Name: Radius

Text: Product Purpose


The Product is designed for searching,
intercepting, registering and analyzing of
communication sessions as well as service
information circulating in cellular GSM networks
without encryption or with A5/1 and A5/2
The System can be operated both in stationary
and in mobile conditions as an independent
radio monitoring post or as a radio
interception network node. It can be organized
on the basis of vehicles. Data transfer and
remote control can be achieved using wired or
wireless connection.

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Key Features and Advantages
The product is a professional solution designed
on the basis of high technologies. It has the
following functional peculiarities:
Possibility of operating in a distributed
configuration that makes it possible to
build branched radio monitoring
networks covering large territory.
High sensitivity and a wide dynamic
range of the radio reception device.
Capability of operating both in the realtime mode and in the delayed (offline)
mode with recording all the data received
onto a disc and next session deciphering
and reconstructing.


Several radio reception systems can use the same A5/1 deciphering unit located
remotely. They can be connected with a deciphering unit by means of wired or
wireless communication channels.
Possibility of supplying the system without a deciphering unit.
Possibility of operating in the recording mode without a deciphering unit (visiting a
place where a target is located with the minimal hardware set).
Software package includes wide capabilities for processing and analyzing of
intercepted data.
Configuration of the Product
The Product includes the following components:
One or several Signal Reception and Processing
Units (SRPU).
Quad-band magnet-mount rod antenna, 3dB or
7dB, 850/900/1800/1900 MHZ.
Quad-band directional antenna, 12dB,
850/900/1800/1900 MHz.
A5/1 deciphering unit.
Control computer.
NetMonitor Phone.
Power Invertor.


Power inverter 12V–220V.
Software Package.
Connection cables.
Description manual and operation manual.
Ruggedized case.
A5/1 Deciphering Unit
The System can be supplied with the A5/1 deciphering unit. The deciphering unit is a
special-purpose high-performance computer intended for calculating an encryption key
(Kc) of a GSM session encrypted with an A5/1 algorithm. The deciphering unit has the
following characteristics:
High efficiency, a short time for key calculation.
Certification as per the MIL-STD for military use and use in aircraft and vehicles.
Low power consumption, low noise level.
Possibility to link several units into a cluster for enhancing performance.
External interface – Ethernet.
Extended range of operating temperatures.
Technical parameters of the deciphering unit:
Time for key calculation: 440 ms average (1.8 s worst).
Probability of success: 98% per call, 95% per keystream.
Power supply: AC input – 90..260V, 45..65Hz.
DC Input – 12V (with external power converter).
Power consumption: 195 W during calculating, 60 W idle.
Weight: rack-mount – 15 kg; ruggedized – 9 kg.
Dimensions (LxWxH): 19 4U rack-mount – 56.3 x 48.3 x 17.6 cm.
ruggedized – 48.7 x 38.6 x 22.9 cm, Pelican carry-on luggage.
Operating temperature: 0..+55?C.
Storage temperature: -10..+70?C.
Certification: MIL-STD-202G, methods 204/214A/213B.


Engineering Data of Signal Reception and Processing Unit
Quantity of duplex channels in real-time mode: 18, 36 or 54.
Working frequency bands: GSM 850, R-GSM 900, DSC 1800, PCS 1900.
Quantity of receiving antenna inputs in SRPU: 2 (uplink and downlink combined or
Input resistance of RF path: 50 ohm.
Frequency channel step: 200 kHz.
Reception path sensitivity, not worse: -105 dBm.
Spurious response, not lower than: 66 dB.
Frequency setting accuracy, not worse: 1 kHz.
SRPU external interface: Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s.
Power supply: 220V ± 10%, 50 Hz.
Power consumption: 150 W for 54-channel SRPU.
SRPU overall dimension, not exceeding: 335 mm õ 310 mm õ 190 mm.
Weight: 12 kg (for 54-channel SRPU).
The Product is operated by one operator.
The Product is intended for operation in continuous automatic mode without
operator's intervention.
Functional Capabilities
Search and identification of BTS control channel numbers of communication
networks in full working frequency range with possibility to use all reception
channels for acceleration of bands scanning.
Collection and displaying of technical and statistical information about
communication networks with detailed indication of parameters for each BTS.
Displaying of radio frequency environment in the point of current location with
possibility to select the displayed channels based on their belonging to a network.
Assignment of tasks for all the reception channels in automated mode or for each
channel in manual mode.
Operation of each reception channel in mode with search or at a fixed frequency
during network data collection.


Access to system functional capabilities is possible only after user authorization.
System's software includes a separate shell that is intended for working with
databases and that is capable to function independently of the Product hardware.
Software of the Product runs in the Windows XP/Windows Server 2003/Windows
Vista/Windows 7 environment.
Operational measuring of received signal strength and quality at all the receiving
Displaying of messages passing through control channels of BTSs and mobile
Saving and fast loading of all the system configuration parameters including
assigned tasks for each reception channel, while number of configurations is only
limited by availability of free space at the control computer disk drive.
Intercepting of direct and reverse (under sufficient signal strength) traffic channels.
Support of a signaling protocol for SDCCH/8 and SDCCH/4 channel formats.
Support of HR, FR, EFR, AMR-FR, AMR-HR speech codecs.
Support of Hopping mode.
Processing of handover of traffic channels between BTSs.
Recording of voice information with compression on the computer hard disk.
Playback of speech in real time with possibility of automatic or manual switching to
any of the assigned traffic channel.
Displaying of DTMF symbols being dialed during the call.
Match making between a subscriber number and a system identifier used by a
network by active search of targets (Hush SMS or Silent call).
Selection of targets using both constant (IMSI, IMEI, IMEISV) and temporary
(TMSI) identifiers.
Selection of targets by Classmark.
Selection of targets by the specified range of distances from BTS.
Support of reception channels priority and targets priorities.
Maintenance of data bases for all the information accumulated during system
operation (voice messages, SMS, data on registered numbers and service


Software Configuration
Software includes the following programming modules:
Radius – Server.
Radius – Monitor.
Radius – A5/2 Decryptor.
Radius – Base.
Radius – Auditor.
The Radius-Server is started automatically during OS loading, it operates in background
mode and has no user interface.
The Radius-Monitor is the main operator's program and it is intended for controlling of all
the Product operating modes and displaying of the Product operation results.
The Radius-A5/2 Decryptor is intended for determination of ciphering keys and data
decryption by À5/2 algorithm applicable in GSM networks. The program is started
automatically during OS starting. It has a user interface for check of operation.
The Radius-Base is a program for management of databases generated during the
Product operation. It is intended for processing and analysis of the collected data. The
program can be run independently of other components. It does not require any Product
Radius-Auditor is the tool of a security administrator; it is intended to control a logging
function and view of log files storing records about operation of programs and operations
performed by operators.
SRPU(s) and all the programming modules are connected between each other by wired or
wireless connection. Such principle of interaction enables:
To build branched radio monitoring networks covering large territory.
To expand quantity of channels quickly by connecting the additional SRPUs.
To flexibly manage assignment of tasks for the Product channels.
To create centers for data processing with required number of processing
operators' working places.


6, Kostomarovskaya str.
61002 Kharkov, Ukraine
Tel./Fax: +38 (057) 766-13-63

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