Name: Eagle-CCR


Tactical C41 Systems cam-(Hm


Eagle CCR significantly enhances command and control at section/squad level through
a full duplex capability and seamless ad-hoc networking

Eagle Close Combat Radio (CCR)

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.mr in." nu. mg. iv rut-rind

I ?Isl 325:3: [11;

Stand Alone or Integrated

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Advanced Network Radio

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Third GeneratiOn Close Combat Radio

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o: at 111' .t
5" ?mews .:
F?uw -- hinzv i' :le wawx'

Integrated Communications

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2:3:l'u 's'lS

rum-i til"

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Ease-Of Use




ii'r?r' i mm ?i?ni? o- turn-32m:

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81- .11

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'f?lW? ?Zr'l

"v.1 l' ?3

..2 up "cu-hr? mI'

.I 1'

0 Full Duplex

a Six Simultt?mcotrs Users


. .

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3w .1

Key Functions of Eagle
OYHOMDC Net Controller

Eagle mus a ?46? IlihC I
'rc of a'rzl
is at no centre a:

Rf was As the 'dncn cl?d'tms s'wito: mil

mo ram". tCh??P'i rcc-n'.
dulc-?mtuoly \Ml?l his?! 111?: .r4r
if warren! UNC it last .ms' rcavzm
anch lc?x?. Us?! l?w rr'u?- sr-arr-k-gdy

Edge m: a we 0? sat". ram?: 0' 703'? 1?
\err a new: (lacs Lil
rctauu (narrow: .5 u-{rsrxulr lr'b. is v'l? - t1?
2h: to tr r?g tl'a: radru ?ul

3931830" Up Tl) l.w" It?lul'ulfl'm' ?u or: to

wt Lp Mthr- a remark at ow om: In?:

Group security and

A group 1mm cm to fc-?med as 731.11
or user, me and (inc-1r: (mm lr rh-

oDe?r n?c-zk '01! co ter? ion t'v: r?ct tv
rr'cnu l'n- mar: mode We
cannot pm?- the gran r.r? await-er rm"
opc?rs? il'o: gout: to as w?



0 Automatic Rebroadcast

0 Dynamic Net

WI and Wireless PH


Interface Capability

Edge Docr? do; area ?lth a
?h?rlan? it?:

cn?xi'r to .2 Tim no: rg :l'c -.
.g'rd il'o: yawn] 7'7 7 u?r 546(0-
ozrc'n. :l'c rod-3

Cc-?rmt cm to a men (AR and ohm

tr? min: {rellrr? to ho" prawn trial .r?xrs

iv: [:gle r'ctwork Otter Eagle new Lar'
new ?s NR Mir their serrc PH

(cm-xvi to VIS .121.)de

mun: Th: Edy-,-
sister the (row activate the PU
Ccn'i'xx't to cf a Crew
Star ctr. ?l'rs entrust: the inn-rim" to al

[cglr use". are! Eagle: r'et?huri tu il'o:
v15 A'r, srx'nrc PM can
011.253?: t-tohur: 'acr'x rg usan

Fig"), 1 4.3g {9 YES a
[-cons-zn Lr?rt Sage mtc?rzl'. t'w \?lS :rd
.1 It'mx {Am-r IM- lr?; rmr?rl?w .9: ro'r'd
en: sf twee mam the

0 Various Data Modes

0 Commur? {ations 8 Data

facilities Interface

r. i. l'rg- Luv/g ji'v ?mp
Iv .lr- 'lr

-. - .. .

- Mgk'.? :i.:rr 'i ?i

Data Capability

fag-.- 9146 a I'urr'lmr ul dale mod-:5 Has!
r.?y r?odr'n 'cqu rcr'm?t'. at

SA data mh ?Houston TM :5
separate 'o the other an: mCCc'.

and 5 reliansn'rlterl. ?s reinsur', network. \Ml?l the network.

[an speed data l?hs mode air/m
Cate Mr, lcbioztsi ?rcm C43 yntv'rs lo
he sci-r. amr .1 mire dunno
So'nla' In: sum. At w" 'etnroodtasl
up to mm a gimp
Broadcast dam iv. r. .1 hgne-
Cola arm.? to transmit Larger Mom
rrm6 ., ll r. r?ct $31?de .115 am'
routing as (Ma has to tr: Um?: no
the C41 a?ystm

Eagle Is a high
low cost sectom?squod radio

Eagle's Communications Capability

Main group sub divide Area coverage using auto Rebroadcast

.Innc? mum ?n t" ?r.r
\Lv you Mun q'xp hound:- Mr 9m 0 ?y ?1 mu,? $5.33 "u

AES Range extension using auto rebroadcast

i i
r? sir

cue" \ur-Knv Jr?s-u?:
I. A a

Trusted Tactical C41 Systems


(when! Deluxe

Blathbun :J'tnluu mun: Kimmy-c 88: 2?

0121254 292 010 I union)? (920.9; -
wm . ?Mi. my;

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