Name: V5031




Quad Channel 10 Gigabit Ethernet FPGA PCI Express Card



Ultra low latency electronic trading
Sensor and radar systems

Network security

Network monitoring and optimization


Launch new revenue generating financial trading products
Deliver real time service reliability to your customers

Deploy applications on the industry?s highest performance and
lowest latency programmable network card


Quad 1/10 Gigabit Ethernet optical ports

Altera Stratix FPGA (scalable from A3 to AB)

Two independent banks of up to 868 DDR3 SDRAM each
Four independent banks of up to 144Mbit SRAM each
8?Iane PCI Express Gen 3 host interface

On?board FLASH for dual boot support

Mini SAS transceiver interface for intercard communication
interface for application debugging

PPS interface for time with pSec resolution

Built-in support for RTP 1588)

The V5031 is the fifth generation of Advancele?s ?agship
products and the industry?s highest performance 1OGE FPGA
network card in production today. It is powered by the latest
Stratix FPGA technology from Altera. Purpose-built for
processing network data in real time, the V5031 has been
optimized to provide the lowest possible latency and the
highest possible performance. This makes it ideal for executing
sophisticated financial trading strategies, processing market
data feeds. and running a wide range of algorithms as close as
possible to the network. To meet priority deadlines for rolling
out new financial products, the Development
Framework provides the standard toolset and debug capabilities
required to create applications on the V5031 network card

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Quad Channel 10 Gigabit Ethernet FPGA PCI Express Card




PCI. EdgoConnocu

V5031 Quad Channel FPGA PCI Express Card Architecture

Functional Description

The V5031 is a quad port 10 Gigabit Ethernet FPGA network
card with PCI Express Gen 3 host interface. The network
interface is provided through pluggable transceivers that
support short and long range ?ber.

By combining key technology from Altera, the V5031 network
card features the Stratix family of FPGAs, offering a range

of logic elements from 340,000 to 952,000. The Stratix
scalability and high density makes it possible to support a wide
range of applications and to implement complex algorithms. Its
high capacity integrated transceivers are optimized for high-
performance, high-bandwidth applications. The pluggable
transceivers communicate directly with the Stratix device
using built-in physical layer interfaces (PHY), which dramatically
reduces the latency for data coming from and going to the
network interface.

The V5031 is available with a generous amount of memory to
handle the most demanding applications. The card features two
banks of up to BGB 72-bit wide memory running at a maximum
clock rate of They offer a potential 17 GBytes/s raw
bandwidth each. This could be used to provide buffering to sustain
burst traf?c over 10 Gigabit Ethernet networks with data accessible
from applications running on the FPGA or from the host.

In addition, there are four banks of up to 144Mb 18-bit wide
SRAM running at a maximum clock rate of They
offer a potential 2.2 GBytes/s raw bandwidth each. This makes
the architecture ideal for implementing advanced algorithms that
require buffering or fast look-up tables.

An 8-lane PCI Express Gen 3 host interface with built-in DMA
channels optimized for fast data transfers provides unmatched
bandwidth and speed while moving data between the card
and the host memory. PCI Express Gen 3 doubles the effective
bandwidth and adds protocol enhancements to increase
end-system performance. The V5031 card has the ability to
recon?gure the FPGA device without bringing down the host
interface, a key requirement for applications where frequent
downtime is not an option.

The V5031 card has a high-speed, low-latency transceiver
interface that allows direct communication between two cards in
the system without host intervention. This is particularly useful for
applications requiring extensive processing. it also allows for a soft
handover, an essential feature for high availability system design.

The V5031 card features an RS-232 interface and a software
utility for debugging FPGA applications. The card?s pulse per
second (PPS) interface can be used for time
and stamping of data. It also supports the 1588 Precision
Time Protocol (PTP). The V5031 card comes with on-board
temperature sensors with shut-down and automatic restart
capability. The Stratix loads from an on-board FLASH with
support for two boot images.

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Quad Channel 10 Gigabit Ethernet FPGA PCI Express Card

Technical Speci?cations

The V5031 ships with the expressXG Development Framework,
a fully integrated package designed to deliver optimum
functionality and accelerate application development on the
V5031 network card. Advancele?s ?exible FPGA development
framework toolset provides the infrastructure necessary to
ensure rapid deployment of applications and allows seamless
portability to the latest generation of network interface cards.
The framework abstracts the details of Ethernet protocols and
interfaces, memory controllers and host fabric interfaces, thereby
reducing the development effort and schedule for designers to
implement custom algorithms.

AdvancedIO ensures extreme reliability that gives customers
confidence to deploy their products in critical applications. Like
other products in the same family, the V5031 card is compatible
with several high-perfonnance sewers from leading OEMs, such
as HP ProLiant DL380.11'1is single slot solution allows customers
to maximize the number of cards per server, resulting in a smaller
server footprint.

Complete Product Support Program

Advancele prides itself on its excellent customer support, a
fact that is echoed by our customers. AdvancedIO provides
industry standard warranty on its products, but it is the human
factor that makes our support so valuable to our customers.
Our team takes the time and effort to ensure that the customer
experience with our products is a positive one.

Our Commitment

Advancele is committed to providing the latest innovations

in technology, architectures, and techniques to keep our
customers one step ahead of the rest. Our products, complete
with expressXG Development Framework, are intended to offer
customers an entirely unique out?of?the?box experience.


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Burnaby, BC V5A 4R4

SM. AInghisreserved. 2012


Quad 1/10 Gigabit Ethernet optical ports, supporting
MMF 850nm (1 or SMF 1310nm

Altera Stratix (scalable from A3 to AB)

2 banks of 163 to 8GB 72-bit up to 1066MHZ DDR3 SDRAM
4 banks of 36Mbit t0 144Mbit 18?bit SRAM

x8 PCI Express Gen 3


Mini SAS transceiver interface for intercard communication

PPS Interface for time with microsecond resolution
serial interface for debug

X86 64?bit processor or better, 1GB RAM, 1GB disk space
Free PCI Express x8 or x16 slot


PCI Express Card Electromechanical Specification, Rev 2.0
802.3ae 2002 10GBASE LAN

FCC 47 CFR Part 15, Subpart B, Class A (USA)

IEC 60950-1 (International)


111.15 mm 167.65 mm (standard height, half?length)

Operating: 0 to
Storage: ?40? to


300?05031-02 V5031 Stratix 2x1 GB 4x36Mb
300-05031-03 V5031 Stratix GXA7 4x144Mb
300?05031?05 V5031 Stratix GXA3 2x1 GB 4x36Mb

Other product configurations are available. Please contact us for
more information.


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