Name: SIFT

Text: Speaker ldentification Field Toolkit (SIFT)
Tactical stand-alone i:M speaker identification system
designed f o r offline use by field personnel
- typically field forces, border control and military personnel allowing recording and comparison
against suspects' voices

> I FI - tearure ricn capamllries:
Speaker management
SIFT allows voices of suspects to be stored and
aaditional useful information on them (name, date of
birth, photograph, gender, etc.).
Two easy steps:

I/ Voice recording (or loading)
The voice of the suspect can be directly recorded in
the field (only 7 seconds of net speech are necessary) and
is automatically converted to the optimal system settings.
21 Perform Identification

The system compares the voice sample acquired in
the field (regardless of language and type of speech)
against the database of voices already enrolled and stored
on the laptop.
The identification results consist of a short list of
possible candidates with matching scores (Likelihood
Ratios - LR), ranked from highest to lowest probability.
The results of the identifications can be completed with a
photographfor a second visual identification process.
SlFT has been designed to store up to 1,000 speakers. It
can be installed in a single machine and does not need
centralized server in order to manage its own speaker
database. It allows any operator working in the field to
conduct voice identifications without supervision or a
technical background.

SIFT Functions:

+ Speaker management
+ Voice recordingin the field

9 Speaker ldentification (SID)

SIFT Use cases:

+ Standard operational usage (N:M):

Investigationof a group of suspects in the field (saving
time in sending data to the laboratory)

+ Border access control (%M):

Checking speaker identity by field personnel
SIFT can be seen as a red light I green light scenario:
Green: you go through the control
Red: you do not pass

,Facilitates easy and quick speaker identity
query in the field

+ Speeds up

identification of individuals

SIFT is portable,

friendly, intuitive and easy to use
SlFT uses ACNITlO's proprietary and pioneering voice
biometrics technology (text independent, channel
independent and language independent) based on unique
information extracted from an individual's vocal tract, thus
obtaining a high level of accuracy and reliability.


SIFT Key competitive advantages:
3 High sl
A 1:1,000

!d performance
identification processing

will take
19 seconds o n a recommended hardware platform

3 Smallest models ever used (-1 kB)
3 Best accuracy in the Marketplace
First ever implementation o f the state-of-the-art voice
biornetric technology (based o n the latest NlST
evaluation) - i.e. Gaussian Mixture Model I Joint Factor
Analysis (GMM-JFA) - that provides a higher level of
accuracy and reliability




3 Stronger front-end capabilities (audio
validation, Automatic Voice Activity Detector (AVAD))
t o remove artifacts, noises and non-voice events

3 Detection of 2-speakers in the same
recording with the fastest and most efficient solution
available in the marketplace

AGNlTlO - Leading Voice Biometric
Technology for Homeland Security:


Automatic Tactical
speaker Identification

Recent independent tests conducted by International
Biometric Group (IBG) demonstrated AGNITlO's
superior voice biornetric technology capabilities.
'Agnitio identified the correct voice within the
top 2 results 99.02% of the time using 60 seconds of audio
in a cross channel environment.'

AGNITlO's voice biometric consultants are available t o
provide all t h e necessary expertise and support t o our
clients worldwide in order t o ensure the best results.
Consulting services include voice database creation,
basic and advanced training for users and system

SIFT in Keywords:
'Provides Accuracy and Time
Speaker Management



Voice Recording




Accuracy and Reliability

Speech recording


Intuitive and Friendliness

Speaker Identification

Automatic Processing



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