Name: Eagle Eye-Wi-Fi

Text: 1. Introduction
Internet access has become very popular by the
emergence of broadband services, and busy yet
unregulated Internet traffic causes challenges to
administration and management. When it comes to
gathering intelligence from public Internet networks
the ISP monitoring solution is a time consuming
process which may result in loss of critical and vital
clues. Tactical Packet Sniffing is one of important
ways to preserve evidence. Besides, when ISP side
monitoring fails to track the suspect's identity
especially if the target is operating from a Cyber Cafe,
University campus or Free Wi-Fi zones, tactical
sniffing supports a number of monitoring scenarios
encountered in public internet networks like Cafes,
Restaurants, Airports, Shopping Malls, hotels,
airports, etc.


The Eagle Eye - Wi-Fi system is intended for
intercepting information from Wi-Fi wireless
networks, real-time analysis, classification, and
storing of the intercepted information.
Packet sniffing technology used by the Eagle EyeWi-Fi enables to sniff information related to a specific
target, such as AP or STA, or all the traffic of one
channel or several wireless channels without
interfering original network environment.
The Eagle Eye - Wi-Fi system can automatically
sniff Internet activities, such as Email, Chat, URL and
File Transfer (FTP), P2P, Telnet, etc.


The Eagle Eye - Wi-Fi can be used in enterprise sector for preventing misusing of
network resources, blocking loopholes to avoid leaking confidential information, and
monitoring cyber-slackers.
The Eagle Eye - Wi-Fi can be a perfect solution for police, military, information
investigation and forensic departments as a legal interception tool to crack and track down
illegal Internet activities such as illegal betting, transactions, access and activities that
may lead to terrorism.
2. Application
The Eagle Eye - Wi-Fi can sniff wireless packets (802.11a/b/g) from any available wireless
network in its range of coverage.
A specific wireless device (AP or STA) or network can be selected for data capturing. Data
can be also captured from specific wireless channel.
In open wireless network without encryption the Eagle Eye - Wi-Fi system can capture
wireless packets, decode and display them immediately in an original format.
In wireless network with encryption, such as WEP key, the system can crack a WEP key
automatically or manually. Time required for decryption of a WEP key depends on network
condition: active or inactive. The more packets are captured, the higher chances are to
encrypt the WEP key.



Wireless AP



Eagle Eye-WiFi

Tactical Use of the Eagle Eye - Wi-Fi system
Eagle Eye - Wi-Fi system can be operated at one lap-top or can be scaled for simultaneous
capture of the traffic from several points. The Eagle Eye - Wi-Fi system can be turned into a
distributed system for the account of stand alone devices (drones) that transformed traffic
capture and its transfer for further centralized processing at the remote server.
Drones support all of the capture methods that the Wireless Eagle Eye system normally
supports, including interception by one drone with multiple capture devices. As drones do
not do decode packets, they require minimum hardware.
Drones capture wireless data and forward them to the Eagle Eye - MC through a special
connection (i.e. wired Ethernet). The Eagle Eye - MC provides a single point of receipt and
registration of the intercepted information for all the drones. For this purpose an additional
software module is to be installed at the MC. Eagle Eye - Wi-Fi can be fully integrated with
monitoring centre for registering and processing information coming from Wi-Fi by means
of the MC.





Secure IP tunnel


Eagle Eye-MC

3. Content Reconstruction Functions
First module Eagle Eye - Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g Wireless LAN Forensics Appliance provides
front-end packet collection sub-module and back-end protocol restructured sub-module.
This module can act as both wireless LAN detector and sniffer; and the sub-module is used
to detect 802.11a/b/g Access Point (AP) and Wireless Station (STA) over the layer 2
network communication. The second module acts as a module of restoring and
performing forensics, which categorizes the retrieved packet by its wireless nature and
restores packet arrangement by sequence, then save the packet. At the same time, it will
decipher the categorized packet by known protocol into plain text and store it into
database for reference.
Content Reconstruction functions support the following protocols:
E-mail: POP3, SMTP, IMAP.
Instant Message: YAHOO, MSN, ICQ, etc.
Website: HTTP Link, HTTP Content.
File Transfer Protocol: FTP.
VoIP: SIP,RTP,H.323, etc.
4. Features
Scanning and capturing data of 3 concurrent channels.
Capturing full 802.I1 data, management, and control frames. Supports 802.I1a,
802.I1b, and 802.I1g.
Microsecond timestamp resolution.
Internal antenna and the integrated MC connector for an optional external
Traffic injection.
Decryption of WEP encrypted wireless packets.
Real-time decryption of WEP/WPA PSK wireless packets using a known key.
Full reconstruction of TCP flows in real time based on captured packets.


Identification and filtering of layer-7 traffic using a real-time DPI engine.
Creating of filters and triggers for registering information.
Extraction of application layer metadata and reconstruction of content for the
following protocols:
a. E-mail: POP3, SMTP, IMAP.
b. Instant Message: YAHOO, MSN, ICQ, etc.
c. HTTP Content.
d. FTP.
e. Telnet.
f. VoIP: SIP,RTP,H.323.
Full IPDR and CDR generation for all network flows.
Storage of captured content and metadata in a local DB and transfer of this
information to a remote Monitoring Center.
WEB-access of the operator to the locally stored content with possibility of viewing,
searching and รจ filtering.
Record of traffic in the format enabling to analyze traffic in the Wireshark thereby
providing in-depth protocol dissection and trace file analysis capabilities.
Operating systems: Windows 2000, 2003, XP, or Vista.
5. Ranges of application
The system can be used:
To prevent confidentiality disclosure.
To prevent a company for being hacked.
To protect business right (such as intellectual property etc).
To manage wireless traffic and to monitor utilization.
To manage wireless network access behavior.
To help government and law enforcement agencies such as Police and Military
forces to neutralize threats from terrorists and criminals.
Legal interception system.


6. Benefits
Fully-featured portable tactical system for
monitoring and analysing the Wi-Fi network traffic
at one computer.
Support of 802.I1a, 802.I1b, and 802.I1g.
WEP/WPA decryption.
Monitoring and registration of all traffic of a
definite AP, and selective registration of a definite
STA or definite content.
Secret use in public places.
Possibility of operation in a portable version
with the same full set of tools for monitoring and
analysis as when using distributed stationary
posts for monitoring with the single point for
collecting and analysing information.
7. Who needs Eagle Eye - Wi-Fi?
Business Enterprises (finance and banking
Police sector.
Forensics and Information Investigation.
Lawful Department.


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