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Text: Company Profile
Founded and headquartered in Bad Homburg, Germany,
the ATIS Group has 200 employees - of which the majority
are engineers - in five countries across Europe, North
America and Asia. Drawing on a long history of success and
experience - 60 years in recording technology and 15 years
in the field of integrated lawful interception - ATIS is a key
technology partner for both the public and private sectors.
Since its founding, ATIS has always been recognised as a
pioneer in the development and production of recording and
monitoring systems. In the course of its continuous growth,
the Company has gained a reputation as a reliable partner.

Communicat ion Recording Solutions
The Vo1ceCo//ect product range consists of recording
systems for use in all areas where the documentation of
communication (as evidence) is required for legal or quality
control purposes.
Our core customers are:
• Civil aviation I air traffic management
Public safety and law enforcement
Power generation
Financial services
Call centres
Public transport

Company Mission Statement
We aim to maintain our tradition as an innovative,
internationally oriented, independent and privately held
company providing timely solutions to organisations for
whom the recording, storage, evaluation and analysis of
communication ia.of mission-critical importance.

Depending on the differing needs of each customer group,
a VoiceCo//ec( solution is available regardless of whether the
key purchase criterion is scalability I modularity, performance
rehability, security. portability, recording quality or cost. With
60 years of experience in high-end recording and installations
1n over 30 countries, ATIS has accumulated an enviable level
of knowhow in this highly specialised field.

VC MDx graphical user interface (standard evaluation client)

VC ARMS System Administration GUI
VC ARMS is a flexible CTI middleware
between PBX and VoiceCo//ect"' recording solutions


---- .-. . . ..
- ..-- ·..-.__..

• • • •a



-- · -

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· -.......

Ill . . .

VC MDx - Scenario Recreation and
VC MDx scenario reconstruction
and playback of multiple channels
(time based) . Includes zoom, loop
and flexi speech functions

ATIS systems GmbH
Justus-von-Uebig-Str. 5
D-61352 Bad Homburg



--. -

--·- .,., ... .....

Phone: +49 (0)6172/106-0
Fax: +49 (0)61721106~814






VC AudioCenter System
Administration GUI
VC AudioCenter is a centralised/scalable
network-based storage solution for all
VoiceCo//ecf'J recording platforms


I~ ·~

~ M4t C I






2/ 4

Analogue (2/4 wires)
ISDN basic rate

PC via LAN

CF card


1,000 h





4... 16


~ &Ill:

Analogue (2/4 wires)
ISDN basic rate


Analogue (2/4 wires)

ISDN basic or primary

PC via LAN or Internal
remote consoles Central

:> 2,000


Internal I

PC via LAN or Internal
remoteconsoles DVD

> 14,000 h

Internal I



VoiceCol/ecf8 IR 44 CF II
The IR 44 CF II is a solid-state platform that can
record up to 4 channels and was designed primarily
for portable and mobile applications. Recordings are
stored on standard Compact Flash (CF) cards and
can be played back locally or via LAN. Main
customers for the IR 44 CF II are police, fire brigades
and emergency services (e.g. for use in mobile
command and control trucks). coast guards and
navies. tt is also utilised for malicious call recording at
PBX dispatcher stations. The IR 44 CF II can record
analogue, digital (ISDN I UpO) and VoIP communication.
VoiceCol/ecra OCR

The DCR provides between 4 and 16 recording
channels and can be used as an independent
stand-alone solution operated via the front panel
control, or as a network-integrated solution (LAN/
WAN) providing remote playback, administration and
centralised archiving. The solution runs on industrial
quality PC hardware in order to ensure a high level of
system stability and reliability. The OCR is prima(ily
used by small airports/airfields, emergency centres,
command and control trucks. power oeneration
companies. coast guard and navy. Large
corporations and public authorities also use it for
malicious call recording.

VoiceCo/lect® VG MDX
This versatile, state-of-the-art recording platform is able to address all
requirements of the small to medium-sized recording application market.
Available interfaces (circuit-switched and packet-switched) cover a wide
range of communication platforms and media, ranging from standard
telephony and radio to high-end soft switches (IP). The open and
standardised interfaces enable the easy and seamless integration of the
VC MDx system into customers' telecommunications infrastructure and
the exchange of data between the VC MDx and third-party systems (e.g.
command and control centres).
The VC MDx can accommodate up to 256 channels with an internal
storage capacity of thousands of channel hours. Available features
include, for example:
• Archiving on internal or external media (RAID, DVD, NAS, SAN)
• Internal or external database
• Integrated search and filter routines
Multi-channel or scenario playback
• Playback I administration via LAN I WAN
• MP3 export
Recording on demand I malicious call recording
• CTI I CSTA connectivity
Cuctomorc of tho VC MDx include tho Germon Air Force, iho Germon

Federal and State Police, various international police organisations,
emergency response centres, railway companies, airports, utility
companies and the waterway authorities.

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