Name: mTrail

Text: For off-the-air interception
of mobile communication
GSM communication stands at the center of
today's communication, transmitting vital - and
often highly sensitive - information while
simultaneously connecting users to essential
resources. The dependence on GSM is growing
rapidly, paralleled by unlawful communication
and which is largely a safe media for criminals to
organize and operate global terror networks. Law
Enforcement Agencies across the world are
scouting for solutions to intercept GSM
communication for acquiring evidence to prevent
such criminal behavior.
Solutions deployed in the mobile operator's
networks to intercept such communications are
costly, resource consuming and don't provide the
flexibility of intelligence gathering operations.
What is ideally required is a portable GSM
Lawful interception solution that provides the
following benefits to the LEA:
- Stealth mode operation, transparent to target
Rapid Intelligence gathering in the field



Small portable footprint
No assistance or information required from
the Mobile Operator

mTrail offers passive and active 'off the air' lawful
lnterception of GSM 9001 180011900 Mhz phone
calls and data to meet law enforcement
surveillance and investigation requirements.

Dual Mode lnterception
ClearTrail offers Active and Passive off-the-air
interception systems. In the latter, it works in the
stealth mode so that neither there is
dependence on the network operator nor the
user(s) would come to know about the
The system is able to support multiple bands
(9001180011900 Mhz) by adding appropriate
modules.The system has the capability to scale
from interception of 2 channels (carrier
frequencies) to 32 channels.
Mobile or Fix mode of Deployment
mTrail offers two modes of deployment - mobile
and fixed. In the mobile mode the system is able
to fit into a rugged briefcase. In the fixed mode,
the system fits in a rack-mount industrial grade
Target Selection
The target(s) can be profiled using signal
strength, target numbers like IMSI,TIMSI, IMEl
or MS1 SDN.
Call Listening & Storing
mTrail makes it possible to listen to the
conversation on lawfully intercepted calls in
near-real time, as well as store all lawfully
intercepted calls. In case of interception of
multiple calls one can select the call to listen to.
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