Name: AAA-SAS, AFRT, AMVTS, Ai Advanced Analytics, Ai Facial Recognition Tracking, Ai Moving Vehicle Tracking System



AiSolve has a range of innovative products ready for
immediate installation as seen in this brochure. I n
addition to this, our core expertise and business track
record is in developing bespoke solutions from R&D
through development to operational deployment.

interactive, immersive, 3 0 technoloqies

Ai Advanced Analytics Surveillance & Alert System [AAA-SAS1


This automatic real-time video surveillance and tracking software has an e
easily fine-tuned to meet a client's exact surveillance requirements. At the
ity are our advanced surveillance tracking algorith
addition to the eas
integrated with exiting C C N hardware and run
inteqrated visual and obiect analytical fun&&t
Visual and Obiect An:
Identifies and tracks i
Identifies and tracks p
Identifies and tracks people
Keeps track of individ
General surveillance features:
Customisable inclusions and exclusions within
exception enters a monitored area and or some
Tracks multiple individuals and objects.
Automatic exception reporting and security alerts and alarms F
Configurable tolerances for setting variable Levels of security alerts
and alarms.


General system features:
Operates with both indoor and outdoor cameras.
Functions in all natural and artificial lighting conditions.
Operates with infrared, colour band, and image intensifier cameras.
Operates on multi-camera networks.
Can be upgraded with the addition of our facial recognition surveillance
Our system will recognise objects of a different size, colour, orientation, rotation, scale and velocity. ~ h e z o b j e c t can
;ange from weapons through museum artefacts to manufactured goods and Live animals. This accurate
analytical recognition assist in preventing predetermined objects from entering a monitored area, and those objects that
should remain such are valuable artefacts do so.
Typical users of these products, who are concerned with security and safety, include:
Law enforcement agencies

Transport hubs
Public spaces such as shopping malls and streets
Secure government and commercial zones

Ai - Facial Recognition Tracking [AFRTI
Our AFRT software application can identify and monitor persons from
preloaded records or once they have been observed by the Live system and
tagged for ongoing surveillance. For example:
the system will issue an alert when a known person for surveillance
enters a monitored zone
a person or persons first observed in a monitored zone can be tagged for
ongoing surveillance even when they move in and out of monitored zones


The robustness of the system is based on facial geometry and feature
statistics. The quality of our facial recognition functionality assists a
number of demographic computations such as:

a&.othcr classificaticrnc that r a n he eacilv pronramm~d3
The software enables iive and historical analysis of dynam


-~oLkgvehicl~$$hes y s t e m algorithms ensure reliable functionality in

a twine be^ c@@e trees).
on the L ~ yet
vehicle even when a
sjmiiar ve_AS&$qfws
the frame.
~ r a c k i n ~ ~ ~vehicles.

- Rsgmining

to accommodate the demanding rigors of operaThis s y s b&igned
tional us&&&iaw
enforcement and military operatives. I t can be
quickly dkf&y&end customised for specific tasks; and the quality of its
o p e r a t i o n ~ n & ~ v e affected
by rain or by platform and weather
induced n&e 4 vibration.
The system can be c l
d in both overt and covert operations, and in all
weather a&d lighting eonditions, due to it compatibility with colour, infra
red and image intensifier cameras.

interactive, immenive, 30 technologies

About Us
AiSolve Ltd is an innovative award-winning R&D and technology product delivery company. Our core
expertise is developing cost effective 3D Simulations and Vision Analytics for the mass market and
specialist end-users. We have delivered inventive hard and software solutions to leading high street
brands such as Tesco Digital, Coca Cola, and Autoglass; and educators like University of Bedfordshire,
Coventry University, Apprenticeship Training Limited and Train4trade Skills.
At the core of our business is a CO-locatedteam of specialists in Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence,
Game Development, Mechanical and Embedded Systems Engineering, Augmented Reality, Human Computer Interaction, and Computer Graphics. This system of technical collaborative working, in conjunction
with our dedicated customer and sector engagement, ensure that our turnkey products meet sector,
organisational and individual end-user requirements.
Our proven R&D and technical development work is managed within a rigorous and visible project management environment. This ensures that initial high-level business requirements can be progressed with
confidewe, in collaboration with our informed clients, to develop and deliver an innovative technical
solution that is the hallmark of our work. I t also ensures that risks inherent in R&D are minimised and
that development work remains within the agreed budget.
While AiSolve has a range of innovative products ready for immediate installation, our core expertise and
business track record is developing bespoke solutions from R&D through development to operational

Head Office

Development Studio

AiSolve Limited
Courtney House
12 Dudley Street
Luton, Bedfordshire

AiSolve Limited
Clody House
90-100 Collingdon Street
Luton, Bedforshire
L U 1 l R X , UK

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