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Integrated Surveillance System (155) MEDUSA

Key Features:

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Bose Monitodng Station (8M5).

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Command Operations Centre (C00
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Common fm lb? 8.19?
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0 Bases

0 Panel Noun".

0 l'cadquancn

Mobllo Command 9mm

0 50:90:52)? Rn."

A complete 155 contains one (1)
Base Monitocing Station.


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Sniper Surveillance System (S3) TISIS

The most important thing we bum a;

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Targets of

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corn- r. ng'nln . 3 .mul ?at; af?rm?: If?: card.? 0 [Lila -1
:tfl 'arrgm mm um mm Trawler Software

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.(rIn?H: F.1d. Wk"; WT. I

Lommunztat orsar?dsuweillance

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