modular, additional functionality can be added and controlled through the interface, as an enterprise's security needs dictate.
Autonomy Virage's Security and Surveillance Command and Control infrastructure enables all Autonomy Virage products
to interact seamlessly. It has been specifically designed to allow easy integration of third party equipment such as alarm
panels and display units. Although certain products can be deployed for simple functions such as standalone capture and
archive, in order to perform more advanced functions, Autonomy Virage provides three levels of Command and Control for a
range of different environments and needs from simplistic rule-based models to highly complex, intelligent solutions based
on conceptual analysis.

Level I: Event Stream Processing
Command and Control Level I offers a simple rule-based solution. Any number of Autonomy Virage products can be
connected with the Command and Control system, which performs per instructions defined by a systems administrator.
For example, if Autonomy Virage's DVR and EPOS were set up with Level I, the system could be programmed to highlight
particularly unusual till transactions such as large sums of cash-back on the logged till transaction data. Network Video
Recording and Container Surveillance Management might also be deployed with Level I to monitor traffic at a port and
could be trained to raise a barrier for particular vehicles whilst disallowing entry for others.

Level II: Security Process Management
In addition to performing simple rule-based functions, Command and
Control Level II handles logical interactions between disparate pieces of
data. The Security Process Management offered with Level II, powered by
Autonomy's Liquid Office, automates the reporting process, reducing the
cost of data entry and distribution of information to relevant users. This
approach enables each report to provide richer and more relevant content
and automatically classifies and distributes it to the relevant department.
Digital Video Recording, Intelligent Scene Analysis System and Command
and Control Level II might be used, for example, to monitor vehicle
speeds between points. By identifying the same object and calculating
the distance between the two points, the system can calculate distance
traveled within a given time frame and therefore the speed at which the
vehicle/s must have been traveling. Another example might be deploying
Network Video Recording and Automatic Number Plate Recognition
to monitor car park usage in multiple locations and calculate usage
percentages based on initial numbers collected to highlight which car


park has the greatest usage.
Level Ill: Complex Event Monitoring
Command and Control Level Ill provides state-of-the-art security infrastructure software solution for all the most complex
security operations, automating a vast range of tasks and bringing conceptual understanding to all data. Halo, powered by
Autonomy's award-winning Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL), employs advanced analytics to add intelligence to a wide
range of security operations and information retrieval. Halo is able to form a conceptual understanding of the meaning of
any piece of data, be it in the form of text, video, or audio. By deriving an understanding of the available information assets,
Halo automatically provides users with relevant background information, cross-referencing data according to its conceptual
content to reveal emerging trends and identify potential threats, delivering it directly to the user in the form of hyperlinks or
thematically similar clusters.
Autonomy's core technology is used by some of the most prestigious intelligence and defense agencies including: the U.S.
Department of Homeland Securily, U.S. Department of Defense, The British Ministry of Defense, the Olympic Games Security
Committee, National Nuclear Security Administration and numerous others. One of the key reasons organizations choose
Autonomy, is its ability to discover "the unknown" which has a significant impact upon the efficacy of many world-renowned
security agencies.
At this sophisticated level, Autonomy's cutting-edge Meaning Based Computing technology forms a conceptual understanding
of all forms of unstructured, semi-structured and structured data be it video, audio or textual in format. At its core, the
technology uses a combination of Bayesian Inference and Shannon's Information Theory to automatically extract the key
concepts from any piece of information. As a mathematical platform, it is not constrained by the limitations of linguistic or
rules-based models. Distinct concepts, ideas and behaviors are exposed within any data set on the basis of mathematically
derived coherence and not rigid conformity to predefined structures or characteristics. This enables the technology to recognize
the potential threat for the first time, both at a tactical and strategic level, without prior training or insight. Operationally, this
results in an intelligent surveillance infrastructure capable of instantly and automatically fusing vast quantities of heterogeneous
data, identifying interrelationships, spotting important trends and alerting surveillance officers to this vital intelligence.
Additional functionality can be seamlessly added in order to perform further advanced data fusion operations.

Level IV: Secure Archiving, Retention and Disposition Management
Providing evidence for court cases, compliance regulations, and risk management are just a few of the primary reasons
why video needs to be archived. Many organizations and police forces are swamped with CCTV footage which is neither
properly filed nor securely managed.
Autonomy Virage offers an enhanced video archiving solution that ensures digital video is efficiently controlled and
protected, only accessible to those with the right access, and duly retained according to corporate and legislative rules.
Videos that are to be used for evidential purposes are required to be held for a predetermined period in a guaranteed
unchanged state. Legacy approaches have required the manual identification of such videos and the movement of these
into a stand-alone secure repository - a costly and time-consuming approach.
Unlike traditional solutions, Autonomy Virage automates the retention and disposition of video footage by understanding the
meaning of all information regardless of format, language or repository through the power of Autonomy IDOL.

case Study - Securing the City Center
A few years ago, growing crime figures and disorder were causing increasing problems for a bustling European city
center. Disruptive, violent and drunken behavior was becoming the bane of people's lives, and policing strategies
were proving difficult to enforce without concrete evidence.
Having been set a target of reducing crime and anti-social behavior by 40%, the city council invested E6
million in what has become one of the largest metropolitan CCTV installations. After a competitive procurement,
Autonomy Virage was chosen to provide a vast network of Digital Video Recording (DVR) software and integrate
over 280 cameras throughout the city. Autonomy Virage was chosen as the only vendor able to accommodate the
vast amounts of data created every day and offer suitable archiving solutions. Users are able to access and retrieve
evidence from multiple incidents simultaneously through a single, intuitive interface. Virage's digital recording
technology also offers unrivalled imaging, delivering 'directed surveillance' for multiple enforcement agencies and
ensuring prosecutions through high-quality ID recognition shots.
Since the installation there has been a dramatic reduction in the amount of crime and disruptive behavior in
the city center. Evidence from CCTV has helped various law enforcement organizations make more than 6,500
arrests over the past three years and operators in the control center are being called upon up to 6 0 times per day
to provide footage as evidence. C C N footage provides concrete evidence in cases that otherwise may have gone
unresolved, and officers estimate that footage will provide vital evidence in 8,700 cases this year ranging from

speeding, and vandalism.

1!4utonomy'sscene detection capabilities, together with advanced image recognition
(fr example, 3Dface recognition) enables Autonomy to identzfi patterns in images
and text."

24 Products and Solutions

Intelligent Scene Analysis System
Intelligent Scene Analysis System (ISAS) is an advanced solution to assist users of any live or


record C C N system in the detection of important activity. The system is fully trainable enabling
it to detect many types of complex activities including identifying potential threats, an illegal
action or a situation where help is required. iSAS dramatically improves the efficiency of any
C C N system, automatically identifying specific or potential incidents to operators for verification,
action or both.

Automatic LicenseINumber Plate Recognition
Autonomy Virage's Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPRIALPRR) is the world's leading
plate recognition system, employing state of the art neural network techniques in its character
recognition. This ensures efficiency and integrity of the system for use in either high volume
or standard traffic flow situations. ANPR is utilized for many different applications, including
car parks, traffic surveys, petrol filling stations (as a "drive-off" deterrent), and to detect stolen
vehicles if used in conjunction with database searching. ANPR also has time scheduling as a
standard facility to offer vehicle access control for commercial and industry entrylexit scenarios.

Container Surveillance Management
Container Surveillance Management (CSM) fully automates the recognition of both the vehicle
and the container it is trailing in one smooth and simple process through the entry and exit
lanes of sea ports, inland container terminals or rail container terminals. Due to the open
architecture design of CSM, the system has the advantage of being able to communicate and
interface with on-site management systems, eliminating a wide range of manual processes
leading to significant return on investment.

Electronic Point of Sale
Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) offers an unrivalled combination of high quality digital video
recording and EPOS monitoring in one package. Designed to detect dai

deter fraudulent activity

at the "point of sale," the system functions as a management tool that can reduce stock losses
and increase profits. The combination of capturing high quality digital images and synchronized
till data gives the operator access to powerful image and till data both locally and remotely.

DigitalINetwork Video Recording
The DigitalINetwork Video Recording (DVRINVR) solution offers a range of high quality video
recorders with advanced remote access capabilities. The line is designed to allow you to start
at any capacity and expand as needed without any change to the underlying platform. With
a minimum of 1 input and a maximum of 65,000 inputs the system can be configure to
accommodate any organizations current and future requirements.

\\The world marketfor ANPR isforecast to exceed $440 million by 2013."
IMS Research

Products and Solutions 25

Technology and Architecture
Autonomy was founded on the basis that technology should map to the human
world, not the other way around. This basic premise led to the development of
the IDOL technology that is inherently agnostic to the barriers that typically stymie
traditional technologies.
Autonomy's technology is highly sophisticated, efficient and fully scalable. Our
scalability has been proven time and time again among our customer base, where
our technology has been used to power some of the largest systems in the world
Autonomy delivers linear scalability through a multi-threaded, multi-instance
approach with load balancing to distribute the indexing and query workload whilst also supporting 64-bit architecture. This
enhanced scalability results in hardware cost-savings as well as the ability to address larger volumes of documents.

Video Analytics Engine
Autonomy Virage's advanced video analytics have been proven to increase the efficiency and efficacy of CCTV-based
surveillance operations dramatically by automatically detecting, analyzing and interpreting all activity within a field of view.

Intelligent Video Analysis
In consultation with key security agencies, Autonomy Virage has developed a range of products designed to improve
the efficiency and efficacy of surveillance operations. By adding intelligence to the camera and understanding what is
happening at the video level, Autonomy Virage is able to automatically identify elements within the video and automatically
alert security officers to breaches or events in real-time. This translates directly to operational advantages as Autonomy
Virage enables organizations to anticipate and detect potential threats or illegal action, instantly and automatically, and take
proactive preventative action against any security concerns. By detecting suspicious behaviors, identifying potential security
threats and providing alerts entirely automatically, Autonomy Virage enables CCTV operators to focus their activities on
behaviors which require attention and verification by a security professional.

Instant Recognition and Analysis
In order to correctly identify suspicious behavior, it is essential that any object or
movement is placed in context. Using advanced techniques, Autonomy identifies
and categorizes objects in a scene by size, shape, color, speed, direction, location
and time of day and, over time, builds up a history of these objects. By then
putting each object and motion in context, using techniques such as comparing
object histories, Video Motion Detect (VMD), Non Motion Detect (NMD), object
sizing, object tracking, object counting and behavioral analysis, Autonomy
enables surveillance staff to more accurately interpret the threat that any given
object or motion may pose. Autonomy performs multiple levels of recognition and
analysis on video data from simple tasks such as identifying movement within a
scene through to complex behavioral analysis.

Technology and Architecture 27

Behavioral Analysis
Behavioral analysis offers the most advanced form of scene recognition. Once an object has been identified and is being
tracked by Autonomy Virage's Security and Surveillance technology, the system is capable of employing more sophisticated
techniques for further analysis. Virage iSAS is able to differentiate between various scenarios by placing all identified
behavior within the context of normal behaviors as specified by the user. By applying an associated motion history to an
object, iSAS can automatically undertake complex behavioral analysis in order to recognize unusual or suspicious activity
and alert surveillance staff to this immediately.

Face Recognition
Autonomy Virage also offer other powerful biometric identification tools in addition to audio recognition. The Virage fingerprint
recognition solution uses the same established fingerprint minutiae techniques as a police fingerprint expert - this enables
fingerprints to be located and matched against a database of millions in order to successfully identify individuals. In addition,
Autonomy Virage provides facial recognition technology where other biometrics, such as fingerprint analysis, are not suitable.
Facial recognition techniques are often used, for example, if suspects need to be identified at a distance andlor non-cooperatively.

Video Motion Detect
The most basic form of recognition, VMD identifies movement of objects
within a specified field of view. The movement is detected as a change
within the scene and an alarm triggered. Because of this, current VMD
systems have a tendency to have a high level of false alarms. Autonomy
Virage offers improved VM D capabilities which go beyond simple detection
of movement by identifying the elements within the video that have
moved and only triggering alarms when appropriate. The VMD system can
therefore be set to alert when pedestrians are walking down a motorway
alerting supervisors to the fact that there may be a safety issue. By identifying
pedestrians moving we are able to investigate and take action quickly.

Optical Character Recognition
Neural Network (NN) based Optical Character Recognition (OCR) techniques lie at the heart of Autonomy Virage's video
capabilities, supporting advanced character recognition in all conditions, providing much greater tolerance for matching
poorly defined characters. Fully automated OCR in conjunction with Autonomy Virage's high quality recording of digital
video images, offers users the ability to centralize all of their data and cross-reference it in order to repurpose the
information quickly and efficiently for further analysis.

Object Tracking
In addition to identifying objects, Autonomy Virage can track objects entirely automatically between multiple cameras.
While an object remains in a field of view, it is tracked automatically using the coordinate information to control a Pan Tilt
Zoom (PTZ) camera.

Object Sizing
Detecting the size of an object or a group of objects in a field of view alerts surveillance staff to situations which may require
a response. For example, where Autonomy Virage's technology is used for monitoring traffic flow, the detection of a traffic jam
immediately alerts the, surveillance staff and, if necessary, an additional lane could be opened to ease congestion.

Analyze & Respond
Autonomy Virage automatically monitors large volumes of video surveillance and feeds
highly-targeted information to investigators in real-time, ensuring that threats are
identified immediately and responded to rapidly.

Configuration and Training
As each surveillance and monitoring environment is unique, Autonomy Virage gives organizations the flexibility to set and
refine their own definitions as to what behavior could constitute a potential security threat and also define the precise action
to be taken once a potential threat has been correctly identified. Training and configuring an Intelligent Scene Analysis
System (iSAS) does not require any specialist input from Autonomy Virage and may be performed by any system operator.
Using an intuitive user interface and live or recorded images, operators can train the system, to recognize unusual behavior
which may present a threat and establish multiple definitions for multiple locations. For example, the user can train the
system to trigger an alert to unattended baggage in the arrivals hall of an airport which would automatically result in a
prerecorded message over the PA system. Baggage being held by airline staff however would not trigger such a response.
Virage supports a range of training methods including:
Non alerting content: where the system is introduced to video containing no specific events.
Alerting content: involves training the system on specific: events contained within the video.
Simulating alerts: by inserting objects into the scene which can then be used to generate example events.
Alert verification: the most sophisticated training procedure consists of using p#-generated alerts in order to
enhance system training and improve performance. By allocating a series of pre-generated alerts into specific
categories, such as examples of suspicious and unsuspicious behavioc the system can be configured to identify
behaviors more accurately. Such user verification allows the system to build up a model of known behaviors and
gives the system greater insight into what constitutes usual and unusual behaviors.
To allow organizations to monitor a wide area against a set of diverse criteria, iSAS can be applied to any new or existing
CCTV system and loaded with different configurations for different cameras or camera positions. Moreover, iSAS can be
configured to identify multiple categories of alarms within a scene at the same time, each with its own set of specified alert
actions. Other configuration options include masking a scene so that objects within a certain perimeter are not detected,
masking alerts generated by any object within a specified area, setting time or occurrence limits on alarms generated per
incident and full customization of results notification with the inclusion of metadata associated with system, camera, data,
time and alarm code.

Advanced Data Analysis and Review
Understanding Brings Recognition
By automatically understanding and interpreting large volumes of video, audio and text files, Autonomy's technology
identifies what is relevant and allows security personnel to focus on critical activities and confidently make more informed

Mapping and Understanding Events
Autonomy Virage automates the capture, encoding and indexing of video surveillance, creating
a highly detailed index. This makes it faster and easier for security personnel to find the correct
information needed in order to protect both people and corporate assets.
Content can be searched simultaneously in any language and any format, wherever it is stored.
Search options include: Conceptual Search, Natural Language Retrieval, Query By Example, Refine By Example and
Cross-Language Search. The technology retrieves and returns references to conceptually related information and results are
presented with summaries and hyperlinks to similar information instantly and automatically.
Extensive event viewing and searching options include instant plate matching and partial plate matching, as well as a
full range of options to search by specific parameters including camera, date, time, alert code, plate and category. Where
multiple cameras are in operation, users can search all cameras simultaneously through a single interface, or if desired,
narrow their search to results from a specified camera. Users can create 'hot lists' of specified vehicles they wish to track
closely and compare any identified numberllicense plate to predefined lists or perform full vehicle and driver database
matching in order to match identified vehicles with any entry within the database.
If images from an overview camera are available, they can be displayed adjacent to the footage of the number plate
enabling operators to view driver or vehicle images alongside number plate images. Any metadata that has been included
in the database entry, such as registered vehicle owner, address or traffic records, is presented alongside each recognized
number plate to enable operators to gain instant visibility into the history of any identified vehicle.

The Hyperlinking feature enables automatic matching and identifying of similar pieces of information. By automatically
identifying vital relationships between information, hyperlinking enables intelligent contextual cross-referencing of content
without the need for user input.
By completely removing the requirement for manual input through its use of intelligent conceptual and contextual
association, Autonomy ensures the instantly generated links are always up-to-date and highly relevant to users. For
example, when monitoring vehicles and containers at a port, the technology can make intelligent associations between
information in a police database, imagery captured by DVRINVR and data monitored by Autonomy to report stolen or
illegitimate vehicles andlor drivers. Not only are people kept informed of the latest, most relevant information, but content
duplication, time spent navigating for information, and overall costs are significantly reduced.

30 Technology and Architecture

Hyperlinking effectively:
Reduces the cost of maintaining unstructured information within any environment
Reduces the time taken to navigate to related information
Reduces duplication of effort
Keeps people informed and up-to-date
Retains browsers or consumers on a website through dynamically recommending further content and products

Automatic Profiling and Personalized Agents
Automatic Profiling can be used by organizations to accurately understand individual analysts' (user) interests based on
their history and actions. By generating a multi-faceted conceptual profile of the user, based on explicit profiles (preconfigured agents) and implicit profiles (click-through and submission), the feature creates a very current understanding of
user interests without the need for any explicit input on their part. Profiling facilitates and speeds up surveillance operations
as it enables vital intelligence to be delivered to the user without requiring them to actively search for it.
Personalized Agents may be set up to proactively deliver highly relevant, accurate information to users. Agents can be
trained to look for conceptually related themes from concepts a user defines either implicitly or explicitly as part of their
profile. By continuously monitoring live information streams and matching relevant, conceptually related content against
profiles, Agents can uncover data that may potentially hold new significance for intelligence operations, increasing overall
knowledge and improving response rates. Through its automatic approach, Agents assist surveillance staff to monitor
activity and information that may potentially be critical and which might otherwise have been missed or required significant
investigative processes to discover.

Clustering & Spectrographs
Automatic graphical 2D Clusters and 3D Spectrographs enable organizations
to analyze large
- sets of document data, audio or even user-profile
information and automatically identify inherent information clusters, and,
consequently trends and themes. Clustering provides organizations with
instant high-level visibility of the knowledge base, eliminating knowledge
gaps and enabling the organization to react quickly where necessary. For
example, numberllicense plates captured by ANPR could be clustered and
matched against a police database. In this way, potential correlations within


data - such as repeat offences committed by the same driver attempting to
disguise his actions by using different vehicles - could be uncovered and
action taken to prevent future occurrences of the same instance.
Other benefits include:
Instant high-level visibility of the knowledge base
Automatic jdentification of information trends and themes
Eliminated knowledge gaps
Optimized information flow
Automatic reaction information changes

Automatic clustering of communications visualized
through the Spectrograph Pane

Technology and Architecture 31

Powerful visualization tools make it easy for users to understand and interpret data sets. Autonomy provides two intuitive
Java-based user interfaces to make clusters visible:
2 0 Cluster Map: used to identify conceptual similarities and differences between clusters and display them in 20.
Based on Java Server Pages (JSP), the landscape is generated from the interrelationships between clusters and
the documents contained within those clusters. Clustering provides a single overview of the clusters contained
within the data, clusters that are close together correlate to higher degrees of similarity, whilst dissimilar clusters
are situated further apart.
Spectrograph: this user interface displays the relationship between clusters in successive periods and sets of
data. Clusters are presented as a JSP-based 3 0 spectrograph whereby the x-axis represents information over time
(enabling users to visualize how clusters develop over a given time period), whilst the y-axis represents the range
of concepts defined within the knowledge base.

Advanced alerting functionality monitors information in order to automatically and instantly
alert users to information which may be of interest to them based on their profile or the agents
they have set up. For example, if a surveillance officer had set up agents to monitor and deliver
information on a particular suspect, and if the agents detected similarly conceptually related
activity being discussed by another person, the system could automatically trigger an alert to this
potential correlation, Instant alert mechanisms could be web interfaces, e-mails, SMS or digital alarms amongst others.

Database Integration
Autonomy Virage may be configured with existing databases containing vehicle, container,
personnel and other information, or configured with a dedicated database.
A common usage is for plate recognition: once vehicles are entered into the databases, actions
can be associated with each plate by assigning a code to each entry. This ensures that once a
vehicle is correctly identified, pre-defined instructions will be followed. For example, a code can be assigned to authorized
cars to trigger a barrier to be raised so that authorized vehicles can gain access. Where an unrecognized vehicle is detected,
the system could be configured to play a WAV file which would refuse the vehicle entry and trigger a live audiolvideo
connection which would be relayed to security staff. Codes and actions may be assigned depending on what time or date
any given vehicle is identified. In addition, the system may be instructed to record footage of the vehicle and notify the
driver's supervisor that they were onsite during the weekend.
The list below provides a sample of typical actions upon vehicle recognition:
Raise barrier

Deny access

Change traffic lights
Display LCD text
Trigger recording via DVRINVR (includingpre-recording)
Increase frame rate for higher quality recording

Open live videolaudio connection
Alert superv/sor via SMSlemail
Play WAV file
Store image of vehiclelplateldriver

If using the dedicated database, records can be individually entered or imported once, or periodically integrated, enabling a
mass data transfer from the third party system to the Autonomy system.

32 Technology and Architecture


Audio Processing
Autonomy Virage speech recognition technology enables security
files in video, radio and telephony systems instantly. Autonomy's
fundamentally different because it leverages IDOL'Sconceptual understanding of content.
Whereas other technologies adopt a simple phonetic approach using only acoustic information, Autonomy achieves a
higher level of understanding through advanced language modeling.
Language modeling involves concept extraction in conjunction with acoustic-phonetic methods to achieve significantly
greater accuracy and better results. Simple acoustic-phonetic methods alone fail to achieve good speech to text translation.
The acoustic-phonetic approach cannot differentiate, for example, between "can I" and "can eye". In this example, where
the desired option is "can I", Autonomy Virage's speech technologies employ IDOLS intelligent probabilistic language
modeling to understand the context of what is being said and in this way select the appropriate option "can I."
Virage's audio recognition functionality includes:
Speaker independence: the system is trained on a large balanced corpus of data encompassing many different
variables such as different accents or male-female pitch and tone. This means the acoustic models are speaker
independent The solution works out-of-the-box with no manual training, although customization for specific
accents or speakers can be done.
Extensive vocabularies: there is no arbitrary limit on vocabulary sine
Speaker identification: audio recognition can be trained to enable individual speakers to be identified
Word spotting and phrase recognition: audio can be searched by standard keyword as well as conceptual
methods. Conceptual searching returns references to conceptually related information ranked by relevance or
contextual distance.
Patented Autonomy technology: reduces CPU and memory usage for increased speed of operations and improved
Support for both high quality audio such as broadcast and telephony

Digital Security
Internal threats, the risk of industrial espionage and the increased value of
digital assets such as computer code or HD film footage mean that logical and
physical security requirements cannot be separate strategies or systems. They
need to be converged and they need to refer to the operational systems used by
the business as well.
Autonomy is unique in its ability to provide a single information infrastructure
that can manage the lifecycle of all information assets, including how they
change and who has interacted with them, across all the views of business (operational, compliance, security). Autonomy's
broad Meaning Based Computing can link into every repository and data source within the organization and ensure the
business information is processed, understood and acted upon.
Maintaining security and ensuring only authorized personnel gain access to sensitive data is key to almost every
organization. Increasingly complex IT environments mean there are often several systems in place each requiring a different
set of authentication procedures. Virage's infrastructure exactly mirrors the security entitlement required to deliver the right
information to the right people according to who is entitled to see it. The World's largest and most secure intelligence
organizations have deployed Autonomy to safeguard their most sensitive information assets.
Autonomy Virage is unique in its approach to managing and maintaining security and is able to seamlessly integrate with
existing third party systems whilst respecting existing security. Advanced methodologies for, user authentication, data
protection and verification ensure the right people have access to legitimate data. In addition, advanced functions such
as mapping significantly improve system performance within even the largest, most complex environments. These unique
advantages make it the number one choice for many leading organizations today.

Intellectual Asset Protection System (IAS)
The world's largest and most secure intelligence organizations have deployed Autonomy's Intellectual Asset Protection
System (IAS) Connectors to safeguard their most sensitive information assets. Autonomy provides all aspects of security
management, including front-end user authentication, back-end entitlement checking and secure encrypted communication
between the IDOL Server and its client applications with 128-bit Block Tiny Encryption Algorithm (BTEA). IDOL'S mapped
security model is the only empirically proven index security model.

Autonomy's Unique IAS Mapped Security
Only Autonomy offers mapped security - a highly configurable, secure, accurate, and fast method for respecting third
party security entitlements. Existing security, including permissions based security, is mapped directly to the l DOL engine,
encrypted, and stored. As a result, IDOL does not need to send any requests across the network to the data stores
when building up a results list. What the user is allowed to see is assessed inline within the IDOL kernel at speeds that
exceed the response times of the native repository. Unlike other techniques, the security model is never out of date as
the transitional signaling mechanism within the connector layer informs IDOL in real-time of any updates or permission
Since IDOL'Sarchitecture is inherently modular by design, it requires multiple subsystems to communicate with each other,
often across insecure networks. All communication between these processes may be encrypted (Secure Sockets Layer), so
that packet sniffers who are able to break past a firewall are unable to read the content of traffic between IDOL modules.
All of the system's modules are capable of operating in a secure communications mode providing, at minimal processing
overhead, the protection of 128-bit encryption. Additionally, IDOL can leverage SSL for both aggregation and querying of
content, including access to SSL encrypted sites.
Asset scalability through Mapped Security
Group membership scalability through Group Servers
Operational granularity via a Document-centric model enabling secure real time operation and total flexibility over
your security policies

Mapped Security









Secure Data Authentication and Personnel Verification
Extensive user authentication, data protection and verification procedures make Virage suitable for the most demanding
security and surveillance environments. Virage can provide all aspects of security management including document and
intra-document access control against user, group and role level entitlement; this ensures only authorized personnel gain
access to sensitive data. Encrypted inter-machine and intra-process communication protocols are woven into the fabric of
Virage's modular design at a fundamental level, providing secure transmission of information throughout the architecture. In
addition, Virage ensures the integrity of all data captured is preserved through results encryption and image watermarking.
Full audit tracking enables authorized personnel to gain immediate visibility into the history associated with any record in
the system.

Historically, the challenges and costs of storage for high quality audio and video meant that archiving assets only took
place if required by corporate regulations or law. Autonomy's consolidated archive is now a viable option for the long-term
storage and management of surveillance assets. The Autonomy consolidated archive is the first and only solution with the
functional~ty,performance and scalability needed to address the requirements of collecting, consolidating, making available
and ultimately destroying information from multiple proprietary systems, in numerous languages and hundreds of different
content formats, in order to prepare the infrastructure for upcoming regulatory and legal challenges.
The unique architecture of the IDOL platform ensures that the search, management and retrieval of content are as scalable
and high performing as the archival process. This allows for legacy C C N footage, and processed alerts to be crossreferenced and used for ongoing investigations or as part of a complaint or insurance process.

Recording and Retrieval
Autonomy Virage supplies and supports the full range of analogue and digital video sources,
allowing your organization to realize even greater value from its entire existing infrastructure.
As an integral part of crime control policy, social control theory and community
consciousness, CCTV is a defining feature of today's society and a powerful tool used
by corporations and governments worldwide. High quality digital and network recording
facilities are a critical component of any successful CCTV strategy to ensure that potentially
vital images are captured and retained safely for further analysis. While CCTV footage is
popularly believed to play an important role in crime detection and prevention, in order for
a system to be truly effective, robust recording equipment is a priority.
Moreover, simply capturing and storing images indiscriminately does not, in itself, constitute an effective solution;
recording technologies which merely capture and store footage fall desperately short of the levels of complexity required
by most security and surveillance environments. Autonomy Virage's Digital and Network Video Recorders (DVRINVR) offer
organizations state of the art recording technology together with advanced retrieval functionality for rapid image recall to
ensure that key images can be located quickly and easily for further analysis.




Bringing fresh intelligence to digital and network recording and transmission,
Autonomy Virage's DVRINVR is sophisticated enough to alter its function in
response to changing circumstances and distinguish between different types of
behavior and alarm. With a totally flexible system configuration and a storage
capacity expanding into petabytes, DVRINVR can be tailored for the widest
range of applications, and its ability to record at full resolution across multiple
channels and prioritize its activity dynamically, really does make Autonomy
Virage a new breed of DVRINVR.

Dynamic Resources Prioritization
Surveillance staff can link straight to live images from multiple cameras and locations linked to a DVRINVR unit. All
images captured and retained by DVRINVR resolve fine detail and allow users accessing images, either on the fly or in
retrospect, to analyze detailed, high resolution images.
Unlike other systems which require extensive configuration by an administrator or are limited to one simple recording
option, Autonomy Virage DVRINVR is entirely flexible and can perform multiple recording functions simultaneously and
reconfigure itself dynamically based on an alarm. Increasing the frame recording rate, switching between cameras or
switching between storage buffer types, ensures resources are prioritized dynamically according to demand. In order to
ensure a commitment to recording and storing high quality images likely to be required for post event analysis, cameras
may be configured to change their frame recording rate according to certain pre-defined conditions. For example, when
integrated with Intelligent Scene Analysis System (ISAS), if certain activity is detected within the field of view, such as
someone leaving a bag unattended, DVRINVR can be programmed to react to this alarm and automatically increase the
recording frame rate prior to, during and after the event.
Video Motion Detection: DVRINVR can be configured to react once motion is detected within a specified scene or
particular area within a scene
Digital: these can be generated by physical movements including the opening of a barrier or door; when such
movement is detected, DVRINVR can be configured to respond automatically
Time multiplexing: using the VMD capabilities on every I P camera feed, Autonomy Virage can optimize the use
of advanced iSAS analytics as and when a situation dictates. This way TCO can be improved while all video feeds
are effectively monitored
Surveillance alarms: when integrated with other systems such as ANPR or iSAS, pre-defined alarms are
automatically relayed to the DVRINVR unit to ensure appropriate images are captured and stored upon
recognition of certain vehicles or behaviors

Storage Capacity and Principles
Autonomy Virage ensures that storage requirements are actively managed for optimum performance by automatically
overwriting all captured images after a specified time.
Autonomy Virage's DVRINVR offers extensive storage capabilities and hard disk drive (HDD) capacity which can be
adapted to suit individual project requirements. While storage costs have decreased significantly in recent years, and
Autonomy continues to lead the market in providing comprehensive storage facilities, in most circumstances, it is neither
necessary nor desirable to store large quantities of irrelevant video footage.

DVRJNVR can be configured to prioritize the storage of images accordingly. All images are stored to a HDD which is
integrated within each DVRJNVR unit. The system uses HDD circular buffers working on a first-in first-out (FIFO) principle
to ensure that there is always storage capacity available for new images. Buffer size determines the maximum length of
storage period available, so by using multiple buffers of differing sizes, images can be stored for different lengths of time.
Autonomy Virage can record and store all background images routinely for a specified time, e.g. for 7 days or 30 days,
depending on buffer size. When required, Autonomy Virage can also store footage from immediately before, during and/
or after an event on a separate buffer so that it is available for retrospective analysis. If policies dictate C&C can be used
to automatically manage the longer-term archiving, retrieval and disposition of important video footage so that it can be

utilized as a potential asset for years in the future.
Storage levels are automatically monitored to make sure that all necessary images are captured and archived correctly.
Should storage be consumed faster than expected, either as a result of a higher than expected number of events or due to
a miscalculation, the user will be automatically alerted to this in order to ensure that images may be continually recorded
and stored according to requirements. In order to increase the amount of images stored within any given DVR system,
the compression level of images may be modified at any time, thereby making the system extremely flexible to changing
Pre-event recording can be triggered to ensure that images which precede a significant event can be appropriately captured
and stored for later analysis. These storage techniques ensure that all images surrounding potentially significant activity can
be kept without the need for extensive storage capacity.
Predefined events can be configured to increase the recording frame rate on key words or hard wired alarm inputs. HDD
performance remains unaffected by both search and playback features. The storage capacity of the installed system will
determine how long images are kept. In addition, limits can be set on individual users to
limit how far back they are able to search through footage.

Concl usion
Security and surveillance operations are widely regarded as an integral and essential
part of today's society. As organizations at all levels, ranging from law enforcement
agencies and governments to large corporations and public bodies seek to enhance
the security and safety of assets and personnel, security and surveillance technologies
are an increasingly commonplace and necessary part of our daily lives. Growing
demands to protect public safety, buildings and commercial assets accentuate the
need for robust security and surveillance solutions in a wide range of environments.
Consequently, surveillance techniques are increasingly prevalent, especially in many
European countries where CCTV systems are now extremely customary. While CCTV
cameras in themselves do much to establish public and corporate confidence, the
effectiveness of such systems when used in isolation is often limited. Organizations seeking to implement a truly effective
and responsible security and surveillance strategy must consider embracing additional systems such as EPOS, CSM, ANPR,
iSAS and BIS as well as addressing the way in which data and images obtained from such techniques are recorded and
stored. Furthermore, as security requirements become increasingly complex and threats posed to individuals, corporations
and nations more sophisticated, it is ever more critical that organizations gain a holistic view of their security and
surveillance procedures.
The ability to correlate and cross reference data gained from multiple applications such as ANPR and iSAS with other
sources allows organizations to adopt an intelligence led approach to security and surveillance operations. Autonomy
Virage offers a comprehensive solution which enables organizations to implement key solutions for specific requirements
and support the overall objectives of their security and surveillance strategy. By incorporating core IDOL technology,
Autonomy Virage Security and Surveillance is able to automatically understand and interpret the potential significance of
multiple pieces of security data, and correlate that information with other known intelligence to enable organizations to
implement comprehensive security and surveillance solutions. Autonomy Virage's unique approach brings new visibility
and intelligence to security and surveillance operations and equips organizations with the technology they need in order to
safeguard public, private and corporate assets and respond effectively to security threats today and in the future.
Trusted by key law enforcement agencies, governments, retailers and major transport service providers, Autonomy Virage
significantly complements all surveillance operations.

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