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MCR VISIO is AREA's new digital recording and interactive management platform for video interception.
The solution has been specifically designed and developed for LEAs and includes typical interceptionrelated features such as:
• P o w e r f u l tools for the management of transcriptions and comments about the recorded
events, while preserving the original without
any manipulation (digital signature)
• P r i n t o u t s of the intercepted/recorded events
• R e p o r t generator for easy creation of investigation-related into summary, customizable with
• F r i e n d l y user interface hides a powerful sw
• M u l t i - l i n g u a l support

of all active video cameras gives the opera
a ecomplete view of all monitored locations. Camtim
eras can b e managed according to the operator's
needs: they can be zoomed in or out; they can be
tilted and panned (PTZ control).
MCR VISIO already integrates control protocols for
AXIS and PANASONIC cameras. Customization for
use with specific cameras can be arranged for specific projects.

MCR VISIO client-server architecture enables the handling of multiple activities, collecting inputs from several sources, in a single centralized infrastructure. with
evident economic and organizational advantages. It
can be adapted to a wide range of analog and digital
cameras and supports real-time video target streaming along with analysis of stored files.
The large selection of recording methods and options
allows the operator to customize video shots in order
to adapt the interception to specific needs and application scenarios.

Recorded Video files
Operators can retrieve and manage at any time stored
video files. The choice of start time for playback can
be easily made: the timeline (with zoom-in functions, to
allow higher granularity) included in every recorded
video and the bookmark feature, give operators the
freedom to browse among time intervals and to play.
store or export parts of a selected video.
Recording time can be planned in advance, by telling
MCA VISIO the daily schedule of an interception activity, for each camera currently connected to the system.
Recording mode can be defined: i.e. Continuous recording. Recording upon movement. etc.
Video recordings are particularly helpful when combined with MCR VISIO muff/view feature, for cross
analysis of multiple recordings.


MCR VISIO offers many innovative and unique features, including!

MCR VISIO manages efficiently different multi camera
modes. Operators can view one single camera window, or multiple cameras. When more than one camera window is present, the operator is allowed to configure windows layout and priority, for both real-time
playback and saved video recordings. Each video
window is actually a tab which can be detached from
the main window and moved onto other monitors, if
available (i.e. real-time playback of an investigation on
a screen, and transcription of a report on video frames
of another investigation, on the second screen).

MCR VISIO offers a n advanced recording mode.
based on the definition of active areas on the screen,
with inclusion/exclusion zones. The operator can select areas of interest where MCR VISIO will focus its
motion detection engine, with user-defined motion
thresholds to start recording. These active areas also
can benefit from an automatic zoom in case motion is
Recordings made with active areas, share the same
modes (i.e. Continuous recording, Recording upon
movement, etc.) as other recordings.

With the search feature, operators can look for a specific content among MCR VSO's recordings, by applying filter criteria, including search for date, time.
relevance, bookmark or transcription.

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MCR Visio also accepts input from multiple Audio
sources and specific audio+video streams can b e
merged together, i.e. for lips-reading. These two inputs
can then be exported in a single and synchronized A/
V output file.
Time-based bookmarks (related to a specific events)
can be associated with multiple audio+video tracks.
Operators can write notes and comments for any single (audio OR video) source.

MCR VISIO infrastructure was designed to consider
different bandwidth availabilities. When contents are
stored remotely and operators need network connections to access them, Visio's client-server architecture
can detect the network's throughput and modify its
access speed to allow operators to get the best quality
videos that the network can guarantee. This feature
doesn't affect stored videos, that won't change their
real quality: only the network transmitted contents will
adapt to the line conditions.



MCR VISIO comes with a suite of tools to manage
data, which are mainly images and videos.
• S c r e e n s h o t s of the current video(s) can be
saved into the clipboard.
• A V I export of entire videos, fractions of videos
and time spans that can include multiple videos.
• M o n i t o r management, to set format (4:3 or
16:9) or to split screen for advanced visualization

All files recorded by MCR Visio are signed with a digital key in order to avoid any manipulation. The software license can be loaded from a USB token. Finegranular access rights for users and system administrators and complete log of all events and activities.


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