Name: MCR Studio

MCRSTUDIO is the data-mining solution completely developed in-house by AREA
that works in synergy with MCR System to provide LEAs with a State of the Art
Monitoring Center for Lawful Interception activities.

IntercepTion activities

Service providers and
other organizations

MCRSTUDIO is designed for LEAs needing a
powerful Iool to analyze and correlate data
collected through:
• telephony and IP interception activities
• GPS/BTS localization of nomadic/mobile targets
• telephony and IP retained data from Telcos
and ISPs
• third-parties database import (i.e. credit
cards payments, toll payments, airlines
tickets and boarding cards).
Besides the great capability to fit different
investigation approaches. MCR Studio added
value is the effectiveness in finding out both
direct and indirect relationships among
subjects, identifying behavioral models.
MCR Studio is delivered either as a pure
analysis system or, more often, integrated with
turn-key Monitoring Centers.
The first option fits in scenarios where MCR
Studio is used to analyze databases not
continuously updated.
In the second case, LEAs greatly benefit from
integration since analysis procedures can be
repeated automatically and periodically.
AREA data-mining solution is very modular and
flexible, so MCR Studio installations range from
a few PCs to several servers and workstations,
according to the amount of data to be treated.
Key factors for MCR Studio spreading among
LEAs are its usable user-interface and its
capability to treat huge amount of data without
requiring footprint server farms
Thanks to MCR Studio integration with AREA
Monitoring Center, analysis can be performed

on current intercepted communications,
including new calls, e-mails, VolP calls.
chats and IRls.
In so doing, users work always on updated
information so that analysis results represent
behaviors of suspects in real-time.
LEAs benefit from convergence of rendering
and analysis tools as users can start new
analysis at any time while monitoring new
intercepted sessions. Similarly, users can
simply click output provided by MCR Studio
to access and see communications linked to
analysis results.
MCR Studio takes advantage from
security and anti-tampering mechanisms
implemented in AREA Monitoring Center.
After Authentication, LEA users can only
analyze data related to investigation
activities they have been assigned.
MCR Studio has proved its effectiveness and
quickness in analyzing huge amount of data.
MCR Studio enables LEAs to carry out
complete analysis activities simply by
following pre-configured processes.
Main steps are:
• import printouts and IP data provided by
Telcos. or coming from third-party database:
• verify database consistence and eliminate
not relevant data:
• apply any of the pre-configured analysis
models or create new ones;
• select the most suitable graphical layout to
render the analysis results;
• save the data resulting from analysis
procedures, together with their graphical
MCA Studio comes with an advanced and
very user-friendly GUI.
Thanks to this key feature, even complex
inquiries can be represented as flow charts.
Results are displayed as grids, matrixes and
relational graphs. Moreover, it is possible to
check partial results of each analysis step
and optimize standard analysis models.

Users rely on many wizards to import files
in different formats and from third-party
databases. MCR Studio supports TXT.
Microsoft Excel", Microsoft Word", Adobe"
PDF, XML. As far as database format is
concerned, MCR Studio handles Microsoft
SQL Server", Postgre SQL, OleDB sources
(es. Microsoft Access). Odbc sources.
MCR Studio provides several ways to describe
entities on which analysis models apply, such
as investigated subjects details, including
owned SIMs and other electronic identities (for
example E-mail addresses and SIP URI).
Users can select among many readyto-use analysis models, depending on
investigation cases (for example, frequency
of communication among subjects and
identification of direct and indirect relations for
organized crime).
Besides taking advantage of established
analysis methods, advanced users can create
enhanced models by composing several
filtering and correlation operations. New
procedures can be saved and shared among
users of the same work-group.
Some examples of meaningful analysis
models that can be carried out by following
ready to use templates are:
• search for specific contents among
thousands of intercepted sessions and
IRIs (i.e. key-word among e-mails, phone
numbers among IRls):
• analyze and correlate printouts related to
different BTSs, to point out movements of
suspects while using mobile phones;
• find out relationships among suspects by
merging and correlating IRIs and printouts
to obtain a graphical representation of
• identify "chained events" and recurring
behaviors by investigating on crimes (i.e.
sequence of calls among suspects linked to
hierarchy in a group);
• represent on cartography the subjects

data are available (i.e. display on maps the
position of BTSs covering places in which
suspects are making calls);
• put together movements of subjects by
analyzing credit card payments and
boarding cards of airlines.
As Internet communication services are
increasingly used to exchange sensitive
information, AREA continuously includes
analysis models by leveraging specific
features of IP services
In order to make the results of analysis
procedures immediately understandable, MCR
Studio supports many graphical output layouts.
The most used ones are:
• matrix, to represent the frequency of contact
among a group of subjects
• bar charts, to count how many times a
certain interesting condition or event applies
a Gantt charts, to display timeline of events or
communications involving subjects
• graphical charts, to display relationships
among subjects together with the way used
to communicate and the number of contacts
• maps. displaying places where subjects are
located when communicate with others.
MCR Studio enables the export and archiving
of databases obtained by applying any
analysis method.
In so doing, LEAs can consolidate
investigation milestones and evidences.
Moreover. MCR Studio exports the graphical
representation of any analysis result using file
formats supported by Microsoft Office" Suite.
AREA Training and Consulting team provides
LEAs with professional services at different
levels, to assist users after system delivery
and allow them to achieve maximum results
from MCR Studio.


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